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Saved By The Storm

Republicans had a golden opportunity to showcase speeches by Bush and Cheney on Monday at their convention and wake the nation up the fact that John McCain is just like them, but then hurricane Gustav ruined all of that and cancelled most of the GOP business for Monday.

Nothing would have been better to dash the hopes of John McCain in the eyes of many voters than to see plenty of Bush and Cheney at their convention telling the nation just how much McCain is like them and would only continue most of their own ruinous policies that are leaving Americans with sky high energy bills and gas, war, home foreclosures, rampant food inflation, extreme health care costs and numerous other serious problems. Bush and McCain's blessing of McCain would have been the perfect Judas' kiss to wake voters up about McCain. But nature had other ideas.

Interestingly, at least 10% of major GOP lawmakers including many incumbent senators such as Gordon Smith of Oregon were deliberately avoiding the GOP convention because they didn't need any association with Bush and Cheney to thwart their scant chances at re-election. And the McCain Campaign lacked the common sense to ask Bush and Cheney to stay away. There is nothing positive either can do for McCain other than drag him down with their own basement digging low poll numbers.

But the storm which looks likely to cause serious property damage to the Southern U.S. has forced the GOP to set aside partisan politics for the day and to join all Americans in sympathy for the possible effects of this disaster on the lives and property of many persons who have already suffered great loss before.

The McCain Campaign certainly dodged a real disaster of their own making when Bush and Cheney had to cancel their Monday speeches which would have such a damning endorsement of John McCain that you'd think that the Democrats could not have bought any better negative advertising for the McCain convention as this could have brought.

After his completely goofy choice and under qualified for a vp running mate who looks like comic Tina Fey playing a SNL character, and a particularly troubled campaign riddled with resignations and conflicts of interest from too many lobbyists, John McCain really could have used the endorsements of Bush and Cheney to really set the whole mess rolling of a cliff into a complete electoral disaster. But alas, it was not to be.

Voters should really be wise enough to realize that the next four years of a McCain rule would certainly look an awful lot like the last eight years of Bush-Cheney rule. But the appearances of Bush and Cheney endorsing the McCain ticket would have really helped any Doubting Thomas's out there actually sitting on fence who have not realized this fact for some odd reason. There could not possibly be any better damning praise possible.

Yes, indeed sometimes Mother Nature disappoints.

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Comments (12)

Ray H.:

If Palin is under qualified to be VP, then Obama is definitely not qualified to be President.

Ray H, Barack Obama's excellent acceptance speech as well as every debate and campaign appearance have so far proven that he has a grasp of any major issue and can answer any question by the public or journalists with an informed opinion on any major topic that is put to him. In addition, Obama had to win over support from a wide range of voters in order to be elected from a large state like Illinois with a population of 12.8 million persons, and Chicago the third largest city in the U.S. at 2.8 million by a landslide vote. Obama was elected by 70% to 27% margin over his Republican opponent, the biggest landslide in the history of the large state of Illinois.

By contrast, Sarah Palin has proven that she was able to be elected mayor in a small town of just 9,000 persons or to narrowly be elected governor in a tiny state of just 670,000 persons. Palin won with just 48.3% of the vote. Many of Palin's known positions on issues are largely small fringe issues of interest to some Christian conservatives such as opposition to Gay rights, abortion, teaching creation in schools, teacher led school prayer, or other issues that have not proven that she has any grasp of national issues so far. In the event of a national emergency, would you want former small mayor Sarah Palin with her finger on the nuclear red button, or having to deal with Vladimir Putin of Russia, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, or a Kim Jong-Il of North Korea. So far Palin hasn't even proven the ability to control her 17 year-old teenage daughter from getting pregnant, let alone proven any ability to manage the world in a crisis if she would suddenly become president. If Palin cannot even control her household, then how is she capable or keeping your household secure? She's simply a poor choice when hundreds of far more qualified choices were available to John McCain including many women, if that was to be a qualification as well.


I do agree that Obama seems to have a grasp of most of the issues.

At least, he understands the issues that arent above his paygrade.


"So far Palin hasn't even proven the ability to control her 17 year-old teenage daughter from getting pregnant,...."
Good one Hooson, I hope you don't classify yourself as a man.

Dave, Mr. Obama has offered a pretty good definition for men not to get young women pregnant and leave them alone with a child. The Obama definition for manhood was taking a little responsibility for a change.

Naturally some like Jesse Jackson who fathered a child out of wedlock due to an affair was outraged at Obama's statement.

Ray H.:

You're right Paul, Obama has proven he knows how to give a speech. But he has limited experience making actual decisions when it matters, where as Palin has been in executive level roles making decisions that effect other people. Yes, one role was for 9,000 people, but that's still 9,000 more people than Obama can say he's had executive responsibility for.

You can't claim she's not experienced enough when it's even questionable that your candidate is as experienced.


With all due respect, Paul, I appreciater your clarification but it seems to have nothing to do with your original comment as Palin as a suitable mother. Your explanation would seem more apropos to the young man who is the father. If Palin provides love, understanding and support for her daughter, in my mind, irrespective of her political proclivities, she is being a good parent. I believe Mr. Obama himself would feel your comment was inappropriate.

Steve Crickmore:

Personally, I don`t think Palin`s 17 year old daughter being pregant should be an issue, other than pointing up the `wisdom` of her mother being strongly against explicit sex-education being taught in school, in face of the reality of contemporary America.

Cheney`s daughter being gay and giving birth as a single mother, was even more surprisingly, (even with a female partner) didn`t raise too much controversy, so I not sure why this should.


Lee at the Palin as sportscaster thread mentioned footage of Obama robbing banks. I haven't been able to find it on youtube. Does anyone know where that can be found?

If not, that's okay as I know those who support him believe that he would have done it to distribute it for the community -- you know, "community organizer". But what I would really like to have is footage of him sucking at basketball -- that I think would do severe damage to how hip he is. Anyone have that type of footage?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yes at Steve: As a social conservative I'm sure Sarah Palin would like to legislate contraception out of high school sex ed and require abstinence-education instead -- and this is the result you get.

I suspect Bristol Palin would have been horrified to go down to Planned Parenthood to get condoms.

With respect to HIV Aids, unprotected sex is more dangerous than protected sex, and preaching abstinence is only a good answer if the hormones can be kept in check and the kids abstain.

Here we see yet another example where social conservatives are unable to make the right choices when it comes to sex ed - in Bristol's case at least.

And politics aside, Sarah Palin failed, and Bristol's life need not have taken this course.

Fine for the Palins - that's their choice - but I resent Sarah Palin legislating this bad choice onto America's children.

But that's exactly what Sarah Palin wants -- to mandate that other parents follow the same failed course she did.


Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"But what I would really like to have is footage of him sucking at basketball -- that I think would do severe damage to how hip he is. Anyone have that type of footage?"

I'm sure you can find some YouTubes of Obama bowling over at Whizbang, nehemiah. All of the Obama basketball videos I've seen look like this - 3 points - first try.

rodney dill:

Obama did sorta suck at singing in Detroit as he attempted his theme song ♬ Change of Fools

(and yes I do know what the real words to the song are when they are not applied to Obama)


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