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Cindy McCain Plays the Victim Card for Palin

Oooh, these poor conservative women. They are being so abused.

Of course back when Hillary Clinton was making the same complaint these same conservative women slapped Clinton down for whining....

Prospective first lady Cindy McCain tells ABC News' "Good Morning America" she "absolutely" believes sexism is behind critical coverage of her husband's vice presidential pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- even though Palin months ago slammed Hillary Clinton's "perceived whine" in making similar complaints during the Democratic primary.

Speaking to Diane Sawyer, Cindy McCain blasted the overall coverage of Palin as sexist -- and specifically an Us Weekly cover headlined "Babies, Lies and Scandal."

"I think it's insulting," McCain told Sawyer. "I think it's outlandish. And for whatever reason, the media has decided to treat her differently, because, I believe, because she's a woman."

McCain added that she approved of the selection of Palin as her husband's running mate, saying, "It's wonderful" that Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, claiming the campaign "knew about it."

Palin would be wise to not play the victim, and slug it out toe-to-toe, but if "give her a pain pill and prop her up in front of the cameras" Cindy McCain (that's just my little nickname for Cindy the past drug addict) is out front and doing the whinning then this is likely a planned campaign strategy, and we'll be hearing more farumped up conservative women whining that Palin isn't being treated fairly because she's a woman.

Can't wait. Nothing like a hypocrite in full bloom to make you appreciate fall elections....

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Comments (6)

"Palin would be wise to not play the victim, and slug it out toe-to-toe..."

You got what you were asking for.

"give her a pain pill and prop her up in front of the cameras" Cindy McCain (that's just my little nickname for Cindy the past drug addict)

Wow. Great nickname. Obama himself says he used lots of coke, marijuana and alcohol in high school. So what's your nickname for coke snorting, dope smoking, alcohol abusing Barry?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I call Barry "Prez"....

"I call Barry "Prez"...."

Good. With your track record of predictions, it'll never happen. :-)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

McCain seems very concerned it'll happen. That's why he reached for the "shore up the base" pick with gun-totin' Palin.

"McCain seems very concerned it'll happen."

Well, Obama is the Democrat nominee, Captain Obvious.

kathie clark:

I'm a white 53 year old mother and grandmother and an Obama supporter..You go Lee!!..absolutely agree 100%..If you're a woman and you want to play with the big boys , you better wear heavier armor..I know Obama can't do the smearing and he hasn't because he's a gentleman, but I'm surprised at the media's lack of coverage, not only on Cindy's drug use( loved the nick name, LOL) but the fact she was also a thief who stole drugs from her own charity and also the fact that she was "the other woman" in McCain's divorse.I have no respect for either woman and neither is good enough to wipe Hilary Clinton's butt.


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