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Look Like Batman On the World's Coolest Scooter For Less Than Nine Grand

MP3400_small.jpgThe world of motor scooters includes some tiny little bikes that look almost like kid's toys or motorized bicycles on the lower end all the way up to some pricey jaw dropping cool rides like the Piaggio MP3 line of three wheeled macho powerhouses with engines up to 500cc. The Piaggio three-wheelers actually look sort of like some bike that Batman would be driving with their completely wild and ultra-cool design.

The Piaggio MP3 line scooters feature an incredible revolutionary suspension system that allows for radical angle turns around tight corners while providing an awesome level of road gripping security not found on your normal two-wheeler. The excellent stability of the Piaggio MP3 line compared to any other normal two-wheeler makes this bike one of the few that is really safe for all weather use and fun.

Normally wet weather increases the stopping distance and safety of any two-wheeler significantly, but this Piaggio has an almost ATV-like grip on the road, while the rear drive wheel gives the rider a freedomlike thrill ride unlike any four wheeled vehicle can ever deliver. You get the best world's of safety and security with this unique combination of two closely spaced steering front wheels and a third single drive rear wheel. And the look is awesome as well. Form and function both.

And the Piaggio MP3 line models all feature plenty of luggage storage that could also make them just about the coolest grocery getters ever made if you would ever use them for that purpose. And since they are scooters, they offer the rider an easy to drive twist-and-go CVT automatic transmission, that actually is both easy to operate as well as gas saving despite the awesome high performance that these models have. The 500cc model tops out at 89mph. The 400cc at 88mph. And the 250cc at a cool 77mph according to the manufacturer's specs. Any of these bikes will get you there fast. Real fast.

There just might not be a better way to spend less than nine grand ever devised by man than the Piaggio MP3 line. But there are some models with a smaller engine displacement that come in at a lower price for the penny-pinchers out there. But as long as you're into buying a real good toy, why not spend a little more for the best toy of the lot. You can't go wrong with this ultra-cool line of scooters. but for as little as $7,199 you can ride the 250cc version and impress everyone stuck in some four-wheel econobox having no fun at commuting to the office.

Update: Lee adds: I found this video on YouTube. Way cool...

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Comments (8)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Lots of hybrids emerging from the transportation field as the world looks for smaller, lighter, more fuel-efficient (and cooler) designs for the brave new, greener world.

Here's a hybrid that has two wheels in back and one in front. I think the price tag is around US $40K, so the batmobile you wrote about is certainly more practical.


That bike does not look stable or "road gripping". Can you show me some info that proves those claims....it seems to be tipsy from a design standpoint.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I added a video at the bottom of the post. Watching the bike in action, I don't see how it can fall over.

Awesome video find, Lee. I somehow missed it as well as most of those videos on Youtube for some reason in my search for cool bike videos to watch. But even the CPI videos like the bike I drive can be filed under different search names I noticed.

Right now that Piaggio MP3 line is one of my top favorites, but some Benelli X models with ATV-like styling and super grippy tires also have my interest. It's about time that some revolutionary new designs are shaking up the motor scooter world and offering new alternatives to those who dread the traditional "Vespa-like" design that has been around almost as long as the VW bug body it seems.

Fun and gas savings are alive and well. Live hard, ride hard.


I'm not surprised that scooter is out of Italy. The Italians have a knack for combining form and function that is unequalled.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

You know, when I first saw this post and saw the $8K price tag 'for a scooter' I was like - whoa - - you can get a brand new Harley-Davidson 883 for that much money - but watching the video and seeing the technology I can see the appeal of this scooter. Definitely safer than a normal two-wheeler.


Thanks for that video!! That is so cool. I didn't understand the bike had that awesome suspension system in the front. Now it seems impossible to tip over.

That's great.

Lee Ward:

I spotted one of these today as I parked at my local grocery store. (I snapped a cellphone picture here)

I watched the rider as he parked, and after stopping and turning off the engine he just stepped off the bike and walked into the store - no kickstand! I hadn't realized that before.

I guess that speaks to the "stability" question.


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