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The Celebrity Political Money Trail For Barack Obama

Many persons may wonder who are some of the major celebrity, business and public figure political money backers for Barack Obama. Well, this is the sequel to part one which has already been run here. Here's an interesting list from the public records of some highlights who are major supporters and donors to Barack Obama so far during the current election cycle.

For Obama: Ben Afleck, actor, $4600. Big Kenny Alphin, recording artist, $2300. Marc Andressen, Internet guru, $4600. Jennifer Aniston, actress, $2300. Patricia Arquette, actress, $2300. Rosanna Arquette, actress,$2300. Kevin Bacon, actor, $2200. Tyra Banks, talk show host and model, $2300. Angela Bassett, actress, $2300. Shane Battier, NBA star Houston Rockets, $2300. Maria Bello, actress, $2300. Lawrence Bender, producer,$2300. Tom Bergeron, TV host, $1750, Halle Berry, actress, $2300, Valerie Bertinelli, actress, $2300. Jerome Bettis, for NFL great and sportscaster, $2300. Judy Blume, author, $4600. Andy Borowitz, satire writer, $2100. Zach Braff, actor, $2300. Steve Brill, Court TV founder and writer, $4600. Blair Brown, actress, $500. Jackson Browne, recording artist, $2300. Mark Burnett, reality game show producer SURVIVOR, $2300. Ken Burns, filmmaker, $2300. Levar Burton, actor, $300. Candace Bushnell, author, $1000. Jimmy Carter, former president, $2300. Michael Chabon, author, $4600. Jay Chandrasekhar, actor, director and writer, $500.Richard A. Clasrke, national security expert, $2300. John Cleese, actor and author, $2300. Bill Clinton, former president, $2300. Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator, $2300. George Clooney, actor, $2300. Chuck Close, actor, $2300. Harry Connick, Jr., recording artist and actor, $4600. Cindy Crawford, model, $2300. Alan Cumming, actor, $500. Drew Curtis, Fark.com founder and author, $500. Matt Damon, actor, $2300. Larry David, actor and comic writer, $2300. Geena Davis, actress, $4600. Robert Deniro, actor, $2300. Taye Diggs, actor, $2300. Paul Dooley, actor, $30800. Karen Duffy, actress and model, $2300. Joe Dumars, Former NBA star Detroit Pistons, $500. Tracey Edmunds, entertainment industry executive, $2800. Anthony Edwards, actor, $2300. Michael Eisner, Disney CEO, $500. Hector Elizongo, actor, $200. Omar Epps, actor, $2300. Clarke Kent Irvin, former Homeland Security Office expert, $250. Linda Evans, actress, $2300. Jane Fonda, actress, $2300. Tom Ford, fashion designer, $2300. Milos Forman, actor, director and writer, $3050. Jamie Foxx, multitalented comic, actor and musician, $2300. Johnathan Frazen, author, $1000. Morgan Freeman, actor, $2300. Jim Gaffigan, comic and actor, $1250. Jeff Garlin, comic actor and close friend of Conan O'Brien, $250. Jennifer Garner, actress, $4600. David Geffen, Dreamworks co-founder, $2300. Richard Gere, actor, $2300. Thomas Gibson, actor CBS' CRIMINAL MINDS series, $1000. Charles Gifford, Bank Of America Chairman, $2300. Cuba Gooding, Jr., actor, $2300. Louis Gossett, Jr., actor, $4600. Topher Grace, actor, $4600. Father Andrew Greeley, Roman Catholic Priest and author, $2300. Jasmine Guy, actress, $2300. Paul Haggis, screenwriter and producer, $500. Herbie Hancock, jazz musician, $2300. Daniel "Lemony Snicket" Handler, author, screenwriter and musician, $2300. Hill Harper, actor CSI NY, $2300. Ed Harris, actor, $2300. Emmy Lou Harris, recording artist, $2000. Mariette Hartley, actress, $250. Teri Hatcher, actress, $2300. Tom Hayden, activist, $2678. Sean Hayes, actor, $1000. Dennis Haysbert, actor, $2300. Christie Hefner, CEO Playboy Enterprises, $2300. Grant Hill, NBA star, $2300. Cheryl Hines, actress, $1000. Dustin Hoffman, actor, $2300. Susana Hoffs, recording artist, $2300. Bruce Hornsby, recording artist, $2300. Phil Jackson, NBA coach, $2300. Randy Jackson, AMERICAN IDOL judge and musician, $2300. Samuel Jackson, actor, $2300. Billy Joel, songwriter, $2300. Scarlet Johansson, actress, $2300. Kevin Johnson, former NBA Phoenix Suns great, $2300. Spike Jonze, director, $2300. Michael Jordan, NBA legend Chicago Bulls, $2100. Casey Kasem, radio personality, $1000. Garrison Keillor, author and performer, $200. David E. Kelley, TV production mogul and screenwriter, $2300. Ted Kennedy, U.S. Senator, $2300. Tereas Heinz Kerry, wife of Senator John Kerry, $2300. Margot Kidder, actress, $500. Don King, boxing promoter, $2300. Gayle King, editor and friend of Oprah Winfrey, $2300. Cedric "The Entertainer" Kyles, comic and actor, $2500. Don LaFontaine, famous movie voice-over promoter, $4600. Jim Lampley, sportscaster, $2000. Jessica Lange, actress, $2300. John Larouquette, actor, $1500. Spike Lee, filmmaker, $2300. John Lithgow, actor, $1000. Nia Long, actress, $2300. chuck Lorre, TV show producer, $2300. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, comic actress, $4600. George Lucas, filmmaker STAR WARS, $33100. Sidney Lumet, director, $2300. Bernie Mac, (recently deceased) comic, $2300. Seth MacFarlance, animator and producer, $2300. Norman Mailer, author, $200. Natalie Maines, recording artist, $2300. Wendy Malick, actress, $250. Stephon Marbury, NBA player, $4600. Branford Marsalis, musician, $4600. Marsha Mason, actress, $3550. Mary Stuart Masterson, actress, $500. Greg Mathis, TV judge, $34600. George McGovern, former senator and presidential candidate, $750. Terry McMillan, author, $2300. Seth Meyers, comic, $2300. Errol Morris, filmmaker, $500. Toni Morrison, author, $1000. Rob Morrow, actor, $500. Eddie Murphy, comic and actor, $2300. Randy Newman, songwriter and recording artist, $2300. craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, $33100. Mike Nichols, filmmaker, $2300. Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock STAR TREK and actor, $2300. Cynthia Nixon, actress, $1000. Edward Norton, actor, $33100. Stan O'Neal, former Merill Lynch Chairman, $2300. Sarah Jessica Parker, actress, $2300. Adrian Pasdar, actor, $4600. Joe Paterno, Penn State coach, $250. Jane Pauley, TV personality, $2300. Kal Penn, actor, $2654. Robin Wright Penn, actress, $2300. Tyler Perry, actor and playwright, $4600. Father Michael Pfleger, activist Roman Catholic Priest, $1500. David Hyde Pierce, actor, $10000. Oliver Platt, actor, $978. Sidney Poitier, actor, $4600. Ellen Pompeo, actress, $4600. Annie Potts, actress, $2300. Maury Povich, TV host, $2300. Bonnie Raitt, recording artist, $2300. Harold Ramis, actor and director, $3300. David Rasche, actor, $500. Phylicia Rashad, actress, $1500. Carl Reiner, actor and comedy director, $200. Paul Reiser, actor, $2300. Ryan Reynolds, actor, $3100. Randi Rhodes, radio show host, $250. Bill Richardson, New Mexico Governor, $2300. Patricia Richardson, actress, $2300. Lionel Richie, recording artist, $2300. Jay Roach, director, $2300. Tim Robbins, actor, $3000. Chris Rock, comic and actor, $4600. Linda Ronstadt, recording artist, $500. Stephen Root, actor, $500. Eli Roth, director, $500. Brandon Routh, actor, $250. Mark Ruffalo, actor, $1000. Meg Ryan, actress, $1000. Horatio Sanz, former SNL cast member, $500. Susan Sarandon, actress, $4600. Thomas Schalame, director, $2300. Sherwood Schwasrtz, TV producer GILLIGAN'S ISLAND, $1000. Martin Scorsese, filmmaker, $2300. Garry Shandling, comic and actor, $2300. Brook Shields, actress and model, $2300. Andrew Shue, actor and former prosoccer star, $2000. Alicia Silverstone, actress, $400. Sam Simon, director, $2300. James Sinegal, Costco CEO, $4600. Emmitt Smith, former profootball great and beard coloring commercial host, $2300. Jada Pinkett Smith, actress, $4600. Hal Sparks, comic and actor, $300. Morgan Spurlock, filmmaker, $2300. Darren Star, producer, $2300. Leigh Steinberg, sports agent, $30500. Daniel Stern, actor, $1000. Fisher Stevens, actor, $750. Oliver Stone, director, $1000. Meryl Streep, actress, $2300. Rider Strong, actor, $500. Christine Taylor, actress, $2300. Betty Thomas, actress and director, $2300. Cheryl Tiegs, model, $500. Gary Trudeau, cartoonist, $2300. Gabrielle Union, actress, $2300. Amber Valetta, model and actress, $2300. Paul Volcker, former Federal Reserve Chairman, $2300. Kate Walsh, actress, $2800. Vera Wang, fashion designer, $2000. Cash Warren, producer, $2800. Denzel Washington, actor, $2300. Isaiah Washington, actor, $4550. marlon Wayans, comic actor, $2500. Steven Weber, actor, $2300. Bob Weir, Grateful Dead legend, $2120. Jann Wenner, ROLLING STONE CEO, $4450. Tom Werner, Boston Red Sox co-owner, $4600. Forest Whitaker, actor and director, $2300. James Whitmore, actor, $9020. Olivia Wilde, actress, $250. Gene Wilder, actor, $2300. Will.I.Am, recording artist, $30800. Treat Williams, actor, $250. Oprah Winfrey, TV host and actress, $2300. Steven Wozniak, computer industry pioneer, $3100. Jeffrey Wright, actor, $2050. Peter Yarrow, recording artist from Peter, Paul & Mary, $2200.

Well, that's quite a list of who's who and proves a wide cross section of support for Senator Barack Obama among many in the celebrity community.

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Comments (8)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

McCain being out of touch with everyday Americans has nothing to do with these folks supporting Obama. It's unrelated.

All Americans, even some of the rich, and Silicon Valley CEOs, etc as well as everyday Americans support Obama, but McCain is indeed out of touch with everyday Americans - you know - the kind of folks who actually know how many houses they own.


he's only out of touch with me in that he appears to have drunk the global warming kool-aid. and i know how many houses i own. =)

And this impresses you?

1. hey, if you think I'm a celebrity, you need to get out more often.

2. I've spoken with McCain, disappointed since I admire his military record and he's against the new GI Bill.

3. Just talked with a bunch of lobbyists, and they cite the lobbyists controlling McCain, Davis and Black, as so corrupt even they're embarassed.



wait, wait, wait. Not THE Craig Newmark? LOL

Only celebrities made Barack Obama the presidential nominee, and I guess only celebrities will carry him to victory in November.

Lee Ward:

Ryan, what are you talking about? - Millions of everyday Americans contributing and working at the grassroots level have made Obama's chances a reality.

And thanks for stopping by, Craig - you're a celebrity, like it or not.

Steve Crickmore:

Samuel Johnson`s definition of a celebrity, "someone known for being well-known".

Oddly enough ,I just heard about Craig a few minutes before I read this post, when someone sat down beside me at this internet cafe looking for a apartment in New York for a weekend.

John McCain has been a celebrity since he was shot down in Vietnam in 1967, and returned to the US in 1973, and Obama only since he gave the keynote address in 2004 at the DNC.

The ad hominem attacks on John McCain having nothing whatsoever to do with the substance of this posting about who gave what to Barack Hussein Obama. But a couple of questions are in order: What's with some of the contribution amounts that are well over what must be the limit? And about John Cleese's contribution - isn't he still a British subject? And as such, isn't he interdicted from contributing to any political campaign in this country?


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