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Vice President Joe Biden

The right wing bloggers stayed up late last night, way past their bedtimes, to hear the news. The sane Americans got the news this morning. Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his Vice-Presidential running mate. It's a perfect match. Obama's ability to motivate and lead, Biden's gravitas and experience, and they're both extremely smart.

What a welcomed change it will be to have a team in the White House that has the intelligence to deal with issues in a thoughtful and careful approach.

Can't wait for the VP debates. Biden will walk all over the Republican candidate, and Obama is now free to spend his days talking to Americans about the issues, instead of addressing the distractions John McBush throws Obama's way every day -- distractions designed to hide the fact that John McBush is offering nothing more than 4 years of the same failed policies, the same slow-thinking wrong-headed approaches to diplomacy, the same failed economic policy that favors rich Americans of American families, the same slavish approach to energy that favors oil companies over everyday Americans.

It's Obama-Biden '08. On to victory in November.


Whoo-Yah! Hit 'em hard Joe, hit 'em hard!

Update: I still think Joe Libermann has a great shot at standing at the side of John McSame on the dais of the Republican National Convention in September. Joe has proven an invaluable and necessary aid to John McSame in the past...

Joe can aid John in keeping track of important matters like how to use the internet, and keeping count of how many houses he owns.

It'll be an interesting race.

Update II: In an effort to "one up" the Obama campaign's use of wireless phone text messaging to put out the word on their choice of Joe Biden as VP, the John McCain organization is planning their own messaging announcement meant to exemplify John McCain's grasp of modern technology --- but a worldwide shortage of papyrus is proving to be a hindrance.

Stone tablet carvers are being sought as an alternative. If you know of anyone experienced in stone-age technology be sure to have them send their resume to the McCain folks... uhm, no emails please.

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Lee, I don't think it matters who he would have picked for VP. Both candidates, on both sides, have some baggage they don't want the average American to see.

I still think the best thing that could happen is to have John McChimp elected. 4 more years of the same BS, and then maybe the American taxpayer will throw every single elected employee out, and we can start all over, with the type of gov't our founding fathers wanted, instead of the BS we have today.

Also, the word is getting out that the cost of groceries will be going up around 10% in the next 6 months. The times coming are going to be very interesting, aren't they?

And all the Wizbang readers should be getting over their CDS, as they now are catching ODS, and accusing people of having MDS. Damn, gotta love all the stuff coming down over the next couple of years.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

We're in a Republican-led recession now, Allen -- four more years of McBush and we'll be in a full-blown depression while Exxon continues record profits.

This nation cannot afford another four years.

Steve Crickmore:

I`m not crazy about Biden but I suppose Obama's reasoning was that was too risky to put another progressive, relatively unknown Democrat on the ticket and still win it. One irony is that it was Joe Biden who urged John Kerry in 2004 to select John McCain as his veep. At least, McCain won't be able to use on a youtube video without opening up again the seriousness of the overture Kerry made.

And, I have never understood how so many of the Deomcrat senators including Clinton have or had so much respect for McCain. Let's hope McCain's unabashed negative campaign style has removed the scales from Biden`s eyes, even if McCain`s ties to the neocons in 2004 hadn't, about McCain's suitability in the oval office.

Biden is Irish, Catholic, a Democrat, and a foreign policy expert. That's good enough for me. Where do I vote?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

In many ways Biden is like the McCain of old, before the RNC cut off McCain's nuts to make him appealing to the religious right.


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