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Republicans in Minnesota Party Through Gustav

Beginning tonight you'll see the GOP present a somber face towards the nation as national television coverage of the GOP Nominating Convention gets underway. The GOP has indicated they will be soliciting donations for the dear folks of New Orleans -- and they told the nation that they had to scale back on the convention so that efforts could be focused on Gustav and it's victims --- but this (see below) is what's really been going on behind the scenes over the last few days.

As a nation watched and prayed over concern for Gustav and the people of New Orleans this last weekend, Republicans and their lobbyists pals partied hard over the weekend, as Gustav bore down on our nation:

Woo Hoo! Raise the roof while the basement floods.

That's good old American GOP values -- where the country comes first, right after the shrimp-on-a-stick and a lobbyist in my back pocket for me, me, me.....

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