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Alaska Independent Investigator's Abuse Of Power Ethics Report On Gov. Palin Due Out In October

Just in time for the election due out in October is the report from the independent investigator in the abuse of power investigation of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. A bipartisan committee of the Alaskan legislature voted 12 to 0 to investigate Palin after she fired Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan after it was learned that Wooten had refused to fire a state trooper who had been involved in a messy divorce with Palin's sister.

Palin certainly had the power as Governor to fire the Public Safety Commissioner if reasonable grounds existed. However, the situation regarding Palin's sister's divorce and some inconsistent statements by Governor Palin call into question the real reasons for this firing. In fact, Governor Palin had used her Chief Of Staff, Mike Tibbles, her husband, the state's Attorney General and herself to contact Public Safety Commissioner Monegan no less than 24 times in regards to complaints about Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten. Wooten had been the subject of official discipline before for some conduct in the past. But the divorce situation regarding Palin's sister has certainly raised the issue of ethics in this case.

Governor Palin has attempted to justify the firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan with claims that he did not adequately fill state trooper positions in the state, however Wooten has claimed that state trooper graduating classes have had some of their largest classes within the last several years which indicates that someone here is not being completely honest. The Alaska legislature has decided to get to the bottom of this matter when it authorized the report by the independent investigator into Governor Palin and her office and not the fired Public Safety Commissioner.

If the report turns out favorably for Governor Palin, then it will no doubt clear her name before the election, however a negative report will certainly be damaging right before the election and will certainly call into question any claims that Palin is indeed some sort of a reformer concerned with ethics.

It seems strange that John McCain would choose a running mate who is the subject of an ethics probe of this sort, which if it turns out badly could damage his chances right before the election. But this only proves what a high risk gamble the decision to choose Palin was in addition to her serious lack of experience should she ever become president in the event of some national emergency.

The fact that some former city council member and mayor of a small town of just 9,000 persons could have their finger on the nuclear trigger in the event of a national emergency is a sobering notion when hundreds of far better qualified choices for a running mate were available to McCain, once again speaks volumes about his erratic and strange leadership style. McCain is not so much a "maverick" as he is wild and unpredictable. That's hardly "the steady hand" of leadership that many Americans think of when they think about McCain.

But that's the real John McCain.

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Comments (4)


Uh, where are the facts as opposed to allegations?

Fact: Trooper Wooten is on his fourth marriage to Palin's sister.

Fact: Trooper Wooten tasered his 11 year old stepson.

Fact: Trooper Wooten misused his authority in a bar setting.

Fact: Palin's husband called Modegan because the Trooper in charge of security for the last six Governers TOLD him to.

There are even more facts available on the character of Trooper Wooten if you just check.

Heck, I would have fired Monegan too if he wanted that trooper kept on the payroll.

Fact: Jensen appointed the investigator, who was the DA in Anchorage during Monegan's tenure as Police Chief and whose wife worked for Monegan. So Palin appointed her own investigator and later on, lawyered up.

The real problems with Palin's judgement are 1) she was too nice with Monegan when she fired him and 2) she should have given ALL the real reasons and outlined Wooten's character as one of those reasons, not just the ones she later specified. Maybe there are legal reasons, such as a potential unlawful firing lawsuit by Wooten, who has heretofor been protected by the Trooper's association, for not giving all the details.

Larry, fourth marriage? Pregnant 17 year old daughter? Tasering a 11 year old? Who is this "trailer park" family anyway?

This is a family that could become president in the event of a national emergency. Does this tribe even wear shoes? This bunch makes most welfare families look dignified by comparison.


Hi Paul. Yup, you have nailed it. And yea, they all wear shoes, I guess. But your point begs MY point. Where's the beef (facts)? All I see are allegations. In other words, lying by telling only part of the real story.

Since you bring it up, here is the deal. The blue collar workers in PA and Ohio hold the key to this upcoming election, which is about Electoral College votes. By blue collar, I also mean WOMEN, who hold the balance of power.

Women talk. I mean they TALK and talk and talk, trying to reach a consensus amongst themselves within their own groups. And trust me, they are talking their heads off about Palin. Keep in mind that the talking is going on within social groups. Working women in Ohio could give a hoot what a dolled up talking head on CNN thinks.

And I have a pretty good idea what they are saying and how their values work. But that is for another day. I can't say much in a comment, as I don't want to be slapped down like I have seen happen over on blue (not to me) for saying too much in a comment.


Sorry Paul, I really didn't mean to call you a liar. I don't think you are. I am in the middle of researching an SF writer by the name of Heinlein, who said you could lie by telling the truth in a couple of ways.

Telling only part of the story.

Telling the truth so unconvincingly so everyone thought you were lying.

So I got carried away.

Again, I apologize. Which leads me back to my question, where is the beef? You were trying to make a point that there is more to be learned about Palin. And I think that you are correct in that concept. Be careful what you wish for though.


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