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Glen Beck Defends Sarah Palin's "White Trash" Family Values

In what had to be the very worst defense for troubled vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family yesterday, former alcoholic turned conservative talk show host Glen Beck referred to himself as "White trash" and argued that there are many "white trash families" in America and Sarah Palin should be vice president because she represents those "White trash" family values in a interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Thanks a lot Glen Beck.

As bad as Glen Beck's defense of Palin actually was, the truth of it is that such a tawdry image of the Palin family is certainly beginning to emerge in the minds of many voters and is already proving to be a real drag on the McCain ticket with new polls indicating falling poll numbers rather than any signs of a early convention bounce.

In all fairness, Palin will have a decent opportunity to state her case tonight in a speech at the Republican Convention. But the image of a trashy and troubled family has already been the main image that most voters have seen so far of this Palin bunch.

So far the story about the Palin bunch has hardly been the story of the "Brady Bunch". Palin's pregnant unmarried teenage daughter has been a main news item for the last two days drowning out most other GOP Convention news. The teenage father's MySpace page was taken down yesterday because of all the obscene and offensive language that proved as yet another embarrassment. It seems that the "F" word is apparently one of his favorite adjectives by far.

This young guy was also in trouble for illegal fishing only last year. Gov. Palin is also involved in an ethics investigation due to her defense of her sister who has been married no less than four times so far. Her sister's former state trooper husband actually tasered their 11 year old son in one claimed domestic incident. Gov. Palin's husband has been arrested for driving under the influence.

And the steady drip-drip of conduct suitable for the very worst of tralier park or carny folk families only continues by the day, not to mention the controversial political issues surrounding this poorly selected vice presidential pick by John McCain. John McCain could not have hardly done any worst with this pick. Right away the troubled vice presidential picks of George McGovern in 1972 and Walter Mondale in 1984 come to mind. The vice presidential pick problems were a main ingredient in both candidates only winning but just one state and the District Of Columbia in the 1972 and 1984 elections. John McCain is also flirting with a looming electoral disaster the longer he hangs on to this troubled vice presidential pick of his and does not request that she leave the ticket.

Where John McCain really went wrong is that Palin's name was not floated around on a short list like several others, which would have allowed for any negative items to surface and McCain could have chosen another less controversial choice. Instead McCain floated the names of some like a Tom Ridge or Mitt Romney like some "Trojan Horse", and nothing really new or startling really surfaced, which meant that these were relatively safe picks, while McCain may have been actually considering someone untested and unproven like a Palin.

But when McCain went for this wild card "Hail Mary" pass candidate when he chose the controversial Palin, there was no real good reason for McCain to make such a politically risky pick. McCain was very close in the polls before he chose Palin, and so far Palin has only depressed McCain's poll numbers as the steady stream of new revelations only makes her into a joke for the late night comics and the gossip talk of the nation for all of the trashy conduct surrounding this family.

McCain might have felt that choosing a female would bring in some Hillary Clinton voters, but the Democrats could have hardly been more united last week at their convention. And so far Palin has only been a damaging choice at worst or a pandering candidate at best. Other than Palin being the same gender as Clinton, there is no similarity, and few Clinton voters are likely to jump on the Palin bandwagon which appears to be losing it's wheels as new troubling revelation surfaces.

It is also doubtful that the news will get any better for Palin as the media seems willing to pile on and find some new dirt every day because this whole Palin issue is only snowballing downhill. The only thing that really works is to open the window and let in some fresh air and give Palin the heave-ho and choose another vice presidential pick who brings a lot less baggage with her. But McCain probably won't do this and instead ride this downbound train all the way into the ground and an election day disaster.

The McCain Campaign has been plagued with numerous problems with poor selections for economic advisers as well as other critical positions, however none has had the important public image problems like the troubled vice presidential pick of Palin so far.

And one of the worst problems for McCain has been the conservative bloggers and the right wing of the Republican Party who only continue to stand behind Palin rather than see the light that she will only mean a near certain McCain defeat in November. Those that continue to stand behind Palin must be too young or too arrogant to remember the 1972 and 1984 electoral disasters of McGovern and Mondale, largely due to their troubled vp selections. But this crowd is into hard core right wing ideology struggles and is blind to political reality grounded in rationality and objectivity.

Well, they'll have four years to think about this looming electoral loss.

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Comments (30)


I actually think that Glen Beck got it right. Palin will appeal to the working middle class. She will also appeal to the women out there with the wife beater shirts and the Daisy Dukes. I just think that it is wrong how the left wing has gone after Palin and here's the problem, the people see this crap and it's going to hurt Obama in the end.


'White trash family values'. Yep, that's just the kind of sophisticated, nuanced commentary that will swing the undecideds your way.


Funny, when you talk about family scandals, "Kennedy" is the first name that comes to mind.

But if you want a stark contrast in family values, compare the utterly cruel treatment of Rosemary Kennedy with the way the Palin family has treated Bristol. Joseph Kennedy had Rosemary lobotomized and then locked away in an institution because he feared she would bring scandal upon his family. And this is how America's (or at least the Democratic Party's) "Royal Family" sets the standard for family values? I'll take the Palin family any day, thanks -- warts and all. Gee, I dunno ... the just seem so ... normal.

And come on -- illegal fishing? You've got to be kidding me. To paraphrase a comment from Lucianne.com, if McCain could get all the votes from sportsmen who have "illegally fished" he'd win in a landslide. The "F-Word"? Ever watched a Chris Rock special? Ever heard Margaret Cho? Again, you've got to be kidding me. This is about as pathetic as trying to smear Jenna and Barbara Bush for partying while they were in college, as if that was somehow unusual or scandalous.

You guys keep forgetting that in trying to defend your own against multiple scandals, you have dropped the bar for acceptable behavior so low that anything short of murder now seems like a minor offense.

Then again, if you think that illegal fishing is a more serious matter than lying under oath, taking payoffs in exchange for Presidential pardons, or stealing classified National Security documents, fine. It's your mixed up world, and you're welcomed to it.


Hmmm Mondale and McGovern lost because of their choice of VP? Seems to me that the very socialist policies of the two candidates were the deciding factor in their losses.

Your buddy Barack Obama is headed the same way, to the heap of discarded socialist/communist trash pile and I am going to be laughing on the day that John McCain is inaugurated.


Sarah Palin has spent her political life fighting corruption in her own party.

B Hussein has spent his political life cozying up to corruption in his own party.

Libs always try to act as if they are every they arent. The Dim primaries proved Dims are most racist people in America. The lib mentality since McCain's announcement Friday of Sarah as his VP pick has proven that libs arent pro-women either.

Funniest quote Ive seen is that Sarah rec'd more votes as mayor of a small town, than the corrupt Joe Biden(vet how his son made much of his lobbyist income) got in the Presidential primary.

Libs think they are smart, but seldom are. They will do all they can to hide Mr 57 states real record, because, there is NOTHING ther accept terrorists, corrupt people, lies, distortions, and fauz primises. Geraldine Ferraro was right, and the loons on the left are OD'ing on espresson trying to do anything they can to hide their inexperience, ineptitude, and ignorance of this this years token candidate.

Lee Ward:

"Sarah Palin has spent her political life fighting corruption in her own party."

Bull. Sarah Palin is as porky as the rest of the corrupt Alaskan Republicans.

Palin's pork requests confound reformer image

John McCain touts Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a force in the his battle against earmarks and entrenched power brokers, but under her leadership the state this year asked for almost $300 per person in requests for pet projects from one of McCain's top adversaries: indicted Sen. Ted Stevens.

That's more than any other state received, per person, from Congress for the current budget year, and runs counter to the reformer image that Palin and the McCain campaign are pushing. Other states got just $34 worth of local projects per person this year, on average, according to Citizens Against Government Waste, a Washington-based watchdog group.

Palin's one of the good ol' pork barrel Republicans.... and the liars are out in force trying to cover that up.


How's that Rezco coverup coming along, or, the Sinclair affair, or, Mr 57 states relationship with CIS and ACORN, etc.

Good to see though that you had NO FACTS to prove that B Hussein has spent his whole life cozying up to corrupt libs in Chicago, of which we KNOW there are MANY.

Maybe media matters can give you a juicy quote to refer to.


So, uh, Obama wins? Then why are you griping about McCain's choice, seems to me you should be overjoyed.

Palin is only as controversial as media or the other side attempt to make her. Yes, she has baggage, who in this world doesn't? Yes she has family issues. Who in this world is safe from that picture. Just take a look at the Kennedys, the Bidens (forgot that one Paul)? And last but not least, take a long look at Obama.

Sheesh Paul, I sure am glad "only" the right wing conspiracy engages in unjust character assassination. *grin* Mud slinging is a time honored part of politics, using true or false allegations in an attempt to discredit the other side. Problem is that some of the mud sticks to the slinger.

Time to go wash your hands Paul. While you are at it, see if your mamma likes you saying someone is Trailer Trash or if she will get the bar of soap out for your mouth.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Conservative asshat Glen Beck applied the term "Trailer Trash" to the Palins, Larry - as he proudly proclaimed that he's trailer trash as well.


Sorry Lee, you are right. That said, I think Paul used the term in a post to me a day or so ago. Was this before or after Beck said it?

It is kinda funny though. Hey, if Trailer Trash votes for the Repubs, will that help offset the street bums ACORN pays to vote Dem?

John S:

Obama has dozens of half-siblings on every continent. His "father" was married to three women when he was born. And the Obama campaign is talking "white trash." Incidently, white trash hold 66 million votes. Do the math.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Gotta source for any of this, John?

"And the Obama campaign is talking "white trash.""

No one from the Obama campaign is talking "white trash" -- that's conservative Glenn Beck who labeled Palin that way.

Wow - you swung and missed twice - but do hurry back with links or cites to support your smearing remarks that Obama has half-siblings on every continent -- because the third strike is fatal.

Ill give you 24 hours - post it here on this thread. Thanks - Lee.


Sheesh. In fairness, the Obama is NOT talking about Palin AT ALL, they are leaving it up to MSM and the blogs to do the hatchet job. In fact, Obama would cheerfully FIRE anyone on his staff who was stupid enough to go there.

And of course, the MSM and blogs are eat up with Hubris (not you lee or paul) so they have fallen in the trap. But Obama doesn't get his hands soiled.

AND, there is a brother in Africa. I saw the video. Want me to go look it up? He is supposedly living on a dollar a month. Hannity wanted to send him a thousand bucks if he could find an address. Was I smoking something strange or was that really on the news?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I understand there are eight half-sibs.

I don't believe "half-sibs on every continent" is accurate, and in fact I think it's a baseless, false smear.

jack snyder:

When I think of the current GOP and the Bush Years I think of White Trash with cash.


. . . Or the Clintons, Jack. And to be fair, Bush 43 wasn't the greatest President or the worse. Guess Carter was the worse last century but not the worse we have ever had. Bush 41 is by no means trash. If it had NOT been for Ross Perot, 41 would have beaten Clinton.

Speaking of trash, what is the definition? Does it include "Working class" like Biden is from and was selected to appeal to besides his foreign affairs experience, if not his judgement.



Lee Ward:

Looks like the "Trailer Trash Weekly" is now referring their readers over to Wizbang Blue, Paul.


Palin is white trash. She lives in Alaska, population 35, that should say alot about her social views. Her daughter is knocked up at 17...hmm...it seems that abstinance that she shoves down peoples throat didn't get to her daughter.


Lemme see if I got this right ng76.

You said:

"Palin is white trash. She lives in Alaska, population 35, that should say alot about her social views. Her daughter is knocked up at 17...hmm...it seems that abstinance that she shoves down peoples throat didn't get to her daughter. "

Living in Alaska makes her white trash? And a small population explains what about social views? Where is your evidence that Palin "shoves" anything down people's throats? So you don't approve of abstinance? I am picking on you ng76 because I really want to know - Lee won't tell me - the defininition of "White Trash."

Let me give you a list.

Is it her Christian views?
Is it that her daughter got knocked up at 17?
Is it that she hunts?
Is it that her husband owns a boat and off season was a blue collar worker?
Is it that she was a beauty queen?
Is it that she was elected Governor?
Is it that she comes from a small town or a lightly populated state?

Or you make your own, please. Inquiring minds want to know. And Lee or Paul, you are welcome to answer my question as well; exactly what values or conduct makes a person "White Trash," whatever that means. If none of you choose to answer, I will be more than happy to give you a list.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ask conservative Glenn Beck, Larry - it's his quote -- we didn't make this news, we're just reporting it.

Why don't you go ahead and give your list instead of "calling everybody else out" on this issue?


Glen Beck is often right on a multitude of issues and frequently wrong as well. I remember the diatribe of insanity went he went off on the way he was treated in the hospital. My wife is an OB RN and she thought he was a spoiled brat who got pretty good care in spite of his stupid.

And Lee, I did call you out because of the way I could picture you licking your chops because once again, Beck upchucked his stupid side.

That said, White Trash is easy.

It is someone who thinks the world or the government or their next door neighbor owes them a living.

It is someone who thinks a six pack is more important than feeding the kids.

It is someone who teaches his son to be a bully.

It is someone who thinks a cat is good target practice.

It is someone who beats his wife, or a woman who beats her husband. The latter happens more often than most people know.

It is someone who fakes an injury at WalMart, collects a couple of hundred thousand and blows it in two years.

It is someone who believes that their kids should be accountable for the mistakes they will inevitably make because they are by definition, kids.

It is someone who lives like a pig because they choose to live that way.

It is someone who screws his underage daughter (or any age).

It is a mother who tells everyone the baby sitter took off with her kid - then goes out to party.

And I will repeat the first one just for emphasis because it is the most important one; someone who thinks the rest of the world owes them a living.

Beck confuses White Trash with Charlatan, which applies to Obama and Hypocrite, which "May" apply to Palin. The jury is still out on the latter.


So let me see if I got this right. Glenn Beck, a recovered alcoholic believes that most white families in America are white trash? That most white families in America strive to have their teenage sons and daughters get pregnant while still in high school or middle school instead of going to college, opening a business, traveling abroad, joining the military, joining the peace corps, excelling in athletics or being a positive force in the universe in some other way?

Only the "white folks" believe Trig is Palin's son. Diana Ross claimed for years that her oldest child, a boy was her nephew instead of the son she had with God-fearing and married Barry Gordy. The Enquirer is digging deep, very deep. And they have already found people to say that Bristol was pregnant BEFORE Trig was born. The Alaska State website has taken down pictures of the Palin family, one in particular shows Bristol with a "baby bump" in 2007. They took the pics down after it was shown that they changed the year on the Bristol baby bump pic to 2006. But it doesn't matter, like me, people have already emailed the pic to their friends and family. I told my sister to spread the word.

But if this is woman is a reflection of the best white America as to offer then it's a good thing that white America will officially be a minority in 2042.


Ok Trash, when Bristol has her baby, you can do the count. It is about nine months. Till then, you are just spewing and guessing. Sure you aren't arcxix? Even the dailykos had to dump that guy. Oh, he is the one who started the rumors, so it would appear.

And if it IS true, BFD. Talk about a story, American Mom tries to protect her teenage daughter from a very bad mistake. That might not play to the dinner party crowd, but it would bring out the moms in large numbers. Just ask you own mom what she thinks.


The Palins are the epitome of White Trash. My family is from India and even before anything about the Palins broke my father said, "She looks like Peggy Hill, that white trash cartoon character." They seem to embody all the white trash values of feverish religiosity, ignorance, substance abuse and questionable morals. I am enjoying the show. I was born in England and believe me we are having a good laugh about the white trash antics of the American republican party.

I was born in England and believe me we are having a good laugh about the white trash antics of the American republican party.

25. Posted by Shannon | September 4, 2008 1:29 AM

Well, Shannon darlin', you can take your prissy a$$ back to the home where Lord Nelson is pissing his pants and rolling over in his grave over the wimpification of his Navy any moment you like. Don't let the back door hit ya where the good Lord split ya - as my friends in NC like to say.

Oh, and btw, I am living in AU now after having lived in NZ for six years, so I have a bit of room to judge. I don't look down on either of my Australasian country friends the way you do Americans. I may laugh at the silly antics of the Left (for the most part), but more than anything I pity the deluded among them. It's the ones who really understand the underlying long-term destructive agenda of the Left, and its suicidal flirtation with oppressive leaders like Stalin, Mao, Che, and Castro that concern me.

That being said, I am absolutely eating up the Left's collective panic attack regarding Palin, including the MSM. Your true fear, in the places you don't talk about, is that not only will McCain win, but his win and subsequent political success will set up the possibility that the first woman President of the USA is a conservative - and one with the "bits of iron" that Maggie Thatcher had back in her day.

Maggie was classy, absolutely classy, IMHO - and she would have never allowed Iran to completely and utterly humiliate the British Navy the way they did last year.

Lee, Paul, etc.: when McCain wins, I will drink to your wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But don't worry, because if that happens, you'll have Hillary to cry on your shoulder with you, because she will know that her future political ambitions are DOA from that moment.



El Grande:

Check this out. Comments from a fellow Naval Academy Graduate and Vietnam POW. Good stuff:

Also, MySpace photos of Trigs grandma http://grrl.wordpress.com/

And Alaska's newspaper attempt to cover up. Notice Palin's youngest daughter ages dramatically during 2006



Shannon, you have it all wrong!!! Let me set you straight, since obviously you can't see beyond your nose! The epitome of "trash" are Indians!!! There is not one other group that, as a whole, is associated with filth and offensive body odor, to the extent that Indians are! If I were you, I would go hide and stay silent!

wangbang[TypeKey Profile Page]:

In a way, I kind of want McCain to win just to see what would happened if he dies in office (he's is rather old) and Sarah Palin becomes president. I want to see that dumb white trash drive this country completely to the ground. I want to hear all the dumb white trash cry and whine and blame everybody else in the world (more so than usual) about why their lives suck.


Palin represents the anti-intellectual, hypocritical, Bible-thumping white trash, i.e., everything that is wrong with this country!!!


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