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Sarah (Heath) Palin on Sports!

In the Wizbang Blue "Entertainment Category" we present Miss Alaska second-place runner-up Sarah Palin (then Sarah Heath).

Heath-Palin also dabbled in sportcasting for a while, proving that she could read a teleprompter as well or better than GOP hopeful Fred Thompson -- the religious right's chosen one for a few months back in late 2007 and early 2008.

Conservative TV evangelists are pushing voters towards TV personalities like Fred Thompson and beauty-queen turned-sportscaster turned-politician Sarah Palin. Interesting....

What does that say about "red country" ideals? The TV-types like Dobson know how to persuade television viewers to move in ways beneficial to the evangelists... and here we see they seek out and support the same abilities in their politicians.

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So, let me get this straight, seriously, because my abs are starting to ache from laughing. Johnny McSame and his team of thugs had 7 months to mull over and vet potential GOP running mates, and they come up with Sarah Palin, currently under investigation by the Republican-controlled Alaska congress for ethics violations.

Jesus, are there really no non-crooks in the Republican party?

Fast-forward a month ahead to the Vice Presidential debate, about half an hour in.

(A visibly shaken Palin has a white-knuckle grip on both sides of the podium, just hoping to God she can get through the last question.)

MODERATOR: I'll ask you first, Sen. Biden. What values do you feel you bring to the office of VP of the United States?

BIDEN: (chuckles) Well, between the two of us here on stage, I'm the one not currently under investigation for abuse of power.

(Palin bursts into tears and runs from the podium.)

Robert Smith:

I'm guessing you don't have any video of Obama being a community organizer.



This is a serious question. Is there anyone here who is personally familiar with what a community organizer does? What would you say are generally the top three priorities for community organizers?


Where are all the vids of Obama teaching at Harvard?


This is what you have? This what you base your opinion of Palin? If this is all,you are really weak. No wonder they are having to make so much up.

Funny thing is that at least(as it has been pointed out above) there is something to show of Palins. At least there are records. Where are Obama's? As for Biden,didn't someone once warn never to get between Biden and a camera?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Wait till we start rolling out Palin's beauty pageant photos guys -- you'll be wishing you had films of Obama robbing banks at that point.


The really funny thing that you do not seem to understand,you make Palin look better with this stuff. You make her look more personable and identifiable with the american people than the elitist Obama. He has to continually define and refine his story for everyone. She doesn't have to do anything. You sharpen the difference between his out-of-touch celebrity with her girl-next-door life.

By all means...keep going.


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