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CNN Puppet Newscasters Dance for the GOP

Updated: More manipulation is coming tonight, - the GOP plans to make the Broadcast News Puppets dance to their tune again during coverage surrounding Barack Obama's speech tonight.

Speculation about who Sen. John McCain will pick as his vice presidential running mate reached a fever pitch today as all signs pointed to an answer within hours.

McCain advisers teased that they will air an "exciting" and "historic" ad just at the moment that Sen. Barack Obama takes to the stage for his speech.

Meanwhile, the Drudge Report blasted the headline: NAME MAY LEAK AT 6 PM ET... WITH SOME SORT OF CONFIRMATION AT 8 PM... DEVELOPING..."

Obama's speech is at 7pm eastern.

GOPers will do anything to distract from Obama's speech before 75,000 cheering voters... beause McCain would be lucky to attract 20,000 - and would only get that many with a promise of a free lunch to boot.

Will the CNN "journalists" fall for the same trick twice?

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During last night's CNN Democratic Convention coverage the CNN group of commentators on the scene were busily clicking their Blackberrys on camera -- excited at the news tips they were receiving from McCain surrogates stating that John McCain had made his decision as to who to pick as his VP.

The tips were breathlessly relayed during the prime time coverage of the Democratic Convention, and even Wolf Blizter seemed excited by the timing of the news tip, correctly suggesting it was meant to draw attention away from the Democrats on that particularly important night.

Well, once again, the dawn of a new day has shown the extent to which CNN (and other media outlet) puppet newscasters are being manipulated by the McCain media staff. It turns out the "hot news tip" was just more Republican bullshit lies...

Looking toward his turn in the spotlight, Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting John McCain said Thursday he had yet to decide on a running mate.

It was a bullshit, and CNN swallowed it whole then bit hard on the hook and danced the GOP dance in prime time. What fools, haven't they learned that McCain's folks will lie about anything and everything?

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Comments (9)


I'm not yanking your chain here really, but if I were a news person I would be excited about McCain's pick for VP. It may turn out to be a disappointment, but since we already know who BO has selected I just assume they are moving on from that let down.

Richard Merchant:

This is different from the lead up to Obama's sad choice how? I would imagine they would be very excited to get that choice in while "everyone" was watching to start their demolition squads on McCain's pick.

Lee Ward:

DaveD: "I were a news person I would be excited about McCain's pick for VP."

Of course - so would I - and they certainly were - they were slobbering all over themselves, and being manipulated in the process. It was fake - phony - they were even receiving "reports" that McCain's choice had been told they were chosen. All BS.

Are you suggesting that CNN was correct in reporting this phony news?

And is it news? Since when is a rumor "news?"

It shows how easily the broadcast news machine is being manipulated. There they are, CNN's most respected journalists live on national television, at the point in the evening with the biggest audience (10-11pm Eastern 7-8pm Pacific) and they are interrupting coverage of the Democratic National Convention to report GOP bullshit fed to them by their GOP "sources".

You could see the strings moving up and down... it was pathetic. They should have gone with the information when they got a press release from the McCain group - but in their slobbering fever to be first they allowed themselves to be manipulated like marionettes.



I kind of remember watching televised conventions where the nominee was not a given when the convention convened. There was truly a reason to watch. Now everything has to be nice and tidy with no evidence of infighting so the conventions (Democrat and Republican) can appear as that important moment of complete unity. To me it's politics and if McCain wants to steal a few moments and CNN is complicit it will still probably do little to change anyone's mind for whom they plan to vote. It's gamesmanship. In light of what is really accomplished at these conventions in the eyes of the TV audience, these gatherings really mean little.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Absolutely agree, Dave. The convention is no longer a matter of deciding the candidate as much as rallying the troops in the field (delegates) and a dog and pony show for the party, and a chance to sell themselves to the public.

I'm just bewildered by CNN's willingness to be lead around by the nose last night.

In the Democratic primary the media were cheerleading Obama on, and I was disgusted by that blatant bias, but now they are literally being lead around and told what to report and when to report it (in the case I cite above at least) and last night's "reports" were lies meant by the opposition to steak air time away from the Dems. And CNN swallowed it whole



Lee Ward:

Oh come on Lee. Some newscasters slobber all over Obama and you know who they are. Some dance to the tune of the other side. I dare to say Obama has more "News Ho's" in his pocket than the Repubs. If you are going to have a corrupt, self serving media to match a corrupt, self serving political class, how do you change it by complaining about one side (or the other)?

Obama is NOT the annointed one. He is a product of the Chicago machine, which means politician. So is McCain. This is the way it works. If you want real change, you start by seeing with clear eyes who these people really are instead of who you want them to be. Great rhetoric does not equate to the ability to govern, as JFK and Carter proved.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I cited a specific example of CNN bias -- where they were being led by the noise by their Republican sources - and made to tell lies on-air.

Feel free to give a specific example of anything you'd like. You seem big on waving your arms in the air and snorting, and short on facts.


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