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Well, he's Made his Choice, But for the Rest of Us...

A television ad released today by the Obama campaign, airing now on national Cable TV:


McCain first met Palin only six months ago and had just one conversation with the Alaska governor before offering her the vice presidential slot on the Republican ticket, the Arizona senator's campaign said Friday.

The move appears to be a marked departure for McCain, a man with a tendency to surround himself with a close circle of advisers and politicians with whom he has long felt comfortable.

ONE conversation, and she's McCain's pick. Anyone doubting that she was chosen for her gender instead of her qualifications is crazy.

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You libs don't know your own minds (the % of liberals in therapy far surpasses the % of republicans) so don't pretend that you are smart enough to know ours.

That she is a woman is great because it defeats the typical liberal "us against them" plot to divide Americans based on class, race or sex. We got shadenfreud over the verbal tip-toes you idiots had to do when you had one of your preferred minority class types going against a woman. All your race / sex baiting was a hoot to watch. Now we can watch you trip on your own petards for 60 more days.

What excites the base is that she is not afraid to take on the fat cat corrupt old boys who are the ruin of the conservative brand. That is her #1 qualification.

Steve Crickmore:

The reason McCain had only spoken to Palin once, before last Thursday was that McCain had decided all along his veep choice was to be Joe Lieberman ...until the last moment, when Karl Rove stepped in, and phoned Joe Lieberman and told Lieberman to desist..I wonder what powers of persuasion Rove had used in dealing with McCain as well.

So now the MaCain/Palin team, with Rove as the power behind the throne, is going to be instrumental in reforming Washington D.C. The Republican supporters, 2008 version must be joking, surely!

"ONE conversation, and she's McCain's pick. Anyone doubting that she was chosen for her gender instead of her qualifications is crazy."

This is of course completely false. Hearing you guys crow about Palin's gender when it can be just as easily argued that your POTUS candidate was picked for his race instead of his qualifications hasn't stopped being funny though, so don't let me stop you.



It looks like they made that commercial weeks ago and just plugged in pictures of Palin to make it look like they just made it after his choice.

Funny stuff.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I think this is a very effective ad. And yes, Baggi - Palin brings nothing new to the table with McCain other than insulting pandering to women and a reinforcement that he's an "off the reservation" maverick... which he was looking pretty weak at as he flip-flopped on offshore drilling, social-security, etc...

Now he's "cut against the grain" of the GOP and made a stupid mistake without consulting party leaders -- revel in the 15 seconds of "Maverick John McCain" that'll get in the press.

The more we know about Palin the worst her choice appears to be -- and man, that's what'll stick to McCain long after "he's such a Maverick!" has faded away....


Or so you hope, anyway.

Don't mistake hope for analysis.


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