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Analyzing Palin's Pantsuit-ability Factor?

What makes Sarah Palin more qualified than Joe Liebermann and Mitt Romney?

Besides the fact that she can wear a pantsuit, and appeal to disgruntled Clinton supporters...

Is it her experience as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska -- where she had to deal with the occasional rogue moose? Does that give her the experience to deal with a maverick like John McSame?

Seriously... I don't see where Palin is more experienced than Liebermann or Romney - do you?

Related: "McCain's VP Pick Palin Facing Ethics Investigation" - link

Neither Liebermann or Romney are dragging around a boat anchor like an ethics investigation.

Palin also acknowledged that her staff had contacted Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan about two dozen times about Wooten. Monegan himself was fired July 11 (the dismissal was "out of the blue," he told reporters) and he later said that he was pressured by Palin's staff and family to get rid of Wooten, a trooper based in Palmer, Alaska.

I ask again -- why was this a better choice than Liebermann or Romney -- besides the "pantsuit-ability" factor?

Update: More Anchorage (get it - "boat anchor" and Anchorage, Alaska!) for Palin. McCain's marketing polls must tell him that Palin's downs syndrome child may win him a vote or two... but...

From the Washington Post blog comment thread here:

As a special education teacher, I read with interest that Sarah Palin is the mother of an infant with Down Syndrome. I then read that she returned to work when the baby was 3 days old. This was presented as "wow! Look at this go-getter!", and I, along with many other parents, think this is a major negative.

Much will be made of Palin's "Motherhood" as the John McCain sells out his principles and good judgment and slavishly follows the polls and the urgings of the religious right -- placing himself and his election above the interests of the nation.

She is not better qualified than Joe Liebermann and Mitt Romney, but she'll deliver a few extra votes in getting John McSame into the White House for four more years, and in the end... that's all that matters to John McCain.

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Comments (13)

Sarah Palin will be hard pressed to prove to female voters that she is indeed a legitimate candidate for vice president of real substance compared to the heavy substance of Hillary Clinton as just one example, and not just some wholly patronizing move similar to the absurd nomination of Clarence Thomas to replace the lifetime substance of Justice Thurgood Marshall. In 1988 the Republicans chose Dan Quayle, and suggested that female voters would support him because he looked sort of like Pat Sajak from WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

With John McCain's age and history of health problems there is a real possibility that Sarah Palin could become president. She's even younger and has far less government experience than Barack Obama. Is Sarah Palin ready to become president?

The McCain Campaign has been run like amateur night so far with absurd choices given responsibility and failing the campaign miserably resulted in a number of resignations and embarrassments for the campaign. Sarah Palin may indeed just be the latest example that John McCain is unable to delegate responsibility to competent persons to run a viable campaign or a White House.

Compared to the quality team of Barack Obama and Joe Biden who are certainly determined and more than ready to lead, the McCain-Palin team clearly is the weaker of the two teams in every critical regard of leadership and judgment.

John S:

"She's even younger and has far less government experience than Barack Obama..."

Sarah Palin is a governor of a large state with two international borders. Look up "governor" in the dictionary. They run states, states that have a Senate and a Legislature. Obama has never as much as run a McDonalds.

"Is Sarah Palin ready to become president?" She's the only one of the four actually qualified to be president. Senators don't run things. And you have to go back to Warren Harding to find someone as woefully unprepared as Obama.

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, I don`t think a pantsuit would be the appropriate style for Palin. She still looks in remarkably good shape which may be one of the reasons she was chosen. Normally, when you `apply` for a high executive position your are supposed to have a pretty good idea of what the job you are being checked out for entails. From the interview you linked to:

Palin: "As for that VP talk all the time, I'll tell you, I still can't answer that question (about the possibility of becoming McCain's ticket mate) until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day?"

And now that she could be heartbeat away from having the most important job in the world she might just as well be asking, "What is it exactly that the President does every day?" It doesn`t exactly... inspire confidence in Palin, or McCain for choosing her.


Boy, I'm so glad you guys are wetting your pants over SARAH PALIN!! Your "lack of experience, seconds from disaster" whining is music to my "right wing, conservative, pro life" ears!!! As if your boy, the chosen one, has experience (143 days in the senate, during which time he's been effectively running for office; state senator who rode in on the backs of rezko, ayers, wright, pflager, and the Great Daley Machine, a known bastion of clean politics) Oh yes, Biden, Mr. mouth, who hasn't held a real job in his life (and as I have heard, Obambi hasn't even run a McDonalds)
God, but I love your meltdown!!!!!


Leave us be fair. Obama has never run a McDonalds, BUT he has run his campaigns and by any measure done a credible executive job. He gets results for his money and he did a better job than Hillary, who was woeful at running anything but her mouth.

Speaking of which, somebody said Senators don't run things. Yea they do. They run their mouths, just ask anyone who has ever had to actually LISTEN to one like Joe Biden, who is famous for a loose lip and being somewhat of a windbag.

Obama also ran a fund operation that was supposed to be about education. The fund raiser was Ayers, well known home grown terrorist. Obama was the front, Ayers was the money guy, I think from the Annenberg Foundation. I have often wondered how Ayers got his job as a professor at Univ of Ill. Guess he knows where some bodies are. More coming out on this one and the Obama campaign is so paranoid about it, they have activated the attack machine.

Palin is a natural leader. She was called Sarah Barracuda by her teammates who she led to a State Championship, playing on a bum foot. I can see the retread Chuck Norris jokes wonking up all over the place. Sarah Palin is a serious piece of work. And she carries her baby around while she is working. So much for those who say she has abandoned him.

Now all of that said, some governors are a big deal like in Alaska, while others have limited powers like in Texas. Each year, Governors appoint a Chairman for the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, which is a big deal and the Chairman for 2008 is Sarah Palin. Check it out and see which states are members.

Not everyone likes her. In politics, that is impossible. She currently has an approval rating of 76% and has had as high as 90%.

Obama keeps talking up change. Yet he choose Biden, which hardly addresses change. And of course he is clever and lets whoever is listening think that the change Obama is talking about is their own pet thing.

More political hot air.

On the other hand, Palin actually DID change a bunch of stuff when she got elected. Of interest is that she RAISED taxes on the oil companies. Guess the Obama Campaign didn't do their fact checking before they talked about her being in the pocket of oil companies. She also got a law passed to cancel BP's pipeline for gas through Canada and at the same time set up a commission to make sure that a new contract would pass all sorts of ethical standards.

Hopefully Palin has more judgement than her sister, who married a State Trooper who had three previous trips down the aisle. The guy was a real "Guy," tasering his step son, among other stuff. The is a bit of "TrooperGate" going over whether Palin fired the Public Safety Director because of he wouldn't fire the trooper or whatever.

The Obamaniacs are going nuts over this pick by McCain. I think it is funny.

You makes your pick and takes your chances.



Palin has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined.
The "ethics investigation" has thus far shown she is actually the "victim" and has done absolutely no wrongdoing.
Palin's husband is very much a part of taking care of the children. Also, Palin brought her baby (and nanny) to work so she could be sure to continue breastfeeding the baby.
Palin has done wonders for Alaska, she is very intelligent, has integrity, is a quick learner, has accomplished much (more than Obama, and she's younger!).


All of a sudden, democrats think experience matters?


If there are any democratic party officials reading this, please - I'm begging you....wait, Im daring you to try and make Palins comparative job experience a campaign issue.

Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

All that Obama hopes to accomplish is in the future. Palin has history. She is an actual refomer no just someone who gives great speeches about reform. There is, Lee, quite a difference between talking about doing something and really having done it. But then we must remember Jay Tea is the doer, you are but a contributer. And that was to get your BS off Wizbang proper.


What is the difference between a community organizer and a mayor?

The community organizer asks the Mayor for money.

Sy Bonem:

This amazing woman is the Dems worst nightmare
and bashing her is just pathetic. Whatever the outcome of the 08 election, she will be the President in 2012. All of you Socialists can laugh all you want, but it's only because you're as usual, blind to the fact that this a
conservative country and this woman's story will resinate as soon as the country gets to know her.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Palin against Clinton in 2012 -- bring it on.

And I think you hit the real "maverick" move that McCain made here - he broke the glass ceiling in the Republican party and gave them an female surrogate throw up against Clinton in 2012.

And maybe in 2012 Palin will have proven herself presidential -- she hasn't yet, and won't in time for this election.

But maybe McCain didn't care, and was setting up the GOP for a better shot in 2012 -- that is quite possible.


It is amusing to see the bedwetting leftists disparage Palin based on her experience as the mayor of a small town. BHO was a "community organizer" for a huge city. Just how do the two communities compare? What are the comparative results of the two public school systems? How many kids were murdered for their sneakers in that Alaskan small town? What were the drop out rates? SAT scores? How many murderous street gangs thrive in the small town? I predict that the big city will not compare favorably to the small town. I'm certain that Madame Mayor organized her community with vastly higher success. I'm willing to bet that 99% of the small town public school students know American Geography better than the Harvard blunderer.


I think there are two types of politicians best suited for the Presidency/Vice-Presidency:

1) Legislators. Why? Because they are used to how the government really works: compromise. That way, all components of American are heard and accounted for. McCain and Obama both fall into this category.

2) A centrist executive. Why? Because executive politicians (i.e. Governors, Agency heads) are USED to getting what they want, and so an ideologue executive will destroy the compromise balance of America (i.e. Bush Jr.). A centrist one will inherently make compromises. Clinton and Bush Sr. fall into this category.

I don't care about experience that much, I think judgment is more important (otherwise, if I absolutely required experience, I wouldn't vote for Obama). But the attacks on Palin make complete sense. The Republicans only argument that was gaining any traction was "experience." So what does McCain go and do, pick someone with even less experience than Barack. It's now funny to watch those same people use the same arguments pro-Obama people use to defend Palin. I was going to analyze their respective experience, but there's no point because if you decide she's more experienced than Barack, you wont be swayed by numbers.


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