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The Celebrity Political Money Trail

Major celebrities, public figures and well known business leaders have been making some very interesting political donations this election cycle. While some are surprising, some are not too surprising at all. But public record keeping does turn up an interesting money path of donations by some top celebrities. Here are a few highlights from the current public records:

For John McCain: Troy Aikman, former NFL quarterback and sportscaster, $2300. Mario Andretti, retired racer $500. Pat Boone, former teen idol and Christian singer, $4600. Jerry Bruckheimer, megaTV show producer, $9600.Clarence Cazalot, Marathon Oil CEO. $15000. Pete Coors, Coors Brewing CEO, $2300. Dick Vevos, former Amway founder and CEO, $4600. David Dorman, AT&T Chairman, $2300.Clint Eastwood, actor and director, $2300. John Elway, retired NFL star, $2300. Steve Forbes, publisher Fortune Magazine, $4600. Ted Forstmann, financier, $63,200. Roger Goodall, current NFL Commissioner, $2300. Kelsey Grammer, actor, $2300. John Hagee, millionaire TV evangelist, $1000. William Harrison, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, $27,300. Kathy, Rick and William Hilton, Hotel owners and executives, a total of $9200. Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate, $2300. Ray Irani, Occidental Petroleum CEO, $2300. Kirk Kerkorian, Casino owner who attempted a failed Chrysler buyout, $4600. Alan Lacy, Sears CEO, $5600. Edward Liddy, Allstate Insurance CEO, $2300. Mary Matalin, Republican political strategist and advisor, $2300. Lorne Michaels, NBC SNL and other shows producer, $2300. Jack Nicklaus, golf legend, $1100, Arnold Palmer, golf legend, $1000. Richard Parsons, Chairman of TIme Warner, $26,500. Richard Petty, Nascar legend, $1000. Colin Powell, former army general and Secretary Of State, $2300. Dan Quayle, former Vice President who couldn't spell potato, $20000. Curt Schilling, baseball great, $2300. Vin Scully, sportscaster, $2300. Gary Sinese, actor, $2300. Roger Stauback, NFL legend, $40800. Rip Torn, actor, $2300. Dick Van Patten, actor, $2020. Jim Walton, WalMart billionaire, 42300. Darell Waltrip, Nascar legend, $1000. In addition John McCain draws in big donations from a large number of corporate CEOs including oil industry and communications heads.

Contributors To Hillary Clinton & Also To John McCain: August Busch, III, CEO Anhauser Busch, $2300 to Clinton and $4600 to John McCain. Dick Ebersol, NBC Sports Producer, $4600 each to Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Charles Ergen, Echostar CEO, $2300 to Hillary Clinton and $4600 to John McCain. John Faraci, International Paper CEO, $2300 to hillary Clinton and $4600 to John McCain. Brad Grey, Paramount Pictures CEO, $4600 to Hillary Clinton and $2300 to John McCain. Jeffrey Immet, General Electric Chairman, $2300 each to Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Leonard and William Lauder, Este Lauder executives, $3700 to Hillary Clinton and $9200 to John McCain. Rupert Murdock, News Corporation CEO, $2300 each to Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Susan Saint James, actress, $4600 to Hillary Clinton and $2300 to john McCain. Donald Trump, real estate developer, $600 to Hillary Clinton and $33,050 to John McCain. George Steinbrenner, NY Yankees owner, $2300 to Hillary Clinton and $15000 to John McCain

Contributors To John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama: Barry Diller, media mogul, $4600 each. Terry semel, Yahoo Chairman, $4600 to Hillary Clinton, and $2300 each to John McCain and Barack Obama.

For Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton: JJ Abrams, TV producer, $2300 to both Clinton & Obama. Chris Albrecht, former HBO executive, $4600 to Clinton & $2300 for Obama. Byron Allen, TV producer and personality, $4600 to Clinton & $2300 to Obama. Clarence Avant, record producer, $4600 to Clinton & $30800 to Obama. Billy Baldwin, actor, $1000 each. Ellen Barkin, actress, $2300 each. Paul Begala, Democratic consultant, $4600 to Clinton & $2300 to Obama. Arthur Blank, Atlanta Falcons owner, $4600 each. Steven Bochco,TV show writer and producer, $2300 to Clinton & $30800 to Obama. Christie Brinkley, model and serial marriager, $3250 to Clinton & $2000 Obama. James L. Brooks, TV show producer, $4600 each. Warren Buffet, billionaire, $4600 each. Kate Capshaw, actress, $2300 each. James Carville, Democratic political consultant, $4600 to Clinton & $2300 to Obama. Peter Chernin, News Corporation CEO, $4600 to Clinton and $2100 to Obama. Glen Close, actress, $2300 each. Jamie Lee Curtis, $4600 each. Danny Devito, actor, $2300 to Clinton & $2000 Obama. Michael Douglas, actor, $4600 each. Jodie Foster, actress, $4600 to Clinton & $3300 to Obama. Michael J Fox, actor and Parkinson's disease activist, $1200 Clinton & $2300 Obama. Jami Gertz, actress, $4000 Clinton & $2300 Obama. Berry Gordy, record producer and soul talent scout legend, $4600 Clinton & $30800 Obama. Brian Grazer, producer, $4600 each. John Grisham, author, $4600 Clinton & $1000 Obama. David Guggenheim, filmmaker, $1000 Clinton & $2300 Obama. Tom Hanks, actor, $2300 each. Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine founder, $4600 to Clinton & $2300 to Obama. Marg Helgenberger, actress CSI TV show, $1000 to Clinton & $2300 Obama. Alan Horn, movie producer, $4600 Clinton & $2300 Obama. Ron Howard, movie director and actor, $4600 each. Ron Insana, TV business analyst for CNN, $4600 each. Joan Jett, punky rock star, $750 Clinton & $250 Obama. Magic Johnson, basketball legend, $4600 to Clinton & $2300 Obama. Vernon Jordan, Democratic Party power broker, $4600 to Clinton & $2300 Obama. Jeffrey Katzenberg, Co-founder Dreamworks Pictures, $2300 each. Caroline Kennedy, sole survivor of John Kenndedy's family and author, $2300. each. Calvin Klein, fashion mogul, $4600 Clinton & $2300 Obama. Christine Lahti, actress, $2300 each. Sharon Lawrence, actress, $3000 to Clinton & $2300 Obama. Norman Lear, TV show producer, $4600 to Clinton & $2300 Obama. John Legend, recording artist, $1000 Clinton & $4600 Obama. Tobey Maguire, actor, $4600 Clinton & $2300 Obama. Barry Manilow, singer and songwriter, $2300 each. Bette Midler, singer and actress, $4600 each. John Morgridge, Cisco executive, $4600 to Clinton & $2300 Obama. Alonzo Morning, NBA basketball star, $1000 Clinton & $2300 Obama. Paul Newman, actor, $4600 each. Rosie O'Donell, comic, actress and TV show hostess, $2300 each. Holly Robinson Peete, actress, $2300 Clinton & $4600 Obama. Rhea Perlman, actress, $2300 Clinton & $2000 Obama. Howard Schutz, Starbucks CEO, $2300 each. M Night Shymalan, Filmmaker, $2300 each. Rusell Simmons, media mogul, $1000. Tom Skeritt, actor, $2300 to Clinton & Obama $1000. Steven Spielberg, filmmaker, $2300 each. Ben Stiller, comic actor, $4600 Clinton & $2300 Obama. Heather Thomas, actress, $2300 Clinton & $4600 Obama. Lily Tomlin, comic and actress, $2000 Clinton & $200 Obama. John Wells, TV show producer, Clinton $2300 & $4600 Obama. Bradley Whitford, actor, $2300 each. Rita Wilson, actress, $4600 Clinton & $2300 Obama. Joanne Woodwatd, actress, $4600 each. Andrew Young, civil rights leader and lobbyist, $2000 Clinton & $1000 Obama. George Zimmer, Men's Warehouse suit stores founder, spokesman and CEO, $500 Clinton & $2300 Obama.

Coming Tomorrow, the top sole celebrity donors to either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Stay tuned.....Same Bat time, Same Bat channel.

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