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10 Real Good Reasons To Elect Barack Obama President

Too often it is easy to simply be critical of an opponent during an election campaign. But this doesn't really give any good reasons why one would support one candidate over the other. The fact of the matter is that voters should have some good reasons for voting for a candidate for president. Here's ten good ones:

One: Barack Obama has a 98% positive voting record for labor and working people's issues according to the AFL-CIO's Committee On Political Education(COPE) according to Union Review. Working people can put their full trust behind Obama to work on behalf of their interests.

Just this last week, Barack Obama gave an excellent speech in which he articulated why he believes in labor unions and displayed a wide knowledge of their history and contributions to American society including the 40 hour work week, the end to child labor, good wages, health care benefits, and many other bonuses to the lives of workers that have helped to propel them to middle class status in American society.

Two: Barack Obama is trustworthy. He has had one solid marriage to one wife. He's a good family man. There has never been infidelity or an affair like his opponent.

Three: Barack Obama is young and has the energy and drive to do a great job as president.

Four: Barack Obama is an excellent manager who knows how to delegate responsibility to the right people to achieve results. It was absolutely amazing how the Obama Campaign was so well organized that it could topple the Clintons during the primary campaign, which was proof that Obama can delegate enough responsibility to achieve whatever results are needed.

Five: Barack Obama is blunt and honest about the facts. Barack Obama realizes that it would be up to a 10 year process of permits, exploration and work for any new oil drilling to provide even one drop of oil for American motorists. And some Wall Street oil analysts estimate that up to $250 billion of new investment would be required to pay for all of this as well. Instead of holding out this far fetched promise to his voters like his opponent, Barack Obama is offering a wider more forward looking and realistic energy policy where new oil drilling is not the main hope for making American oil independent.

Six: Barack Obama has a far wider education than his opponent. Barack Obama not only has a law school education, but taught constitutional law as a professor.

Seven: Barack Obama is very smart. Barack Obama could earn millions of dollars in business as a CEO or top manager, but has instead devoted himself to community and public service instead. This has been a great sacrifice on his behalf, but it proves where his values are.

Eight: Barack Obama has a vision for the country. His opponent's campaign ridicules Obama for having a vision on what he would do as president only because they lack a vision of their own. The Obama campaign offers comprehensive solutions to numerous issues on their campaign website and in policy papers.

Nine: Barack Obama is an agent of change. It won't business as usual at the White House with big interests able to bully the public or buy their way into power. Even in a Wall Street speech, Barack Obama bluntly told these powerful persons some things they didn't want to hear while at the same time holding out a strong hope to them of working hard to improve the economy so that everyone can share in the American dream, not just the wealthy and powerful. The Obama Campaign is all about hope for a better tomorrow for everyone. Everyone's invited to a partner in this new hope.

Ten: Barack Obama will appoint the right kind of judges based on their qualifications and not just their political ideology like the current president. As a constitutional law professor, Barack Obama understands the importance or preserving the U.S. Constitution and The Bill Of Rights. He is the candidate running for president whose educational and teaching background uniquely prepares him to make wise choices the head the nation's courts and make justice work again.

Need I say more?

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Comments (6)

1. Unions suck.
2. You don't know what he's done behind closed doors. You assume.
3. Ageist.
4. No candidate manages his/her campaign. That's what campaign managers do.
5. You've GOT to be kidding....
6. Ageist AND over-educated snob.
7. OK, he's smart. The other 3 sentences are a load of hooey you picked up watching Michelle Obama on 'The View'.
8. Yes, yes...change, hope, direction, changey hopefulness of a new direction...what a vision!...
9. In the wrong direction.
10. He won't appoint the right judges; he'll appoint left judges who are rarely right.

Paul V:

well if is confirmed Obama can't handle that 3am phone call,
Answering machine going to be picked up,, saying he on Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When he come back he will make sure Flip flop twice as much to make up for lost time, to his people, voting for and and then to top it off, He will give all his Voter a great speech
His Obama will make everything Better speech's So all those simple Minded fools feel better about them self,, ,Oh I am sorry, Not simple minded Fools ,,, Obama Supporters,
What is weird about Barack supporter are half of them believe in that rock star reality tv image,, what a joke the other half Really think he is the Messiah,
I heard Keith Oberman from MSNBC Tabloid News ,,Filmed Barack Obama walking on water,, curing the sick,,, and fixing the budget,, on every state,, Film at 6pm


1. Did you know that Mr. Obama wants to do away with secret ballots in the unions? Did you know that he will lift the Teamster judicial overwatch that keeps the criminal out for a quid pro quo of up to $300 million dollars in union advertising. Did you know that his first 'mentor' mentioned in one of his book as Frank was actually Frank Davis an ILWU organizer in Hawaii.

2. He might or might no be trustworthy, no vetting by the news media has been done since they are in the Democrats pocket. But just look at Tony Rezko one of his 'friends' who was just convicted of felonies in Chicago and "Bomber Bill" Ayers the terrorist who promoted him.

3. He is young thats true but in the 47 years that he has had he has had no experience in running a large state, a large city, a large corporation, a large army but he want to run the most powerful country in the world just how is he going to do that; with Chutzah only. Young has little to do with it, you need executive experience, big time executive experience. The Presidency is the one job in the United States that can get you and everyone you know killed or enslaved by the Islamic Fascists.

4. He did beat the Clintons.

5. We have had a $700 Billion Dollars reverse cash flow to OPEC, go with anything other than proven energy source and we will have another 12 months like the last one because of the Democrats, put a few together and there won't be a United States.

6 So he has a law degree, look what that gave us under Clinton. Obama is another 2 for the price of one jobs, sorry not impressed with the legal profession when it comes to being President.

7. He has always worked for Government primarily in Chicago the town of Al Capone. He did work with "Bomber Bill" there and threw away $500 million dollars to dubious characters. I would be more impressed if he had a real job for once in his life.

8. The only vision that Mr. Obama has is to wake up in the White House. He doest come out and say what he will really do, "just a vision."

9. Want to be taxed 30% more than you are now, he's the man.

10. He still wants to do away with the 2nd of the Constitution. Using teachers creditionals isn't a big plus when a lot of the kids in Chicago can't read or write and as for activist judges, you bet. You won't even need to have a congress the judges he appoints will make all the laws you need and if you don't like it, why you'll have to be reeducated to see the truth.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Looks like a cage broke over at the idiot circus, and a few escaped.

Looks like a cage broke over at the idiot circus, and a few escaped.

You should know, ringmaster.


Awesome post. Obama is the best choice. He isn't just the lesser of two evils, he is a brilliant, caring, compassionate man. McCain is, to put it nicely, a putz and a jackass.


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