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45 Minutes that Changed the Direction of our Nation

August 28, 2008

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Oh darn, and I didn't watch it.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

It'll be linked here until November. Surely you'll want to spend an hour finding out why the majority of the nation is choosing Obama, right epador?

I'll spend 20 hours before, during, and around the Republican convention wathcing and reading media coverage and convention speeches -- are you seriously so uninterested in the issues that you'd prefer to paint Obama as someone unqualified or with a bad platform instead of investing 45 minutes to see what the man has to say?

Uninformed voters are the Republican base. Break the mold, eppie...


45 mins?

It seemed a lot longer.


I agree, he gives a great speech. I especially liked the background trying to make it look like he's just outside the White House in the Rose Garden. Didn't go well with a lectern that seemed to be built out of left over siding from Home Depot.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

True - I noticed the same thing. A modern podium against the historic background. It's a simple effort to say "change"....

"45 mins? It seemed a lot longer."

Good for you, LN - -at least you watched it all the way through. I'd bet less than 10% of Republican voters bothered to do the same.


Will somebody tell me how you can be anti abortion but pro gun and death penalty?

bobby b:

"Will somebody tell me how you can be anti abortion but pro gun and death penalty?"

- - -

Oh, sure. Easy. I'm what you would call "pro-gun", and what I would call "respectful of all precepts of the Constitution, not just the ones that are convenient and fun for me", and so I recognize that the people who established our constitutional form of government were specifically setting up a philosophical scheme that valued the individual over the state, over the group, and over ideology. If the individual is the highest-valued entity, it stands to reason that the individual always retains the right to protect herself when others, individually or in groups or acting "in the name of the people" attempt to do her harm. Thus, my natural right to arm myself IN DEFENSE has never been ceded to my limited-powers government.

I also recognize that there are good things and good acts and good intentions, and there are bad things and bad acts and bad intentions. I know the difference, almost instinctively. So do you. When someone has made a choice to do something bad to someone else, I feel no moral pressure to leave them to enjoy what they've done. If someone does something so bad that it meets a consensual threshhold of badness, then, partially as that retained right to protect myself, I can see killing that person. He won't do it again, his body hanging on our castle gate will warn others to avoid his actions, and his victim (or her survivors) might feel better, which at that point counts in my mind a whole lot more than how the perp feels.

But, ripping a kid out of her mom's womb? Piece by piece? You'd better show me some heinous act committed by that fetus first.

As a major part of the social compact, I promise not to kill you unless you violate some major societal value that normally, and predictably, brings about legal-system prosecution and a possible death sentence, but if you think that you can bypass that requirement at your own whim - that you can simply kill babies with impunity with no moral judgment made about them individually - then please remember that old saying about living by a sword and dying by one.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sounds like bobby b is one of those abortion-doctor snipers -- or at least Bobby would defend those who kill abortionists -- am I right, Bobby?


I just want to point out one thing regarding "gun control" and "2nd amendment rights" from a Constitutional perspective. The text of the 2nd amendment (which is typically abridged to only include the second part) actually states:

"A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

The original purpose of the amendment, both from an original intent perspective or a textualist perspective is exactly what it says, the right to bear arms is protected within the context of a well-regulated militia. Thus, based on the text, there actually is no Constitutional right for personal gun ownership (say, for sport).

HOWEVER, I recognize that over the last century (at least) we've come to understand an implied version of the amendment which DOES guarantee the right to personally own firearms for our own personal interests. As such, I agree that the right to bear arms for personal interest IS protected (with limitations... this is after all an implied right). But again, this is an implied right.

Curiously, abortion rights are also implied. How do we pick and choose which implied rights we will follow?

It was a masterpiece of a speech in which Obama proved that will mold his presidency in the traditions of Roosevelt and Kennedy.

The last real great president from Illinois; Abraham Lincoln.

By comparison, John McCain chose a under-qualified religious right personality best known for opposing Gay rights and abortion, compared to the widespread vision of Barack Obama to address widespread economic and foreign policy issues with excellent judgment. It was a real tale of two campaigns with one ticket clearly inferior and not up to real challenges at hand confronting the U.S.

One party is clearly ready to rule and improve America, while the other is only up to the task of continuing the ruination from the last eight years.


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