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Nothing But Net

Tonight's the night for Barack's biggest speech ever, and I'm confident that the satisfying "swish" of a three-point shot catching 'nothing but net' will emerge at some point during Obama's oratory. Listen for it tonight and we can compare notes tomorrow.

There's no question that Barack Obama has earned this shot. His primary campaign was masterful, and his fundraising ability second to none. He still needs to push more details of his plans forward, and should do so outlining the differences between Democratic and Republican platforms. Many of the "on the edge" voters who the polls show are vacillating back and forth between Obama and McCain are those who cannot be won over by flowery oratory, but are waiting and watching for Obama's demonstrative ability to lead. It's still his game to lose and there's still enough time left to lose it.

And in all fairness to the opposition party, I'm resisting drawing acerbic comparisons between the Democratic nominee and his senile, doddering, war-mongering, mud-slinging, swiftboating, maverick-turned-sidekick "can't remember how many houses I own" opponent...

Barack Obama stands on some pretty tall shoulders tonight. It's been an outstanding convention. Home run after home run. Hillary rose to the top of her game, as did Bill Clinton and Joe Biden.

But Obama plays a different game, and tonight I'll listen for the "swish" of the net moment that tells me Barack Obama has what it takes to emerge on top in November.

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Comments (3)

Ray H.:

It's amazing Lee, in one paragraph you finally hit the nail on the head about Obama needing "to push more details of his plans forward, and should do so outlining the differences between Democratic and Republican platforms." I couldn't agree more.

But then in the next paragraph you ruin it when you say you'll resist the urge to making "acerbic comparisons", but in your underhanded way you did it anyway.

It clear to me, and I assume others as well, that we still have no idea his position on many things. He doesn't have a long history for us to reflect upon and his change slogan is so vague as to not mean anything at all.

Larry Summers:

Obama's speech wasn't about change. There was not ONE single position or proposal that hasn't been part of the Democratic Liberal Machine's mantra for the past twenty years.

The ONLY difference was the spellbinding ability of Obama to state his case and the simple fact that many of the people listening have zero institutional memory, so they didn't know they were hearing the same old stuff, some of it going as far back as Carter.

I must admit that I was fooled for a few minutes. It was as if I had never heard some of his stuff before. Obama is a really, really great speaker and salesman. Then, during a pause, a "Ding" went off in my head and I realized that I was being conned.

It was interesting that the audience did seem as animated as some of the previous audiences have been while sitting at the foot of the throne.

Larry Summers
Winters, TX

Larry Summers:

Meant to say "Didn't seem as animated."


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