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More Republican F*ckups - Now it's the FAA

First George Bush's FEMA screwed New Orleans, then George Bush's U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission showed they had no control over Chinese toy safety - we have George Bush's Federal Highways crumbling and bridges falling into rivers, George Bush's Justice Department is turned into a partisan office, George Bush's FDA can't take their heads out of their *sses long enough to figure out where Salmonella is coming from, and now we have George Bush's FAA screwing with Air Traffic Safety:

Travelers are facing mass flight delays today as the result of a computer problem at the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that one of its two systems that process flight plans is down on Tuesday, Aug. 26. All flight plans are now being handled out of Salt Lake City.

The FAA has two systems that process flight plans - one located in Atlanta and the other one in Salt Lake City. But the Atlanta system went down at 1:30pm today, and all flight plans are now being handled out of Salt Lake City.

As a result, delays could pile up at airports across the country. Delays up to 90 minutes are already surfacing at several airports.

"This was a failure mode we have not seen before," said FAA chief operating officer Hank Krakowski on Tuesday afternoon.

Well, let's not build in measures to deal with unforeseen problems -- no, no - that's not the Republican way. It has to break first.

Our nation won't survive another four years of this Republican mismanagement.

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Comments (8)

Lee, with all due respect, it's really not "NOW it's the FAA".

Rather, the FAA has been screwing up continuously since at least as early as Bobby Sturgell started working there as a protected legacy case in 2003. Sturgell is the acknowledged son of J. Edgar Hoover's secretary Barbara Sturgell.

Regarding today's events, you can guarantee that the FAA purposefully crashed its own computer system to suppress the flight plans, thereby causing the flight delays. On the heels of at least 3 separate U.S. plane crashes this past weekend - ten (10) dead in Moab Utah, three (3) dead in Las Vegas, and a guy grounding his plane on a baseball field in Texas - what's clear is that the FAA's air traffic control system is a total failure. Now the FAA is engaging in spoliation of evidence, the electronic equivalent of some good 'ol-fashioned Fawn Hall shredding, to delete the incriminating material one step ahead of the FBI and criminal authorities who are once again right on the FAA's heels. The FAA is a white-collar criminal enterprise - make that a trailer-park criminal enterprise - and FAA Acting Administrator "Bobby" Sturgell must be relieved of his post NOW and PERMANENTLY.

Regarding the ten (10) who died in Moab, Utah: We pray for the victims' families and mourn their loss, nationwide. In their memory and honor, this country needs to restore safety to our broken air traffic system. Future lives must be saved by repopulating the FAA and ejecting Sturgell from office.

Quiet Rockland just blogged, posted, and published a hand-hewn list of over 1,200 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) e-mail addresses on its website - and asks that you please consider using them for your own purposes:

The FAA's e-mail address formula is fairly simple, as you will see on the list.
The 'minds' of FAA management, however, are even simpler.

This past very weekend, FAA wants America to "celebrate" FAA's 50th Anniversary as fostering "the safest transportation system in the history of the world". (Verbatim quote, FAA Acting Administrator Robert A. "Bobby" Sturgell, speech entitled "The Credit Goes To You", Washington, D.C., August 21, 2008):

FAA and its failed Acting Administrator 'Bobby' Sturgell still persist in wanting you to believe that we are somehow in the 'safest period in aviation history'. As within the last few days, there are Ten (10) more victimized innocent decedents in Moab, Utah whose souls will now testify to you exactly otherwise. Quiet Rockland prays for them and their families. Anyone who is outraged like me at the continuing criminal malfeasance of the Failed Aviation Agency, may consider voicing that outrage directly to the people that comprise that white-collar criminal ersatz federal agency acronymed as FAA, and directly to failed FAA Acting Administrator Bobby Sturgell.



Did your mother not hug you when you were a child?

Your so angry about everything, that you have no credibility. I believe that most people who read your posts perceive you as mentally disturbed.

Your just another psycho conspiracy theorist; they always come out at election time. Yeah we already know. Bush is the son of devil. Bush was responsible for World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the sinking of the Titanic, and everything else bad that has ever happened in the world. Blah, Blah, Blah

Give it a rest psycho, and get some professional "Anger Management" counseling.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Feel free to address the post any time you have the gonads, Scotty. Until then your retreat into ad hominem attacks makes you slightly shorter than our average troll. You aren't sure which insult to throw out so you throw several.

I didn't suggest it was a conspiracy, you dim-wit - this is your basic Republican administrative incompetence. It's become quite common, and any American who isn't angry about the way Republicans have screwed our nation for the last 8 years either isn't paying attention or is employee of a Republican administration.

Which one are you?





Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Wow, Scott - that's a surprise - when challenged on your lie about Obama's position on nuclear energy you ran from that thread also.

But feel free to come back and avoid the issues again -- and just throw out ad hominem attacks at this blogs authors instead. Really - Republicans like you make my job so much easier.


Lee, it appears that you are STILL "stuck on stupid."


How about a revision of Obama's campaign slogan. Instead of "Yes We Can," how about this.......

Bush, pull out!

Like Lee's daddy should have!

QR Anguilliforme Newswire/Rockland County, New York - Tuesday October 7, 2008

Sources tell Quiet Rockland that U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Mary Peters is now making preparations to brief the "new Administrator" of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In a related story, FAA promotes Ruth Leverenz to "Acting Deputy Administrator" as Internet-listed second-in-command Key Official, in anticipation of Acting Administrator Robert Allan "Bobby" Sturgell's departure from FAA office:

For the full story, please see:


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