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Biden Steps up to the Plate and Knocks it Out of the Park

Joe Biden is all of the things John McCain used to be before the Republican National Committee cut off his nuts to make him acceptable to the religious right.

Joe speaks for me -- Go Joe!:

Senator Obama introduced Senator Biden of Delaware today as a man "ready to step in and be president," and the newly minted running mate quickly converted his debut on the Democratic ticket into a slashing attack on Republicans seeking four more years in the White House.

Senator McCain will have to "figure out which of the seven kitchen tables to sit at" when considering his own economic future, said Mr. Biden, jabbing at the man he called his personal friend.

It was a reference to Mr. McCain's recent inartful admission -- in a time of economic uncertainty -- that he was not sure how many homes he owns.

Before a vast crowd spilling out from the front of the Old State Capitol, Mr. Obama said Mr. Biden was "what many others pretend to be -- a statesman with sound judgment who doesn't have to hide behind bluster to keep America strong."[...]

"I can tell you Joe Biden gets it," [Obama] said. "He's that unique public servant who is at home in a bar in Cedar Rapids and the corridors of the Capitol, in the VFW hall in Concord, and at the center of an international crisis," he said.

In contrast to the Obamas and the McCains, the Delaware senator isn't a multimillionaire. Mr. Biden and his wife, Jill, have $59,000 to $366,000 in assets and $140,000 to $365,000 in debts, including a $15,000 to $50,000 line of credit Mr. Biden co-signed with his son to cover college expenses, according to a June financial disclosure report, which describes assets and liabilities in ranges.

Mr. Obama recounted the personal tragedy that struck Mr. Biden more than 30 years ago, within days of his election to the Senate, when his first wife and their child were killed in an automobile accident.

He said Mr. Biden raised his surviving children as a single parent, commuting between the Capitol and Delaware daily on the Amtrak train.

"For decades, he has brought change to Washington, but Washington hasn't changed him," Mr. Obama said, attempting to blunt an emerging Republican line of attack that notes Mr. Biden's three decades in the polished corridors of the Capitol.

"He's an expert on foreign policy whose heart and values are rooted firmly in the middle class."

In a jab at McCain that foretold Biden's far sharper criticism, Mr. Obama said his political partner "will give us some real straight talk."

Mr. Biden offered parts praise for Mr. Obama and criticism of Mr. McCain.

"You can't change America and make things better for our senior citizens when you signed on to Bush's scheme of privatizing Social Security," he said.

"You can't change America and end this war in Iraq when you declare -- and again these are John's words -- 'No one has supported President Bush in Iraq more than I have,' end of quote. ladies and gentlemen, you can't change America, you can't change America when you know your first four years as president will look exactly like the last eight years of George Bush's presidency."

McBush and smarmy pals will have a harder time distracting voters from the real issues now -- an economy in danger of slipping from our current recession into a depression -- rising inflation driven by record prices and record profits for the oil companies -- a nation at war for six long years and a Republican foreign policy that foresees a hundred more years of war as necessary and important -- an energy policy forged by Dick Cheney and his pals in the oil industry -- an administration that corrupted the office of the Attorney General of the United States for the gain of the Republican party -- a Republican party dead-set on dragging our nation back into an arms race and cold war.

The best the Republicans could offer us 8 years ago was a governor from Texas who's administrative abilities failed this nation -- giving us Donald Rumsfeld and Alberto Gonzales and a bunch of stooges who are as dishonest as the day is long.

McCain acknowledges that Washington is broken but him offering us four more years of the same is not the answer. John McCain doesn't even know how many houses he owns - as Americans all across the nation are losing their homes thanks to the hands-off, let-it-fail Republican laissez-faire attitude to the housing crisis that threw a few hundred bucks at the problem while their leaders counted their millions but lost count of their homes.

Joe Biden is one of us, and Joe speaks for me.

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Comments (30)

Codekeyguy[TypeKey Profile Page]:

When will Biden begin the apologies to Obama? His "not ready for prime time" comments during the debates, etc? Also, how soon do you think the Repubs will raise the snark meter: his 7-11 comments, the fact that he has mucho experience compared to Obama's no experience, the "Hope and Change" express picking a 35 year beltway INSIDER (some change, eh?), The fact that between them, they haven't held a real job, or managed a real budget?
Just wonderin'.
Disclamer: I am a republican, if you hadn't noticed>

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Biden is going to look great up against Mitt "Would you Buy a Used Car from this Sleaze" Romney with his plastic, snap-on hair.

Romney's the typical slimy, phony politician, and Biden will rip him a new one.


I agree with this assessment. However, I still wonder how someone who basically trashed Obama's qualifications to be president can now start praising him as being the best man to be president. Has Biden no convictions at all? Just wonderin'.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Biden, Clinton, Richardson, and Obama were all better presidential material than John McCain. Biden felt he was better qualified than Obama, and America felt differently. Obama is still head and shoulders above McCain and Biden recognizes that.

McCain can't remember how many houses he owns. I can't believe Republicans would want to play "gotcha!" right now, but since the McCain campaign fails on the issues, and only wins points make crude comparisons to Paris Hilton -- hey, play your best game. Biden will eat the RNC for lunch.

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, McCain said he wouldn`t characterize Romney as phony just someone who changes his position all the time. In reply, Romnney said McCain was "dishonest" and more than once.. With their own bitter descriptions and evaluations of each other, it sounds like the perfect GOP ticket.

Compared to that, Biden with his 35 consecutive years experience as a senator in Washington would be expected to use that old saw.. during the campaign that "Obama wasn`t ready." That was Biden, Dodd, Richardson and Gravel's main talking point last year. He, Biden and Bill Clinton when they started out so early in politics in the 70's, were in fact, much younger than Obama when he became a state Illinois senator.

Personally, I think Obama has alot of experience in politics for his 47 years. Napoleon was how old... 26? when battle- hardened as General of the French army in Italy, he led his country to important military victories there. What do the modern evangelicals of the religious right say about Jesus... He wasn`t ready, didn`t have enough experience when he led the apostles. Not likely. Jesus was in his late 20`s. Experience can be useful but ultimately it depends on the individual's maturity,, with or without experience, not on his years on the planet.



Your analogy of experience, comparing Obama to Napoleon (a dictator), and to Jesus (the son of God), is downright ignorant! You must have been kidding, but even if you were, it's not funny.

The point, with regards to experience, is that common sence dictates that one should work their way up the experience ladder to prove themselves, before taking on the highest and most difficult job of all. For example, a college graduate should begin working for a corporation as a low-level manager, move to a higher level manager, then to a company VP, and maybee someday, if he proves himself, possibly a CEO.

Obama has less than one year of Congressional experience (he has spent the last 2 years plus campaingning for President). He has no Congressional record of any mention, has not penned or pushed through any legislation, has never been a govenor of a State, never run a major corporation. You get my point. Now, he wants to have the most important job in the United States? Thanks, but no thanks.

My vote says, "NO." I want to see Obama prove himself before he gets (arguably) the most important job in the world. I (WE) have too much at stake.



Your dead wrong. Biden was a "huge" mistake. Obama should have chosen Hillary, afterall, she apparently got approx. 18 million votes nationally. Choosing Biden was "dumb."

But thanks! I'm a lot less worried now.

Steve Crickmore:

Scott...Here is a good even-handed even slightly critical article which touches on Obama`s considerable political experience in Illinois before he entered the Senate..The point is even if Obama may be a little young McCain is so long in the tooth he can hardly remember any of the experience he has had. He seldom reads, unlike Obama has a team of ghost writers for his own books led by Mark Salter. His most common reply to any question is my staff will get back to you on what my position is..That`s the candidate you want, you are welcome to him.



With all due respect, I think your characterization of age is a little insulting and condescending to seniors. I'll leave it at that.

I believe the debate (interview) at Saddleback Church was very revealing. You make a reference of McCain and his staff getting back to him (as if he won't answer a question). In the Saddleback forum, there was no staff, and McCain's answers were very sharp and direct. Many high ranking Democrats have admitted publically that while Obama may have been "good," McCain was "very good." I watched the debate, and it was Obama who gave very vague and philosophical answers. Obama came across as a true politician, and it hurt him. Most of the experts say that McCain won easily, and I believe Obama's continued slide in the polls supports drawing that conclusion.

Therefore, it appears to me at least, that you did not watch the Saddleback forum, because what I (and most of America witnessed) is a complete contradiction to what you have posted. The general analysis after the forum, is that Obama does better with a teleprompter than he does in a townhall meeting, and that he is at his best when giving prepared speeches. The other analysis was that McCain needs to talk to Americans like he did in the forum, rather than to read from a prepared speech.

So, yes, McCain is the kind of candidate I want. I want straight talk with firm answers. I want a president who is not afraid to answer a tough question, whether I agree with his answer or not. I do not want someone who says that a tough question is above his pay grade, in order to avoid having to answer it (Obama at Saddleback). I believe many Americans agree with me, and the polls imply that Americans are starting to figure Obama out. We will know when "Americans" speak in a few months. I don't think you are going to like what they have to say.


I believe that many Democrats are making an assumption that McCain is going to choose Romney for his VP. I think they are "hoping" in order to try and stem some of the damage that Biden has already done to Obama, via upcoming TV ads. Check Youtube and see the newest add where Biden; criticizes Obama as not ready for office due to his inexperience, and praises McCain saying that he (Biden) would be honored to run for or against McCain because the country would be better off........"Priceless." I hope it is aired continually during the Democratic Convention. First we can watch Biden praise Obama and criticize McCain during the convention, then watch him criticize Obama and praise McCain during the commercial. You gotta love this! This is going to be the greatest Democratic Convention ever! I can't wait!

I am hopeful that McCain chooses Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson from Texas as his VP. That would, in my opinion, be an absolute stroke of genius. She is an incredible woman, with mass appeal to men and women alike, and she has no political baggage. She is a wonderful woman, and her time has come. She is intelligent, well spoken, and extremely likeable. "That" would be a winning ticket.

Steve Crickmore:

Scott, I didn`t see the Saddleback interviews..just a number of the highlights..I think McCain gave rehearsed answers..Even the moderator admitted they were generally stump answers (by both men).

Anyway three debates should dispel any doubts. I agree Obama isn`t the best debater (he must keep it simple) but he was improving with Clinton, and you can see Obama is very, very smart; that will get him out of almost any difficulty. McCains oversimplifications confusions, senior moments, what you will, are less surmountable. If the debates allow follow-up questions by the candidates, I think McCain is going to be in trouble.

Biden and Clinton both praised McCain excessively but I think this is by way of the ritual of honoring McCain`s years as a war prisoner, four decades ago.

No Vietnam veteran has ever received such enduring singular respect. I can`t quite understand it considering the general shabby treatment given to most Vietnam vets.

Senator Hagel for instance was badly wounded in Vietnam but I seldom hear that mentioned or that he received the Purple Heart when he is being dissed by his own party.

Max Cleland, Dem of the state of Georgia voted for the Senate war IRAQ WAR resolution, lost both his legs and his right arm in the Vietnam War but lost his reelection in 2002 because the GOP candidate questioned his AMERICAN patriotism with ads tying him to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. You figure..

McCain wins plaudits by saying to the President Of Georgia, "I speak for all Americans when I say we are all Georgians", a few days after criticizing Obama for being presumptous in Berlin by saying in a speech "he was a citizen of the world".

Much of this is what the press decides is to be the issue of the day ignoring other inconsitencies; for instance, the house flap. McCain has several properties under his wife`s name..We have known that for years why now? Only perhaps Cindy knows the exact number 7,8 or 9 but it has been Obama`s and now Biden`s best dueling point. You figure....

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Romney is just one possibility - Tim Pawlenty is slightly more likely in my view -- I'm just savoring the prospects of Christians throwing Mormons to the lions -- ah, the spectacle of Republican politics.

Some day they might get around to issues other than oil and Obama's charisma. I'm sure it'll come up in the election post-mortem - when Republican analysts try to figure out how things went so terribly wrong.



The reason that McCain has gotten more attention than others should be rather obvious. The others you mention are not running for President of the United States. I don't understand your apparent begrudging of McCain for the praise he has received as a war hero. It speaks to his character that he refused to be released and allowed himself to be continually tortured by the cruel North Vietnamese as a stand of solidarity with his men. His awkward stance today is a result of the beatings and torture that he received. Those are character issues that mean a lot to myself and many other Americans. I respect him deeply for his personal sacrifice on behalf of his men and his country. If you would question his sacrifice, I would question your personal character. Let's not go there.

I believe much of what has been made is entertaining, but rather insignificant. Obama and McCain have very contrasting views on energy, abortion, etc. This will serve as the basis of how people will vote.

Steve Crickmore:

Scott, You are right about the main issues that should determine the election.

I have read some dissenting opinions about how much torture McCain really suffered so I`m not willing to give McCain completely the whole floor on his war experiences. It was probably a lot more complicated in reality but I dont begrudge him. Whatever he went through it must have been hell.

However steadfast war heroes seem no match for the mental twists and turns and hoops they need need to jump through to become the president. Steve Benen calculates that McCain has had 74 reversals since he decided to run for the presidency.

Lee, I think McCain will choose Romney who was Mr. Flip-flop himself so Republicans are going to be pretty dizzy at the end of this race.

Steve Crickmore:

As a footnote, Dick Morris thinks Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison would be an fine choice. as well, for McCain and that Obama should have picked a woman like Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

What do you think, Lee? The latter was my first pick many months ago,(though I can`t say I know much about her other than she was very popular in Kansas) but I could never really understand the conventional thinking if not Hillary no other woman could be chosen.

At least, Jill Biden is supposed to be excellent ..as a `first lady` of the vice-president.


Steve and Lee,

I think both of you overestimate the "flip-flop" factor. I think most Americans know that all politicians change their minds on just about everything. Both candidates have changed their stance on many issues, so to call attention to one candidate over another shows a lack of bias and an inability to be honest with yourself. Please!

As for me, I'm sticking with the positions that the candidates take on the issues, which are very much in contrast to each other. The rest of your material is National Enquirer stuff, and frankly, it bores me.

McCain is for offshore drilling and nuclear power. Obama is against it. McCain is pro-life. Obama is pro-choice. McCain is for reducing taxes of Corporate America and for "trickle down" economics. Obama is for penalizing the wealthy and giving more money to the middle & lower class (a form of socialist wealth redistribution. You have to personally decide which form of economics (Monetarism of Keynesian) you subscribe to.

It disappoints me that there are not more "intelligent" posts that talk about issues rather than a candidate "who had his nuts cut off." People who post things like this lead me to conclude that the collective intelligence of this country is in serious decline.



I'm not sure of the "dissenting opinions" that you mention. I've never heard any. I have personally read the accounts of those who served with him, and they "all" leave no doubt that they would die for him. That is a strong statement. Finally, take a look at how McCain holds a microphone. He looks awkward because all of the bones in his arms were broken and his shoulders were repeatedly dislocated to inflict pain and to force compliance.

Perhaps you should do more research on the man before bringing his sacrifice into question (even in the subtle manner in which you have). My suggestion to you would be to place the most emphasis on the men who were in the Hanoi Hilton with him. There is no discension there, only love, honor, and respect. One fellow prisoner recently came out in a printed news article (that I read) who overheard the VC trying to talk McCain into accepting release. McCain, he said, refused to be released until all of his men were released first, and told them not to ask him again. I believe you are allowing your political beliefs to interfere with your judgement, and that is a diservice to an American hero. That is "shameful," and it is politics in it's ugliest form.

Steve Crickmore:

McCain is for reducing taxes of Corporate America and for "trickle down" economics.

You mean the `trickle down economics` that Phil Gramm, McCain`s chief economic advisor, until couple of of months ago, pushed along with deregulation of the savings and loans, hedge funds and enegy compainies like Enron.

Before he retired from the Senate in 2002, he wrote the Gramm-Bliley bill, an act broadly deregulating the financial industry -- and now blamed by many economists for the epidemic of speculation and fraud that has shaken the global economy

I think Obama would love to take on that issue.



We are talking about that issue; Obama and McCain. I won't comment on a small part of an article. I refuse to hold either candidate responsible for all of the corruption in the market place. That's ignorant, and quite honestly has nothing to do with what we are talking about. But here is the issue, again, rather simplified.

Are you for wealth redistribution...an Obama platform, where those who make over $250K will have their taxes increased....

Or are you for allowing the rich to prosper via not punishing them for being successful, where they are inspired to create more wealth which involves company expansion, job growth to accompany that expansion, etc. That is a McCain platform. That is the essence of "Trickle Down Economics." Your demonization is reflective of a politician. Talk intelligently, and discuss why or why you do not subscribe to an economic theory. Are you capable of doing that?, because I am not interested in engaging in meaningless political rhetoric.

Steve Crickmore:

Scott..It is McCain that introduces this POW subject so often, this is the only reason it seems at all relevant.I don`t feel like getting into an argument. I'm not sure where the truth lies or how fair it is war is nasty business but in McCain`s own words, or rather Mark Salter`s his ghost writer from their book `Faith Of my Fathers`.(I take it that is acceptable to you)

I only recently learned that the tape I dreamed I heard playing over the loudspeaker in my cell had been real; it had been broadcast outside the prison and had come to the attention of my father," McCain said. "If I had known at the time my father had heard about my confession, I would have been distressed beyond imagination, and might not have recovered from the experience as quickly as I did."

the reality as I said may have been complicated of what happened even to McCain.
I don`t know. He seems to have done very well in life the last 40 years for being so courageous a man.

As for the corporate rate, I understand with deductions and credits that the US corporate tax is `relatively` low compared to other countries..and McCain`s rate will cost a couple more 100 billion a year to add to the swollen deficit... more military involment and cutting taxes are a cocktail we can`t really afford given the legacy of the Bush years.


I'm not going to respond to your statement about McCain. It is unworthy of a response.

Having minored in Economics in College, I am very confident in my own personal conclusions of what works and what does not, with regards to the economy. I disagree with many of your conclusions in your final paragraph. I recognize that you subscribe to Keynsien economics, and I am a Monetarist. All aspects of that debate have been well documented in economic theory, so there is no point in discussing it further. It is all theory, anyhow, although I will say that Keynsien economics is dated and most current distinguished economists tend to disagree with it's principles (including taxation as a form of economic stimulation). I also disagree with your assessment of the importance of our military involvement in the world, and the importance of it's funding. If you viewed Islamic Extremism with the same concern as myself, you would not make what I consider a rather uninformed and naive statement. I'm very interested in finding out how Obama plans to pay for all of his programs, especially Universal Healthcare. Obama's programs including those that redistribute wealth and provide universal healthcare, are Socialist. That is why they love Obama in Europe, because he is a socialist just like them. You seem to know a little about economics, so why don't you do some research and see how sucessful socialism has been on the economies of those respective countries that have embraced it? Check out the economies of the Soviet Union and France (for starters), and see how well it has worked for them. Take a good look at the deficit of all of the countries in Europe, and compare their annual debt payment to that of the United States (as a percentage of revenue). I'll save you a little time, our deficit is rather small in comparison, and much of socialist Europe is on the verge of bankruptsy. Socialism fails miserably, because it kills incentive. This is why Obama must not win.

In summary, Steve, we'll just agree to disagree. My bet is that more Americans agree with me than agree with you, and in the end that is really what matters. Obama has been losing ground to McCain for several weeks now, and Obama has, according to pollsters (thus far), received NO bounce from his choice of VP. On top of this, 1/4 of Clintons 18 million voters who have been polled state that they are voting for McCain. In contrast, your VP candidate picked up a few thousand votes and finished "fifth" in Iowa before dropping out of the race. Yeah, Biden was a real smart pick for VP. Who cares about 18 million Hillary votes, when you can pick up a few thousand Biden ones, right? Democrats got a big "o" brain.

Contrary to your personal conclusion, I believe America cannot afford a socialist president like Obama. Personally, I cannot afford to pay more taxes, which are already at a relative percentage that is higher than that which (in part) started the American Revolution. Apparently, you don't mind taxes. If you will kindly send me your mailing address, I will forward my tax bill to you.


Steve Crickmore:

Many large Wall Street firms love to privatize the profits, naturally but aren`t loath to socialize their losses. I know they are too big to fail and so the taxpayer (now of the future) is expected to step in and provide an expensuve corporate welfare safety net. I agree that taxation is a disincentive, but how do you expect to pay for a American military budget that is equivalent to the rest of the world combined and 'subsidize' defence and arerospace contrators. A strong American military and an Iraqi war with health benefits for wounded soldiers will probably end up costing us 3 trillion dollars.

Part of me agrees with your analysis of Obama's choice of Biden..Maybe Obama should have gone the whole hog and chosen Hillary simply because she is a woman, even if she is the ultimate insider, her political life has been at times contemptous of Reagan Democrats. Everyone seems to have forgotten her commnts about living in Arkansas, but her untimely praise of McCain, her not so subtle digs at Obama, "He isn`t a Muslim... as far as I know?" and last but not least, her most tone deaf comment, "Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June," must have really stuck in Obama`s craw.

It is a pity she said these things otherwise your idea and Lee`s, makes alot of sense. Obama definitely must go out of his way to talk about womens' issues and what he will do for women who were supporting Hillary.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've been down with the flu at the same time I've been swamped with other projects, so I'm only scanning this comment thread, but two things rise to the surface for me.

a minor point: Scott said "McCain is for offshore drilling and nuclear power. Obama is against it."

Not true - about nuclear power at least, Obama says nuclear should be part of the mix - but has problems with the Yucca Mountain storage scheme.

Nice to see that John McGoebbels has repeated the lie that Obama is against nuclear power enough times that it's stuck in some minds....

and a major point: If John McCain can't remember how many houses he owns he's unfit to serve as President. Good fracking grief - is the man senile or just bat-shit crazy?

back to my suffering....



Here is a quote from Obama on nuclear power during an interview with Tim Russert

"I don't think we can take nuclear power off the table. What we have to make sure of is that we have the capacity to store it properly and safely, and that we reduce whatever threats might come from terrorism. If we can do that in a technologically sound way, then we should pursue it. If we can't then we should not."

What a great political answer! THAT IS HARDLY A COMMITMENT TO NUCLEAR POWER! Please!

Next, please go to the Obama/Biden website, which he controls, and look at the first sentence of his website under the title "Nuclear Power?

"Borack Obama is a man of integrity. Our belief is that when all of the facts about nuclear power are presented to him clearly, that he will REJECT it as an option."

Obama is trying to ride the fence in order to appease both sides. He does not want to annoy those who are irritated by the energy crunch, and he also does not want to irritate the DEMOCRATIC PARTY that is and has always been AGAINST NUCLEAR POWER!

Therefore, Lee, it is "you" who are incorrect. YOU are the one who has been listening to Obama political speak. If you can't recognize what is going on, it is because you choose to remain ignorant. If you consider Obama's quote as an endorsement of nuclear power, then you are only fooling yourself. His answer is about as "non-commital" as you can get, and that is one of the reasons why he is slipping in the polls. "If we can we will, if we can't we won't." Yeah, Lee, that's a real firm commitment to Nuclear Power.

Regardless, everyone, here are Obama's quotes, so you decide!


Finally, guys...........

Really, who cares how many homes that McCain owns. He married into wealth. His wife inherited a fortune from her father when he passed away. They are probably her homes, and he has probably never even been to most of them. Who cares?

What you should be more concerned about is Obama, who showed "great" (yeah right!) judgement in his lengthy relationship with convicted felon Tony Rezko, where Obama clearly benefited financially from his relationship with that turd. Prosecutors say that the case against Rezko involved bribes, kickbacks, and efforts to illegally obtain millions of dollars. THAT is what should concern you. Obama himself has claimed that he knew Rezko was under criminal investigation (it was widely known at the time that Rezko was being investigated by the FBI) and admitted that his financial dealings with the convicted felon were a "bonehead move." I, personally, have a hard time believing that he was completely ignorant of everything going on. Either he is exceptionally naive, or he is he's just not very smart. Which one is it?

Gentlemen, is this the kind of great judgement that Obama is offering American voters? Obama knew this guy was under criminal investigation and continued dealing with him anyway. Gentlemen, on top of everything, Obama personally profited from this relationship. Obama plays "stupid" and all of his supporters look the other way. Not me...I was born at night, but not last night!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I don't care how many houses he owns -- I care that the senile old fart can't remember how mnay houses how owns. That ridiculous.

"I don't think we can take nuclear power off the table. What we have to make sure of is that we have the capacity to store it properly and safely, and that we reduce whatever threats might come from terrorism. If we can do that in a technologically sound way, then we should pursue it. If we can't then we should not.""

A bit too thoughtful for Republicans, I admit - but the right answer nonetheless.



"If we can we will, if we can't we won't"

Yeah, that is definitely thoughtful. We Republicans are just not smart enough to grab the philosophical essence and genius of what Obama is saying.

Back in my day, they called it "being full of [email protected]!"



Allow me to provide you with a test of Obama's answer to the nuclear power question.

I assume you are probably married.

Tell your wife that you want the both of you to resay your vows before a preacher as a profession of your enternal love.

Next, both you and your wife appear before the minister. I would say, dress in formal wear, because I'm a sentimental guy.

Next, the preacher asks you, "Do you, Lee, promise to remain faithful to your wife and to forsake all others for as long as you both shall live." Now is your moment of truth, your time to impress with decisiveness, and you give your wife the "Obama Answer" and say...."Well, preacher, if I can I will, but if I can't, I won't!

Let us know what happens....

"Getting slapped by your soon to be ex-wife in front of the preacher......PRICELESS!"

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I like Obama's answer. Increased nuclear power raises major safety and terrorist concerns.

"I don't think we can take nuclear power off the table. What we have to make sure of is that we have the capacity to store it properly and safely, and that we reduce whatever threats might come from terrorism. If we can do that in a technologically sound way, then we should pursue it. If we can't then we should not."

And I divorced 5 years ago - and have no plans to remarry.

But tell us, Scott - where did you come up with the lie that Obama was against nuclear power?

Who told you that lie? I've heard McCain repeat it, was that where you heard it?

Republicans and lies - like ducks to water....

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:



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