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Sarah Palin's Bridge to Nowhere Lie

It's becoming the defining moment of Sarah Palin's rise to national prominence, and it's a flat out lie.

Despite significant evidence to the contrary, the McCain campaign continues to assert that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told the federal government "thanks but no thanks" to the now-famous bridge to an island in her home state.

The McCain campaign released a television advertisement Monday morning titled "Original Mavericks." The narrator of the 30-second spot boasts about the pair: "He fights pork-barrel spending. She stopped the Bridge to Nowhere."

Gov. Palin, who John McCain named as his running mate less than two weeks ago, quickly adopted a stump line bragging about her opposition to the pork-barrel project Sen. McCain routinely decries.

But Gov. Palin's claim comes with a serious caveat. She endorsed the multimillion dollar project during her gubernatorial race in 2006. And while she did take part in stopping the project after it became a national scandal, she did not return the federal money. She just allocated it elsewhere.

Palin not only favored the bridge, she fought for it.

"We need to come to the defense of Southeast Alaska when proposals are on the table like the bridge," Gov. Palin said in August 2006, according to the local newspaper, "and not allow the spinmeisters to turn this project or any other into something that's so negative." The bridge would have linked Ketchikan to the airport on Gravina Island. Travelers from Ketchikan (pop. 7,500) now rely on ferries.
We know McCain's TV ads are filled with lies...
The ad is misleading because it appears to justify the [stopping the bridge] claim with a newspaper article on the screen. "PALIN FLIES HIGH AS A REFORMER," says the headline from the Anchorage Daily News that scrolls onto the screen as the announcer says "she stopped the Bridge to Nowhere."

Many viewers will get the impression that the Anchorage Daily News article backs up the claim. But that's TV sleight-of-hand. The article merely says she "ordered her administration to seek fewer congressional earmarks" after the bridge became a symbol of pork-barrel spending. There are no other details about the project or her role in ending it.

What's I find really telling is that Palin is repeating the lie herself in her stump speeches -- thereby forever defining herself as just another lying Republican

And how telling it is that this tough, moose hunting woman would be so submissive that she'd choose to allow the McCain campaign to continue to push a gross falsehood -- and then have the gall to frame herself as an agent of change.

Republican lies and women who follow the lead of her male handlers. Looks like more of the same to me.

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Comments (3)

When OK Senator Tom Coburn introduced legislation that would have re-allocated that money to help Katrina victims instead, how did everyone vote?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

well, there was this:

"Sen. Ted Stevens, the veteran Alaska Republican, was dramatic in his response. "I don't kid people," Stevens roared. "If the Senate decides to discriminate against our state . . . I will resign from this body."

and Palin held onto the federal pork money - good little piggie that she is:

One of the Alaska bridges, dubbed the "Bridge to Nowhere" by its critics, would connect one small town to a tiny island. It received $223 million in the highway bill that Congress passed this summer. The second bridge, named "Don Young's Way" in honor of its patron, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Don Young (R-Alaska), received about $230 million -- but that is just a down payment on a cost that could hit $1.5 billion.

Coburn had wanted to shift all the money to the I-10 rebuilding project, which is expected to cost $500 million to $600 million. Because of restrictions in the way highway dollars are distributed, Coburn's amendment would have redirected $75 million to the Pontchartrain bridge while unfunding the two Alaska bridges.

Palin was for the bridge, and she didn't release the federal money but spent it elsewhere in Alaska.

Let's see, McCain, didn't vote on that amendment, Obama & Biden voted to not let the Katrina destroyed bridge be rebuilt.

None of them are worth a spit.

The brush that paints Palin black is wide enough to also paint McCain, Obama, & Biden.


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