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The Democratic View of Palin's Speech

This report pretty much echoes my own sentiment after watching Palin last night. She's a great little Teleprompter reader, and she reads the stand-up comedy one-liners fed to her by the McCain speech writing team like a champ, but other than her ability to smirk on cue there wasn't much to brag about in her speech - just 'more of the same' attack lines, interspersed with 'more of the same' applause lines.

The speech was pre-written before Palin got the nod, by the way...

Not anticipating that McCain would choose a woman as his running mate, the speech that was prepared in advance was "very masculine," according to campaign manager Rick Davis, and "we had to start from scratch."

So what we saw last night was pretty much Sarah Palin's delivery - not Sarah Palin's views on the issues. The substance of the speech was pre-written and then re-written, and interspersed with personal facts and info about Palin and her bulldog's lipstick -- or something...

Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's dazzling smile and rhetorical stiletto may have thrilled the Republican National Convention last night. But Democrats panned her performance Thursday, saying the main things she proved is that she can deliver a good speech, she can parrot Bush-McCain attack lines and she isn't ready to be vice president.

"She mastered the words written by the Bush speech writers and delivered them well," said Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, adding that the speech was a string of partisan attacks "that we've heard before... Unfortunately, that's what locks D.C. into the paralysis that's been there for years."

The same old attack-dog politics, wrapped in an Alaskan, backwoods small-town, charming shell -- all form -- no substance -- just like the new Republican platform for "change."

How ironic - more of the same wrapped in lies about "change"....

But clearly McCain is attempting to shore up his crumbling base, so he kowtowed as only a maverick sidekick can...

"John McCain bowed to the right wing of his party in this really misguided, bad judgment choice. He had a lot of other women in the Republican Party that are well qualified to run as vice president of the United States. Sarah Palin is clearly not one of them," said Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, D-Fla.

And as I've been showing in other posts, there is a definite "victim" policy that's rolled out from the GOP camp, to no avail.

The McCain team deployed women surrogates yesterday to argue that Ms. Palin has been subjected to sexism this week amid fierce questions about her experience, and judgmental commentary about her ability to juggle five children and the job of vice president. So it was noteworthy that Democrats' first salvo the morning after her speech featured prominent female Obama supporters.

They said Ms. Palin made no headway with female voters.

"American women... are more interested in champions for causes that women think are important, starting with the war in Iraq," Ms. Sebelius said.

Cindy "pill-popper" McCain is the lead surrogate on this "Victim" push.

Related: Cindy McCain Plays the Victim Card for Palin

More: Palin is using her new found "victim" status as a fundraising appeal:

In a fundraising letter issued Thursday, she [Palin] wrote that "the Obama-Biden Democrats have been vicious in their attacks directed toward me, my family and John McCain. The misinformation and flat-out lies must be corrected."

and then her campaign quickly corrected her:

But her spokeswoman said Obama's campaign was not responsible, even though a Palin fundraising letter named the Democratic ticket with the words: "the Obama-Biden Democrats have been vicious in their attacks directed toward me, my family and John McCain."

Which shows that in her rush to be the victim, Sarah Palin unfairly smeared the Obama campaign with an outright lie.

Way to go Sarah - the rednecks will cheer you on for that one! She really knows how to rally the conservative base - tell lies about the Democrats!

Update: Obama responds to Palin's criticisms:

Sen. Barack Obama dismissed the harsh criticism fired his way last night at the Republican convention as part of the problem in politics, asserting this afternoon, "At some point we've got to stop that and get serious."

Speaking to a group of factory workers at a hydropower equipment plant, Obama refused to address Gov. Sarah Palin's mocking assessment of his background and political rise. When a member of the audience asked him to weigh in on the resume issue, Obama responded, "I'll let Governor Palin talk about her experience, I'll talk about mine."

But he rebuked the GOP in general for focusing almost exclusively on biography in St. Paul, Minn., and for attempting to redraw old partisan lines.

"You wouldn't know that this is such a critical election by watching the convention last night," said Obama. "I know we had our week, and the Republicans deserve theirs, but it's been amazing to me to watch over the last two nights."

He continued: "You're hearing a lot about John McCain, and he's got a compelling biography as a prisoner of war. You're hearing an awful lot about me, most of which is not true. What you're not hearing is a lot about you."

... and finally let's give the last word to Bill O'Reilly, and quote what Bill had to say on Wednesday before Palin's speech:

Now, the big advantage Gov. Palin has is you. Millions of Americans will be watching her Wednesday night, and she has a tremendous opportunity to sell herself as a competent, astute public official and a champion of the traditional point of view.

Mrs. Palin should devote all of her time to introducing herself. She should not attack Barack Obama. That would be foolish because at this point she doesn't have enough credibility to do that.

Again, Americans need to know as much about Mrs. Palin as possible. She should concentrate on that.

Naw, Bill - the GOP agenda is to go light on the issues and go heavy on the attacks, cause it's all about changing the way we do politics in America -- and as we've seen -- Republicans just don't know how...

And at the bottom line, Palin's speech was good news for Team Obama:

Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is bringing in campaign cash for the Democrats as well as her own party.

Barack Obama reported raising at least $10 million from more than 130,000 donors today after Palin, the Alaska governor, addressed the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, and criticized the Democratic presidential nominee.

``Sarah Palin's attacks have rallied our supporters in ways we never expected,'' Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said. ``And we fully expect John McCain's attacks tonight to help us make our grassroots organization even stronger.''

The money followed an e-mail solicitation campaign manager David Plouffe sent out right after Palin's speech.

Expect another big day for Obama following John McSame's attacks tonight.

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Comments (26)

Paul DuffPualau:


The big O is writing his own speech as we type? Or will he also be using a speech writer pretty much like every other politician? That's a non-issue.

And the specifics of energy policy - the pipelines (Alaskan and Georgian), the hurricane effect on fuel supplies, all was pre-written for a man? In reading the link you posted, it appears that they had to completely re-write the speech to reflect her attributes including her knowledge of the energy field. I see no problem with that. That's part of the process. It also looks like she was pretty engaged in the process. I have no problem with that either

(Disclosure: I married a bright and strong-willed woman. I prefer it that way. She's a better shot than I am too.)

And, if the speech was written for a man, how would it differ if written for a woman? How would Thatcher's speeches have sounded if written for a man?

I'll grant you the democrats don't think it was a good speech or effective. Boy, that was a surprise. And a Democratic Washington insider congressperson thinks that picking Palin was wrong because why? Darn, she really doesn't say why Palin isn't qualified, just other women are.

The Kansas governor complains of partisan attacks. Yet, per NPR (seen here http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=94006732 ), "Biden Plays Second Fiddle (And Attack Dog)" and proceeds to launch into all the negative talking points that the Democrats favor. Tsk. Aiding the paralysis that Sebelius complained about. I expect that I won't have to wait long for her condemnation of Biden, right?

But a large measure of this is just silliness.

And, regarding potential sexism issues, is Veep'ette a sexist term, Lee? Admittedly, it's mild but still... Betcha if it were used in conjunction with Hillary it would have been. That's one of the less odius terms I've seen bantered about the blogosphere.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Wave your hands and declare it a non-issue because it makes your candidate look bad?

How Republican...

"it appears that they had to completely re-write the speech to reflect her attributes including her knowledge of the energy field. I see no problem with that. That's part of the process."

Yes they wrote the words mouthed by Palin, that's correct.

No question others were more qualified. This was a reach towards the conservative base - be a man and admit it, Paul.

And, regarding potential sexism issues, is Veep'ette a sexist term, Lee?

It's not a reflection on her gender. She's just a little tiny Veep - a Veep'ette if you will.

Man, that victim card is getting around, now manly Republicans are wielding it. Wait, that was Paul - never mind (Wink)


What's funny is I couldnt even get 2 lines into this thread without seeing a lie/distortion.
A little research would have shown that her teleprompter was broken, so, Sarah actually did much of the speech from memory(same as RUDY).

I give kudos to her focus later on in the speech as the code pink far left whackjobs chose to rush the stage, I only wish they'd have been tasered and then drug out by their hair.

Wonder how long that speech would have taken if Umm-bama would have given it, w/o teleprompter. The over-under on Ahhms, umms, and mm is 137. I'll take the over.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"A little research would have shown that her teleprompter was broken, so, Sarah actually did much of the speech from memory(same as RUDY)."

Bullshit. The problem as that the prompter operator rolled though the applause lines on occasion. It happens all the time., to Obama, Biden, Palin, Rudy, everyone - it's the common problem with Teleprompters - I know - I've got experience running them.

The prompter wasn't broken, we saw it on many camera shots, rolling right along, feeding her every word she was saying.

"I'll take the over."

Good, now go take your meds. You come up with the most ridiculous crap sometimes.

This is a perfect example of Republican bullshit - she was able to giver her talk in spite of prompter problems that happen all the time - whoop-de-doo - what about the friggin' issues?


Lee: Do your research. Yes, the teleprompter rolled on - got ahead of her because it didn't pause during applause. In other words, what you saw was what she was supposed to read minutes later. If you are going to get picky, change broken to "Malfunction."

And yes, it happens all the time. It happened to Rudy. And it happened to Obama. What did Obama do when it happened to him? I will answer the question; he stopped until it was fixed. He didn't have the same amount of time to go over it as Palin had. And there are several things that can be made of THAT conclusion. But I am not going to go there.

Lee, all politicians get a draft to edit, including your candidate, Obama. This is the way it works. So why are you attempting to hang Palin from the yardarm for doing what they all do, including, yes, gasp, Obama. Please explain your reasoning.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Do your research. Yes, the teleprompter rolled on - got ahead of her because it didn't pause during applause. In other words, what you saw was what she was supposed to read minutes later.

No, let me state again, Larry. I have experience running teleprompters. When it runs ahead it runs into the next sentence, not "minutes later", and the operator has to stop and possible back up a few words - -all of which occurs during the applause. Nothing is lost.

it's no big deal.,

It happens all the time.

The right wing bullshitters are trying to make Plain look like some hero because she had to deal with everyday problems that happen all the time to politicians giving speeches.

Now if you have a link to a credible source that says the prompter was broken, show it to me, and I'll recant.

But based on (1) my first-hand experience with teleprompters, and (2) what I saw on camera during Palin's speech, and (3) what I've read elsewhere that says the prompter operator rolled through the applause lines (and I know exactly what that means) - you do not need to lecture me on doing my homework.

Obama wrote his 2004 keynote speech - every word, by himself. It's my understanding, from that fact and what I've read elsewhere referencing that Obama is writing this speech or that -- that he writes all of his speeches.

Palin did not write last night's speech.

Feel to free to post any information that contradicts those facts as I know them, but don't change the facts (stating Obama doesn't write his speeches) unless you can back it up with a link, quote or fact that supports it.

This is not Whizbang, where people make up facts out of the blue. That won't fly here.

Lee Ward:


In July 2004, Obama wrote and delivered the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts.

FACT: Palin did not write last night's speech.

Paul DuffPualau:


You dodged the question. Does Obama use a speech writer? Hint: John Fabrow. How about Biden? Hint: Thomas S. LaFauci. Matthew Littman.

You also ignored my point that, per your reference, she had substantial input regarding the speech. Indeed, many elements were present in this speech that were in her introductory speech on Friday - which was done without teleprompters.

Also, it has been reported that the teleprompter was not operated correctly yet she stayed on message. This would be indicative of a person well versed in her speech.

Are others more qualified than Palin? Probably. Is Hillary more qualified that Obama? Cetainly. He, therefore, should not be on the ticket by your own logic.

Let's look at qualifications for a moment. Who has managed a budget measured in the billions of dollars? Who has managed a state government with 10's of thousands of emplyees?
Who has held positions in the private sector that will add diversity to their view of the ecomony? Joe Biden? No. Barack Obama? No.

Was it a reach toward the conservative base? Probably in part but others could have accomplished the same mission. Huckabee, for example, for social conservatives. Or Romney for the fiscal conservatives. In Palin, he gets both plus an outsider that can run against the insider status of the two Democratic Senators, one beholden to the credit card companies and the other the product of the Chicago machine.

Pawlenty could have accomplished much of that as well but would not have the same charismatic impact that Palin has had.

Paul DuffPualau:

And now to the sexism part of the post:

Lee, I'm a Dad of three wonderful young ladies. I'm a husband to another wonderful and gracious lady that has been my partner in all of lifes wonders and trials. I see sexism on a regular basis, oppose it on a regular basis and refuse to accept that you or others have the right to treat my daughters, my wife or any other woman with less than the respect and honor that they deserve.

But my girls will never be victims. They know that they may have to work harder than a man. Their mother and I have raised them to keep the focus on their goals, to out-achieve their competition regardless of sex and to understand this simple fact: life isn't fair. Sarah Palin is actually a good role model for them in many respects.

Fighting sexism is part of the good fight. I didn't like it when it was done to Hillary - though I don't like her - and I don't like it now. So I push back. Here is the origin of the -ette suffix.


--Usage note English nouns in which the suffix -ette designates a feminine role or identity have been perceived by many people as implying inferiority or insignificance

Is veep'ette sexist? Your turn to answer.

Also, consider these and tell me what you think about them. Is questioning her ability to do the job based on the fact that she has 5 kids sexist? Is it sexist to question what might happen if she gets pregnant again? Is it acceptable to call her Sara Pornstar (DemocraticUnderground) or the sexy librarian (mulitple sources)?

And, btw, stating that democrats have flat out lied about her and her family is not playing a sexism card. I see no, wah, I'm a woman complaint. I haven't seen the entire letter yet so it is still possible but complaining of lies isn't playing a victim card.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yes, I ignored all of the made-up stuff you posed as "facts" that are really only your opinion, Paul , because as near as I can tell you don't know what the hell you're talking about - but have decided to disagree with everything written here by presenting your own view on things as factual.

You dodged the question. Does Obama use a speech writer? Hint: John Fabrow. How about Biden? Hint: Thomas S. LaFauci. Matthew Littman.

If you think he uses speech writers than prove it, but you've presented no evidence that he uses speechwriters.

"You also ignored my point that, per your reference, she had substantial input regarding the speech."

Because you presented no evidence that she had "substantial input" into the speech.

"Also, it has been reported that the teleprompter was not operated correctly yet she stayed on message. This would be indicative of a person well versed in her speech."

Someone who was well rehearsed, yes - told what to say over and over again. There were reports that Palin was locked up in a hotel room for much of Tuesday and Wednesday practicing her speech - in fact, as I recall - she made no public appearances Wednesday as she rehearsed the words written for her.

"Pawlenty could have accomplished much of that as well but would not have the same charismatic impact that Palin has had."

Pawlenty has a lot more experience, but Palin was chosen for her charisma???

GIVE ME A BREAK - that was a chief complaint about Obama - all charisma!!! lol!

You guys can't see the truth for all of the hypocrisy that just pours out of you guys every single day.

It's absolutely amazing.... You parrot talking points without even knowing what the words mean.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"perceived by many people as implying inferiority or insignificance"

You just proved my point. I said she was a little veep - that's the same as inferior and relatively insignificant, you clown.

So your presumption that Veep'ette was a gender-based slam actually reveals your own gender-based bias. You assumed that it was sexist, so you've hounded me because of your own biased assumption that "Veep'ette was sexist term, when in fact it isn't.

Feel free to prove more of my points... you're doing a great job.

And you're own gender-based bias will be communicated to your daughters, trust me.

Paul DuffPualau:


If you can't even be bothered to read the link THAT YOU POSTED, don't accuse me of not providing sourcing. It was your source.

Speech writers. I gave you three names. Those are speech writers for the Obama and Biden team. That is established fact. That you haven't heard of them it your failing.

I did not state that Pawlenty had more experience. I did state that he could have accomplished much of what she brought to the table but would lack the charisma factor. Experience enough and an abundance of charisma. Both, not either/or. Please stick to my arguements rather than invent ones to put in my mouth. I will treat you with the same respect.

You still have not answered whether veep'ette was unintentionally sexist.

For some other Democrat reactions to the speech, particularly from those who do not receive their daily talking points from the Obama campaign and/or the DNC, read this.

Lee Ward:

And I went ahead and googled the definition you posted in 9 above, and here's the portion of the definition you conveniently left out of your quote because it didn't suit your trolling purposes:

It's a diminutive - meaning smaller or reduced in significance - kitchenette, etc.

There are specific gender-based usages, like Drum Majorette, but a Drum Majorette isn't any less of a Drum Major, it's just a gender-specific term as a result of the suffix - and certainly a "cigarette" is just a smaller cigar.

-ette a noun suffix occurring originally in loanwords from French, where it has been used in a variety of diminutive and hypocoristic formations (brunette; cigarette; coquette; etiquette; rosette); as an English suffix, -ette forms diminutives (kitchenette; novelette; sermonette), distinctively feminine nouns (majorette; usherette), and names of imitation products (leatherette).

So now it's obvious that you started at the top of the definition (with 'ette') and then intentionally eliminated the portion of the definition that supported my view so that you could continue your tolling, which just earned you a ticket out of here. Cya.

It's simply doing that which is honest.

Reads like all your other Palin BS this week.

Reads like your scared.


I like the part where he says "we had to start from scratch". I take it to mean that the old one was thrown out and a completely new one was written. Written by We? Maybe Palin wrote it with the speech writer.

Maybe Obama wrote his speech,handed it to his speech writers and got handed back a speech covered in red writing. Maybe Obama had his speech writers standing over his shoulder telling him what to write.

Lee you can't prove that any more than you can prove what you say about Palin.

I am surprised Obama doesn't duck and bob to read the teleprompter when it rolls on him.

Lee Ward:

In another week or so we'll have poll results which will show the positive or negative effect Palin has had on voters -- which is the only place that really matters.

I just read this which states that while Palin's extremist "guns and religion" position should result in a higher turnout amongst the conservative right, that extremist position will also cause a higher turnout among the moderates on the left - those who might not have cared if a moderate like McCain got into office, but will make sure they do all they can to stop the religious extremist Palin.


Okay, speechwriters for Obama. Glad you asked:

Jon Favreau:


Newsweek validates your point that Obama wrote his 2004 speech all by himself. He now uses a speechwriter who, I think, worked for Kerry at one point. Simply put, no national politician on the presidental campaign has time to write all of his speeches even if he/she IS capable.

"you do not need to lecture me on doing my homework."

My apologies. I believe that you most often do. I sometimes wonder if you think that dailykos is a credible news tip source (it isn't). Where I worry about you Lee is that you, like Jay, might choose to use sources which in and of themselves are biased like Hannity on the one side or Keith Olberman on the other.

Anyway, back on the subject.

Next, I crossed off redstatem where I got the teleprompter story as a credible source and put them in the same category as dailykos. Here is why:


Schlesinger is no friend of Palin's by virtue of his gratuitous and katty remark at the end of his piece, but the content of his report was credible.

You didn't ask for this one, but here is what happened when Obama's teleprompter malfunctioned, I dunno if it was similar to your own experience, or what happened to Palin or something different. Since you have the experience, please tell me.


There are two additional points that need answering: One, has Palin written her own speeches in the past? I surveyed the Alaska Daily News site and was not enlightened. Who knows. I would guess that she did not have the resources to hire a speechwriter so her early speeches were likely written by herself but I have no proof one way or the other.

Secondly, yes Matthew Scully wrote the original draft of the Palin speech, then worked with her to reflect the change from male to female and get the narrative right. Scully is a former speechwriter for Bush, which does not, in my opinion, make for shame on him or shame on Palin for doing the expected, exactly as Biden did. That old pro could talk forever, but he shows at least five speechwriters if you google.

Finally, Biden's speechwriter:

"The latest addition is Jeff Nussbaum, who announced in an email to friends that he has signed on as the traveling speechwriter for the vice president -- whoever that may be."

That was from the Washington Post:


"This is not Whizbang, where people make up facts out of the blue. That won't fly here.'

Well, I have had occasion to be, uh, willing to add sources to "Help" out. They are not bad people on bang no more than you. Just refer to my mantra and you know where I am coming from. I don't love any of them for good reason.

Oh, one other thing. You are correct, if I understand you in your comments to Paul before you booted him, the Republicans DID decide to go for charisma over substance (except for energy and kickass) with the pick by McCain, just like the Democrats picked Obama for HIS charisma over substance. Well, except for his supurb manipulation of the Chicago machine which impressed even me and his ability to come out of nowhere (somewhere?) and boot Hillary, who was truly the anointed one, in her opinion. He did it fair and square using the rules and he deserves full credit.


"Mr. Favreau, or Favs, as everyone calls him, looks every bit his age, with a baby face and closely shorn stubble.

And he leads a TEAM of two other young speechwriters: 26-year-old Adam Frankel, who worked with John F. Kennedy's adviser and speechwriter Theodore C. Sorensen on his memoirs, and Ben Rhodes, who, at 30, calls himself the "elder statesman" of the group and who helped write the Iraq Study Group report as an assistant to Lee H. Hamilton.

Together they are working for a politician who not only is known for his speaking ability but also wrote two best-selling books and GAVE the much-lauded keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention"

(Notice "gave" not "wrote and gave")

"AT the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, N.H., Jon Favreau sipped Diet Coke and munched on carrot sticks and crackers to pass the time. His boss, Senator Barack Obama, wandered in and out of the room.

Finally, results from the New Hampshire Democratic primary started coming in, surprising everyone. Hillary Clinton was pulling past Senator Obama, who had won the Iowa caucuses only five days earlier.

Mr. Favreau, the campaign's 26-year-old head speechwriter, found himself in the hotel lounge with less than three hours to REVISE what WAS to have been a victory speech. What made it particularly strange was that his words were being challenged. Mrs. Clinton had helped turn her campaign around by discounting Mr. Obama's elegant oratory, saying, "You campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose."


So if Obama writes his own speeches why did he stumble and fumble when his teleprompter broke? Doesn't he know what he wrote?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I didn't see the stumble you're referencing, Rich -- but it sounds like Obama may not have spent a day or more practicing like Sarah. There's no question that he's a brilliant person, so I don't think it's a question of intelligence.

But I do question the intelligence of John McCain, who seems to underestimate the intelligence of American voters when he pretends to be the agent of change.

John McBush voted right along with President Bush 90% of the time. That ain't going to bring change to Washington, not someone with a record for "more of the same" like that.

John McCain's campaign putzes have told him that Barack Obama is ready to take a landslide win in November -- principally because the people want a change in Washington, so suddenly Chameleon John is the agent of Washington change.

He's shape-shifting in order to give the Republicans four more years. It's dishonest.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Larry in 19 above : "Next, I crossed off redstatem and where I got the teleprompter story as a credible source and put them in the same category as dailykos."

And that puts you in the same category as well, Larry, because while RedState was lying that the prompter was broken, you managed to embellish on that in 5 above: Lee: Do your research. Yes, the teleprompter rolled on - got ahead of her because it didn't pause during applause. In other words, what you saw was what she was supposed to read minutes later. If you are going to get picky, change broken to "Malfunction."

Nothing was broken or malfunctioning, Larry.

and "Minutes" ahead? Total made up crap, there Larry - but thanks for your admonition that I do my research - and then suggesting that right wing bloggers are a credible source on anything.

RedState lies, and you repeat and even amplify the lie. RedState didn't say the prompter was minutes ahead of where Palin was... that's your added lie.

Why is it that you Republicans cannot compete without lying? Is it Bush? Does having a POTUS that's an outright liar in the WH give you guys license to lie right along with him?

By the way, Larry - for the record -- your comment #19 was automatically held in moderation because it has more than two links in it, and the blogging software used here automatically junks comments with more than two hyperlinks as "spam" -- and you then had the balls to email me complaining that I was stifling dissenting views because your post didn't go through.

You have the appearance of being a liar and an idiot, Larry, and an ungrateful little troll at that. I sure hope I don't catch you lying again and trust me, I will be fact-checking your comments, and will take great pleasure in exposing your lies in the future.

I'd suspect that a soundly prepared, practised and well-delivered speech at the Convention would be the perfect opportunity for the Vice-President candidate from Alaska to project herself as a national politician. To that extent her speech was successful. Everyone's talking about her. Even over here in the UK. What happens next is anyone's guess. But the speech got things moving.

Codekeyguy[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I cannot help but notice that you are being super-defensive of this post. By the way, do you STILL beat your wife? The public has the right to know, don't you think? just askin'.....

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm divorced - and her lawyers did their best to beat me up on the way out the door.

But I'm not worried - reality is still on the die of the Democrats. Lairs can lie -- but sooner or later reality catches up to the them.


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