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Republicans Planning to Capitalize on American Suffering in New Orleans

Bumped: Republican strategists are already looking for ways to capitalize on the potential suffering of everyday Americans if Gustav hits New Orleans hard.

From Fox News (of course):

Not one word of concern over the safety of the dear folks in New Orleans... and never mind that the focus on Mccain in New Orleans would draw precious safety workers away from helping everyday citizens.... instead it's time to stage the next John McCain photo op.

To hell with the welfare of Americans... they've got an election to win.

Morris asks "How much alike can Bush and McCain be?" Well, let's look back at where John McCain was three years ago when the full weight of Katrina's devastation was still bearing down of the poor people of New Orleans. (h/t Newshounds)

While floods ravaged New Orleans in August 2005,
Bush and McCain celebrated McCain's birthday in Arizona.

Update: Efforts are being made by Republican surrogates to minimize the impact of the atrocities suggested by the GOP strategist in that news clip above with the use of the following clip.

Naturally they are quoting only a portion of what Moore says, leaving out where he wishes no harm come to anyone and then underscores the arrogance of McCain and Bush literally eating cake while New Orleans citizens drowned. (the bolded portion below is the part being left out of right wing blog quotes)

I was just thinking that, uh, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in Heaven -- that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for Day One of the Republican Convention in the Twin Cities at the top of the Mississippi River. I mean certainly I hope no one gets hurt and I hope everybody is taking cover.

I don't know if you showed the cake there 3 years ago today with McCain and Bush -- when Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake I think she was speaking figuratively -- they literally were while New Orleans was drowning, eating cake. I don't know -- let's hope things get better.

By leaving out the portion where Moore wishes no harm come to anyone, the right wing liars are painting a picture that isn't true.

Ain't that a surprise...

Bu the suggestion in the first clip -- that McCain visit New Orleans despite the impact that would have on public safety personnel who would be drawn away from rescue and relief efforts to support McCain's motorcade and staged photo ops, is nothing short of amazing.

Do these people have no souls? Or is their hatred of black Americans so great? Or is their love of God and (GOP) country so blinding that they do not see the message they are preaching?

These are the people who have led this country's government for the last 8 years -- and a change is needed.

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Comments (24)


It's more accurate to say "Democrat suffering" than American.

So it's no big deal.


Actually this would be a great chance to contrast what happens in Louisiana now, with a competent Governor in charge, with what happened 3 years ago with Kathleen Blanco.

Oh, and perhaps it would also be a great chance to highlight the fact that Congressional Democrats haven't done shit for the thousands of Floridians who were flooded out by hurricane Fay last week.

And where are the celebrities? Where is Sean Penn? Doesn't he care about all the flooding in Florida? Oh, that's right -- he's in Denver watching Barack Obama being appointed Emperor. Silly me.


I am so sick of New Orleans and the Katrina disaster. For years now that is all you hear about and how they need so much money and need so much care,need,need. I do not hear anything from all the flooded towns farther north from this year. Don't get me wrong. I lived there for a while and had friends there. I worked in one of the hospitals that got flooded out. I am tired of the whining and constant photo ops for politicians.



Just so you know, I was born and reared in New Orleans. I still have family there. I plan on visiting the city for the first time in several years in October, for my reunion at Tulane.

So unless you are from there, and have relatives there, I have one little suggestion for you.

Shut the f*ck up about your whiny outsider's view of NOLA politics.

Your insistence that Bush should "be there" during the immediate post-disaster recovery phase simply shows that you know absolutely nothing about how any President's presence there would negatively affect recovery operations.

By comparison, your beloved Democrat Party's refusal to allow oil drilling in the USA means that it has no problem with oil coming from other places in the world where governments such as Russia have nowhere near the environmental care or control that the US government has. Which means to me that you simply could care less about people in places like that, because you put their oil into your car when you drive.

So stop whining already about who you pretend to care about.

Because if you hold to your party's failed energy policies, you don't.


Another thing - I could easily spent the next hour typing examples of Democrats and their willing acolytes in the press and Hollywood eagerly exploiting the suffering in New Orleans for political gain in the 2006 elections.

"George W. Bush hates black people."

Lee, do you really want to go there?


Michael Moore: Hurricane Coming During GOP Convention 'Proof There Is a God in Heaven'
Controversial filmmaker admits he's delighted to see a natural disaster potentially interfere with the Republican event.


Imagine, someone hoping to use a disaster for political advantage...
Tsk tsk

Lee Ward:

So you're trying to draw a comparison with Moore's interest in interfering with the GOP convention with the GOP interests expressed in the post above whereby McCain would be interfering with public safety in exchange for a GOP photo op that they hope would erase the damage done to the GOP by George Bush's incompetence over Katrina?

Why don't you just come right out and say it, LiberalNightmare -- "Dem Black folks don't vote Republican anyway!"....

Oh wait - Nehemiah already beat you to it:

It's more accurate to say "Democrat suffering" than American.

So it's no big deal.

You anti-American Republicans amaze me.


Anti-American Republicans? Did you invent that? Socialism is not compatable with the Constitution-PERIOD. You Democrats are nothing but warmed over socialists with a handful of welfare rats thrown in.

And how long are we supposed to pay to support worthless losers after natural disasters? If they are black, do we have to support them for life? And if they are white, like the folks in Iowa, we leave it be? What are the rules?


I dunno Lee, it looks like a pattern of behavior from here - But hey, as long as you folks get a laugh and a little political advantage, who cares about
a little ol natural disaster?

Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler Yuks it Up over Gustav Heading for New Orleans

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

If Karl Rove could have summoned up an earthquake to shut down the Democratic convention he would have.

Still, there is a big difference between enjoying the possibility that news attention on Gustav will draw valuable air time away from coverage of the Republican convention, and flying John McCain into a disaster zone so he can pose for pictures which will hopefully erase bad memories of Republican bungling over Katrina.

but I'll admit Fowler's comment smells like butt...


Still, there is a big difference between enjoying the possibility that news attention on Gustav will draw valuable air time away from coverage of the Republican convention, and flying John McCain into a disaster zone so he can pose for pictures which will hopefully erase bad memories of Republican bungling over Katrina.

Well I guess you liberals can find a silver lining even in a hurricane cloud.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Republican strategists obviously can. Look at the way Morris gleefully counts off the ways Gutav could help McCain -- actually suggesting a course of action for McCain would weaken public safety efforts.


lee. you are an idiot. dick morris is a democrat.

Lee Ward:

Dick Morris was a Democrat, and he got pissed at the Clintons and went over to the dark side many years ago, ke.

From Dick Morris.com:

McCain has reached for the stars and grabbed one. On a recent cruise to Alaska, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Sarah Palin. She is brilliant and articulate and, in Alaska politics, is a breath of fresh air as an alternative to their corruption epitomized by Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens. Now Obama, who has spent two years preventing a woman from being president, will spend two months preventing one from becoming vice president - and hopes to do so with women votes.

Does he sound like a Democratic strategist?

Peddle your lies (and insults) elsewhere, Ke -- they're not welcomed here - but Wizbang will welcome bullshit like that -- or is that where you picked up the lie?


Interesting that you should headline this as "Republicans Planning to Capitalize...".

The speaker is Dick Morris. You know, the political advisor to that great Republican Bill Clinton!

You guys are morons.


And don't forget THIS famous Republican discussing how to capitalize on Gustav:


That REPUBLICAN John Fowler of SC.

Umm, ooops. Maybe he isn't a Republican. Actually, he is a Democrat. But he SOUNDS like a Republican, right. Isn't that enough.

Again, morons.


How many times have we seen this? First an attack then an "only kidding" tagline. Nobody sane is buying that.

Lee Ward:

And they counter by pulling a quote from Michael Moore, conveniently stopping the quote where Moore says he hopes nobody is hurt... then claiming that Moore is celebrating the pain of New Orleans citizens.

Hey, their president lied to us for 8 long years, no reason why they can't lie too, right?


you insult conservatives and republicans all the time with lies and smears. i insult you with the truth.

oh, and you accused me of lying about something. which lie was it that i told?

so because dick morris likes palin for going against the corrupt republicans in alaska, that makes him a republican? or at least not a democrat?

and he complains about how obama was stopping a woman from getting the nomination for pres by the democrats? wow. that's just so, so...republican ;)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

He's employed by Fox News, Ke - wake up and smell his lying red underwear - he's a Republican.


oh my god, lee. i was wrong. you're not an idiot. you're insane. you are honestly saying that because he works for Fox news that he is automatically a liar and automatically a republican? where do you come up with this shit?

Lee Ward:

Dick Morris is a conservative pundit on the payroll of Fox News.

Here's the conservative "Human Events" website (home of Ann Coulter) with an index titled Dick Morris - Conservative Articles:" See title at the very top of the web page browser).

Here's the first link on that page, a column from Dick Morris praising Rush Limbaugh.

Here's a brief quote from column: "Now that the wind blows at my back - no longer in my face - Rush sure comes in handy when its time to put the liberals in their place. There is, quite simply, nobody like him.[...]

Honoring Rush for his contributions to America is not an empty exercise. At this moment, the liberal forces that hope to come to power with Barack Obama are set on a course to destroy the very institution that Rush founded - talk radio."

Honoring Rush is a distinctly conservative trait, ke_future. Did you catch the "now that the wind has changed" metaphor for his change of political party?

You were welcome at any time to post any links whatsoever showing that I was wrong, and instead you repeatedly trolled this comment thread hurling insults. Tsk, tsk, I thought you'd been around long enough to know better -- but I'm happy to reward your trolling with your official "look, I'm a troll" sign, ke-future - wear it proudly.

Everyone knows this guy is a conservative who used to - a decade ago, used to work for the Clintons. All you have to do is watch the video and you'll see he's dead serious about his suggestion.

But as always, some folks can't disagree in a civil manner.

"lee. you are an idiot"

"you insult conservatives and republicans all the time with lies and smears. i insult you with the truth. "

"oh my god, lee. i was wrong. you're not an idiot. you're insane"

and no facts to back up your claim he's not a conservative -- just insults. Cya!


Sorry bloviators, Morris is a Republican. He said so for anybody who wants to check the facts before they spout off. Do a google. The reality is that he is an opportunist who works for whoever pays him, which is obvious by his track record.

Lee Ward:

I suspect ke_future knew that all along -- but with all of the upsetting news last Friday and through this weekend, lying and suggesting otherwise was the best he could do in defense of the monumental mistakes made by Republicans in the last 4-5 days.

What an implosion.


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