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Cindy McCain's Dirty Little Secrets

Bumped and Updated: Sarah Palin has yet to release any financial records, while Joe Biden just released the last ten years of records.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife on Friday released a decade of their personal financial records, showing a veteran U.S. senator who earned less than many of his congressional colleagues.

Cindy is still hiding her dirty little secrets....

Update May 23, 2008: Cindy McCain released some of her information today, but not nearly as much as the Clintons and Obamas.

Cindy McCain, who two weeks ago said she would never make her tax returns public, revealed Friday that she had a total income of more than $6 million in 2006.

The presidential campaign of her husband, Republican John McCain, released the top two summary pages of her 2006 tax return, eager to avoid making her earlier refusal an issue in the contest.

The documents show that Mrs. McCain, who files her taxes separately from her husband, paid more than $1.7 million in federal income taxes -- a tax rate of more than 28 percent. She reported nearly $570,000 in itemized deductions.

McCain's campaign said she had received an extension on her 2007 tax returns and aides said it is likely she would make those public when they are filed.

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Cindy McCain's Dirty Little Secrets
Published May 15, 2008

cindy_mccain_dirty.JPGI hit on this a few days ago in a post titled "McCain's Dirty Little Money Secrets", and now a defiant and arrogant Cindy McCain is back in the news this morning, and once again it's news of her own making. She's the kind of trouble John McCain just doesn't need -- but as far as I can see McCain has no chance of keeping a lid on the problems she will create for his candidacy.

The media blitz that Cindy McCain recently conducted -- co-hosting "The View," appearing on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," sitting down for a "Today" show interview -- did nothing to lessen the lambasting she took Wednesday from a source that might surprise some: an editorial in the Cindy McCain the wife of presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain has come under attack for refusing to release her tax returns Washington Times.

The missive in the conservative-oriented newspaper sternly took her to task for steadfastly refusing, in the face of increasing requests, to release her income tax returns (she files separately from her husband, John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee).

The editorial notes that "Mrs. McCain is an heiress whose income and assets will directly benefit from the tax policies espoused by her husband. ... Taxpayers and voters are entitled to know how much these benefits will be."

Also criticized is her spouse. Noting that McCain "rightly fancies himself the king of transparency on Capitol Hill," the piece terms it "unimaginable" that he and his staff "can permit this open sore to fester."

Odd that a leader like McCain can't convince his wife that its important to his campaign that she not hide her dirty little money secrets -- I wonder how often he begs her for other favors only to be turned down there as well.

And we're starting to uncover the reasons why Cindy McCain wants to keep her dirty little money secrets -- uhm, secret.

Cindy McCain, the wife of the Republican presumptive nominee for president, has sold off at least $2 million she held in funds with investments in Sudan businesses.

The mutual funds -- American Funds Europacific Growth and American Funds Capital World Growth and Income -- have investments in companies with business in Sudan, according to the Sudan Divestment Task Force, an advocacy organization that has been working to persuade states, universities and other organizations to divest.

"As soon as she was made aware, she sold it," said Brian Rogers, a spokesman for the McCain campaign. "Senator and Mrs. McCain are committed to doing everything possible to end the genocide in Darfur."

Counting down to the headline that screams "Cindy McCain Hired Illegal Immigrants for Housework and Gardening!!!" in 5... 4... 3...

Update: I intended to include this but forgot -- check out the cartoon which accompanies the Washington Times' editorial referenced above:


It highlights the Republicans' and McCain's arrogance nicely. To hell with the American public...

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Comments (18)


One big yawn.


Whatever it is Ms. McCain is nervous about revealing, it isn't mutual funds. Everybody with a 401k has mutual funds if they haven't bailed-out for IRAs.

Maybe there's direct investments in Chinese toy and pet food companies. Yikes!!!

Or direct investments in Halliburton. Raytheon. GE. That would be conflict of interest and could cause a political earthquake for Mister 100.

P. Bunyan:

"That would be conflict of interest and could cause a political earthquake for Mister 100."

Yeah, it not like Cindy McCain is a Marxist like Diane Feinstien. If that were the case then the press would deem this not at all newsworhty, but since McCain is a Republican even wild conjecture like this moronic post by Lee is headline news.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

So the Washington Times calls for Dirty Little Cindy to release her tax returns and you blame me because it's news?

It's a damn editorial in the nation's capital newspaper of record for conservative clowns like you, Bunyan. How many logs have to hit you in the head before you wake up?

But quick, blame it on Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. You bankrupt Republicans take ZERO responsibility for the mistake s your leaders make. Eight years of Bush and this clown is pointing fingers at Feinstein.. amazing.


Cindy McCain isnt running for public office, she and Senator McCain have never filed jointly. So whats the big deal? She has her money, he has his, He has made his tax info available. if she choses not to then that is her business.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

If she has nothing to hide then she should disclose -- because not disclosing will hurt John McCain's chances for the presidency, as the Washington Times editorial points out.

Apparently, she's got something to hide...

P. Bunyan:

I'm not blaming you for anything Lee. Just pointing out some simple facts. I know that the idea of "fact" is as foreign to many leftists as the meaning of the word "is", but if you really paid attention you'd notice some things.

You were starting to notice when the press turned against Hillary Clinton, but perhaps you've forgotten by now.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Let me repeat if for the bark-impaired...

The Washington Times is a conservative newspaper, Bunyan. They're on your side -- you really should take off the blinders, put down the megaphone, and listen to them - but you are so stuck in your knee-jerk reactionary anti-Democrat mode you miss the obvious and just keep on digging deeper and deeper.

Be sure to send a letter to John McCain telling him you are steadfastly in support of Cindy right to nuke his chances for election in November. I'll pay the postage.


just because the times is making this arguement doesn't mean they are right. and btw, the fact that she sold those investments as soon as she found out the details is a good thing, right?

lee, you're just trying to gin up controversy and are using the times editorial to help you. if it was on any other subject you would probably be arguing that they are wrong. well, in this case they are.

personally i'm more interested in obama's professional relationships with reznik, ayers, and how his wife got a public posistion making over $300k with little qualifications right after her husband got elected than i am in what funds cindy mccain was invested in.

seriously, if you want to start comparing scandals, we can do that, but it won't be good for your (new) candidate.

P. Bunyan:

I don't think conservates are right all the time. I just think Marxists are wrong most of the time.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

If John McCain was smart enough to say "the Bush administration botched Iraq big-time and I intend to fix it" he just might win the election.

Fortunately for us Democrats he's a Republican. Republicans always blame someone else for their party's mistakes. Seeing you blaming the press is no surprise, but Americans know better.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"seriously, if you want to start comparing scandals, we can do that, but it won't be good for your (new) candidate."

Seriously? You mean Republicans are holding back and won't attack Obama unless provoked? lol!...

Feel free, ke - blast away.

P. Bunyan:

You know Lee, never in this thread did I say that Cindy McCain should not relaease her tax records. She probably should and you and the Wash Times are right.

I just responded to BryanD's comment about a conflict of interest. And you proved my point:

Actual conflicts by Feinstien=no press coverage

Speculation, innuendo, and unfounded allegations by unnamed sources about Cindy McCain= lots of press coverage.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

That's exactly what I wrote back on May 8th, one week before this latest brouhaha hit the fan:

Like it or not, Republicans, this will become a major issue in the race for the White House. What is Cindy hiding? That will become the question, and as the recent call and subsequent release of the Clinton's tax returns demonstrates, the truth revealed by the release is typically less damaging than the calls and innuendo that follow any perceived efforts to hide information.

So what does Cindy do now? She sticks to her guns and continues to refuse to release her tax returns. Some might admire her for sticking to her principles, but look at the damage she's doing in the process...

And when you weigh the pluses and minuses, the only way that continuing to refuse to release the returns is a "plus" is if the release will reveal damaging information that is worse than the innuendo. Either that or she's just a stubborn fool...

I don't believe she's a fool, so let me ask again -- what is she hiding?

What damage? As far as what she's hiding - who cares? Have Hillary and Obama released fully THEIR tax returns? And should I care what's on THOSE?

I don't much care one way or the other - but then, I'm not obsessed with politics nor am I what passes for a 'journalist' these days. I'm an everyday guy, looking at the candidates and not liking what I'm seeing all that much.

Tax returns aren't going to change that!



So now she releases her returns but not as much data as Clinton or Obama ... are you sure about that ... ?

Lee Ward:

"are you sure about that ... ?"

I'm sure about what I read and quoted above. Cindy "dirty little secrets" McCain only released the top two pages of 2006.

The presidential campaign of her husband, Republican John McCain, released the top two summary pages of her 2006 tax return, eager to avoid making her earlier refusal an issue in the contest.

Obama and Clinton both released 2000-2006 returns. Obama released his entire returns, not just the summary pages, and I believe Clinton matched that.

Here's a link to Obama's 2006 return -- all 23 pages, not just the top 2.

If you have any information to the contrary, Jeff, feel free to quote and link to it.

JP Rogers:

McCain will NEVER get my vote. He is Status Quo, business as usual....just to get elected.

Other than that, I like John McCain, I think he's a decent fellow.

And his wife, well people often are advised to make investments in all sorts of things and it doesn't necessarily mean that they are at the very bottom, and hob-knobbing with, and supporting dictators and criminal enterprises. I can't say. Its also possible that Mrs McCain simply values her privacy, and does not like the intrusion her husband's career imposes on it. Maybe she simply doesn't get it. Often the rich are used to getting their way, {my neighbor} and simply don't like being told what to do. It will hurt John McCain, and I really don't mind. Enough of the republicans in the White House anyway. I just don't think that it necessarily means that much. Just a thought.


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