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Exposing John McCain's Campaign of Lies

McCain lies now just like George Bush lied to us time and time again in the past... he's lost his integrity.

While his military services was honorable, more recently John McCain has take to lying outright -- plain and simple -- telling outright lies in an effort to swing the election in his favor.

Shame on you, John McCain -- shame on you for telling lies over and over again. The American people deserve better.

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Comments (13)

Doubting Thomas:

You know, the more shrill you get the less credibility you have...

Obama dismissed Iran as a threat, then later changed his tune when criticised. Sex ed? "The criticism of Obama on sex education stems from his work in the Illinois state senate on legislation which would have taken the state's entire sex education standards, which related to 6th through 12th grade, and applied them to all of K-12." His visit in Germany - too bad he was too busy playing rock star. Isn't it nice this has a brief clip of a defender of his actions on a news cast? Why, we'd never have known it wasn't true otherwise!

I'm shocked, simply shocked that one campaign might malign and misttate things about the other!

Eh, whatever.

Obama's playing a defensive game, and doing it badly. He's not going to win like that.

He's a great orator. Yay. He says he's got great ideas. Yay. If he doesn't get them out there, in a solid form that will actually engage the interest the independent voter, so people can compare and contrast and SEE why Obama's the better candidate, he's not going to win.



Don't even shovel out that "while his military service was honorable" bullshit. I know you don't believe any military service is honorable. Let's face it, you probably think that he went through all he did so that he could later use it to run for president, isn't that right?

Have the balls to call it like you see it. If you think McCain is a dishonorable traitor who fought in the military for personal gain, say it. Don't be such a sissy (and feel free to replace the "si" with a "pu").

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yeah, I should be more outspoken and not so reluctant about taking a position.

I'll work on that.


Hardly a problem of not being outspoken -- it's your feigning respect at military service. Take your fake respect for all things military and shove it up your ass. Just say what's in your heart -- you feel that McCain's military record was from the beginning crafted to serve him politically.

bacaangel[TypeKey Profile Page]:

When will Americans wake up from the illusion of the Wizards? Republicans are terrible on Economics and they are terrible on National Security. They have Led us into a Fake & Phony war and have yet to fully implement the recommendations of the 911 Commission to keep this country safe and secure. That is not being strong on National Security! Ground Zero is still a Dark Hole & open Wound and a symbol of their failed polcies! That is not change we can believe in and Enough is ENOUGH! Let's expose the myth, deception and lies of the Wizards -- GOP (Grand Opposition Party)! Let's get off the Yellow Brick Road of lies and deception and realize that the power lies within the people to so produce a working government for the people not a government hiding behind a Curtin of corporate greed and special interest groups! They have failed the American people and they have failed themselves. There is no lasting prosperity for theives and liars and the wrong one does will eventually come back to be reckoned with. This is their recokening. Now the Grand Wizard, McCain, who is 72 years old has allegedly put his Country First and nominated for V.P. someone totally lacking in national and foreign policy, who would be a heart beat away. Woodward in his recent book "The War Within" states that the two sleeping giants when someone takes the oval office come January 2009 will be Iraq and Afghanistan, something Woodward says Bush was disconnected from. There will also be another Giant to face -- that of the economy. Brokaw said to Sen. Shumer on Meet the Press Sunday past -- I thought when one picks a V.P. pick that they pick the most qualified candidate, referring to Obama not picking Clinton and chosing Biden instead. This goes both ways and McCain did not pick the most qualified person. A president will have the Weight of the World on his shoulders. Unfortunately for this Country McCain has made a very bad judgment call. May be he did not use his good judgment in this pick but something less honorable. Barack and Biden are ready to lead and take up that weight. I do not think McCain and Palin are ready for such a daunting task. We need leadership and not a false and deceptive wizard giving lip service to lies and deceipt instead of truth and light.

Meanwhile, Barack runs ads saying that John McCain can't use email, implying that he is out of touch with technology.

McCain can't use a keyboard due to POW injuries.

Both sides lie. You need to cover that as well Lee.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Show us a credible report that says McCain can't type due to past injuries, Dwayne. That's the first time I've heard that. It sounds like more "victim-speak" to me....

Lee Ward:

Never mind - the John McCain "can't use a keyboard because of his injuries" has already been outed as yet another John McCain lie.

I'll work up a post on the latest lie and expose it as what it is... thanks, Dwayne.

Steve Crickmore:

In addition, a year or two after McCain`s return as POW in the 70`s after intensive physiotherapy,(for the bending of his legs) shown on a recent CNN tv biography, he passed the rigorous physical Pentagon test and was was able to fly combat military aircraft solo again. I have never flown a plane, but think that it would require fingertip control, much more than would be required to operate a pc in 2008.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Spot on, Steve.

Doubting Thomas:

Steve -

Actually - no. The repetitive motions of typing don't have any relation to controlling an aircraft with with either a standard control wheel or joystick - any more so than your driving skills translate to typing ability. Forearm and wrist strength and range of motion would be more important than fingertip dexterity. Flipping switches happens - but it's not a constant thing like controlling the plane is.

Steve Crickmore:

Many people type just with one finger, let`s say the index finger...and surely he can read on the internet, which requires just clicking the mouse..I used to live with someone who managed to brush his teeth competently with his toes. He had no hands or fingers.

We managed twice to elect George W. Bush who doesn`t access `the internets` as he called them, and now a self-described "computer illiterate" wants to succeed Bush. It would seem the presidency of the USA is the only executive job anywhere in the USA, that doesn`t require any basic computer skills, that my five year possesses.

*I`m barely `semi-literate` with the computer myself, and I feel at a definite disadvantage to my other daughter, an 11 year old who is a whiz.

Doubting Thomas:

Typing with a single finger is a frustrating experience, and not exactly conducive to writing "War and Peace", much less political speeches.

But hey, if this really matters to you (though it seems pretty petty to get steamed about) that's your privelege.


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