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The Three Questions Sarah Palin Needs to Answer

Senator Chuck Shumer (D-NY), appearing on this morning's MEET THE PRESS in support of Barack Obama's candidacy, outlines the three questions that Sarah Palin should (but won't) address as part of the vetting process.

"She talks the talk but so far she hasn't walked the walk. There was an article in today's newspaper that said that part of the Bush Doctrine that she believes in is cronyism -- because she filled the Alaska government with old pals. It's a little reminiscent of "Brownie and FEMA"...

"But there are three other questions I think that she has to answer if she's wants to be the reform candidate. First, is she going to support Senator Stevens(R-AK) is this election campaign? Senator Stevens is the "King of earmarks". Supposedly the McCain/Palin team hates earmarks, and yet... he's the 'King of earmarks.' He was indicted for involvement with lobbyists. If it's politics as usual... she's supporting Stevens. Is she a new broom that sweeps clean?"

"Second, there's an investigation about abuse of power, that she wanted to fire a state trooper because he was in a bitter divorce with her sister. And she has ordered all Alaska employees not to talk to this bipartisan investigation that was set up before she was Vice-President."

[Looking directly into the camera] "I want to ask Governor Palin. Will you... if you're "new politics," you should certainly let the employees of the state of Alaska talk to the investigators. Stonewalling is not new politics."

"And finally... will she release her tax returns? Joe Biden has, Barack Obama has. There are some questions there because she was given per diem payments while staying at home. $17,000. Are those on her tax returns?"

"How can you be "reform and sweep clean" -- you've can't just talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk."

The McCain/Palin campaign will create phony controversies over the next 7 weeks -- anything to avoid openly discussing the issues -- as they continue to lie to the American public about their platform of 'change'.

McCain/Palin is four more years of Bush.

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Comments (14)

bacaangel[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Politicians who intentionally lie to the public are engaging in a Betrayal of the Public Trust and it should be deemed an Ethics Violation and a part of the past as we move toward a more Holistic way of life here in America. And Media as the Third-wheel of Democracy should not be silent and complicit on such lies and distortion!

Great Film Exposing John McCain's Lies -- Pass it on!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH0xz... -- Are we finally pulling back the Curtin on the Wizards?

Lastly, Ground Zero is a Symbol and a message of Republicans' failed policies and a gaping Wound, that after 7 years Ground Zero is still a hole, still zero -- that we were unable to lift ourselves out of the ashes and make ourselves whole again. You see, nothing from nothing leaves nothing and that is not Change we can believe in. Enough is ENOUGH!

And finally, Is the Bloom coming off of Palin, as Alaska Women Against Palin Rally is HUGE!


will she release her tax returns? Joe Biden has, Barack Obama has. There are some questions there because she was given per diem payments while staying at home. $17,000. Are those on her tax returns?

Umm, Per-diem isn't taxable. Or its at least listed in W-2's as other non-taxable.

Listing Per-diem as the reason to release tax records seems a bit silly.

John S:

Time to give it up on Sarah Palin. A hundred slanders have been thrown out. Most were outrageous lies. The few that are real won't stick. No one is listening.

McCain has locked up the conservative vote. He has the base Republican vote. He has the white women vote. He has a slight majority of the independent vote. He has a quarter of the Hillary vote. Obama has to overcome 65 million McCain votes. Maybe it is time for Obama to state a concrete reason to vote for Obama. Hoping-changing doesn't cut it. But if the Democrats want to blow another election with their Sarah Palin Derangement, they can go right ahead.


Looking over this IRS document:

It appears that whether per diem is taxable or not depends on the details. Not as simple as yes/no.

As far as wanting tax records - sounds like a standard request of any candidate.


Chuck Shumer does a great job of mischaracterizing the so-called "TrooperGate" right off the bat: "she wanted to fire a state trooper because he was in a bitter divorce with her sister." I believe she wanted to fire a state trooper because he was an incompetent, violent, abusive man who made death threats - not BECAUSE he was divorcing the sister. I don't know, but to me he sounds like the kind of person who shouldn't be carrying a badge and gun.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Let's all agree that the guy was a bad egg -- there are legal ways to get rid of bad eggs.

In order for the firing of State Director Donegal to be legal, the trooper's relationship with the governor's sister should not have been a factor.

The fact that Palin had already intervened suggests it was a factor. How many other troopers did Palin go after prior to this? I bet the number is zero.

And what is Sarh Palin hiding? Why is she telling employees to not cooperate with the bipartisan investigation?

You'd think a reformer wouldn't run and hide when someone turned on the lights - but it appears that Sarah Palin may have something to hide.

I'd like to know before election day is she's hiding something, wouldn't you?

Doubting Thomas:

"Maybe it is time for Obama to state a concrete reason to vote for Obama. Hoping-changing doesn't cut it."

Oh, why not? Who needs actual details, when you've got such a wonderful, incredible, amazing PLAN of "I am the Anti-Bush! The Obamamessiah!"


And don't worry when nothing happens and the hopey-changefulness wears off the DNC platform like a cheap wax job on a car desperately in need of repainting - after all, there's always the next election to look forward to!

Ray H.:

Ok Lee, the governor intervenes into it because he's a bad egg and gets the guy fired, but because he's related to her, she should have sat back and done nothing until this lose canoon killed someone?. If she had let this nut stay and something did happen, which he his actions have shown would have happened, I know that you and the rest of the left wing attack dogs would say that she didn't do anything because this man was a relative and partaking in favortism. Another no win situation for Palin. The man needed to lose his job and she did something about it. I've yet to see anything conclusive saying she did anything illegal. I go by the thoughts you are innocent until proven guilty and she's far from being found guilty at the moment. There's been so much that has been thrown at her by the left that you've all lost so much credibility as to nothing you say being believable.

Doubting Thomas:

Funny, how 'fair' Gibson's questions were when interviewing Obama...


Obama interview:

How does it feel to break a glass ceiling?
How does it feel to "win"?
How does your family feel about your "winning" breaking a glass ceiling?
Who will be your VP?
Should you choose Hillary Clinton as VP?
Will you accept public finance?
What issues is your campaign about?
Will you visit Iraq?
Will you debate McCain at a town hall?
What did you think of your competitor's [Clinton] speech?

Palin interview:

Do you have enough qualifications for the job you're seeking? Specifically have you visited foreign countries and met foreign leaders?
Aren't you conceited to be seeking this high level job?
Questions about foreign policy
-territorial integrity of Georgia
-allowing Georgia and Ukraine to be members of NATO
-NATO treaty
-Iranian nuclear threat
-what to do if Israel attacks Iran
-Al Qaeda motivations
-the Bush Doctrine
-attacking terrorists harbored by Pakistan
Is America fighting a holy war? [misquoted Palin]

But don't accuse them of being in the tank for Obama. Because obviously there's no bias.

Why, seeing how tough those questions were for Obama, I can understand how hard it was for him!


Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The intensity of Gibson's interview with Palin is the result of the McCain campaign's policy of keeping her sequestered away from private interviews.

Obama had been interviewed on the "national, presidential stage" hundreds of times - but Palin's interview with Gibson was made into a "big deal" intentionally -- by the McCain campaign -- so it's no surprise that Gibson asked lots of hard hitting questions -- he was doing the first and so far only national interview of Palin.

But having put Palin in that position, it shows unbridled gall and a lack of integrity for Palin and McCain and their surrogates to now complain and whine about Palin being put in a spotlight.

They wanted to keep her sequestered away... and this interview is a result of their policy.

Whiny, weak-kneed Republican'ts.. Palin is looking like a wimp for whining about this.

Doubting Thomas:

Sure, Lee.

Of course, Lee.

Whatever you say, Lee.


Speaking of taxes and earmarks, someone should ask Schumer if he or his party intends to continue supporting Charlie "Gee, you mean I actually have to pay taxes on that?" Rangel and Jack "Porky McAbscam" Murtha. Or do they represent the kind of "change" that America needs? Maybe he could also give us an update on how that whole "most ethical Congress in history" thing is going.


wow... so what if Obama had already been interviewed before? That means his interview should be a little bit more difficult than a color by numbers poster? And as far as I can tell Obama has not even told us what "changes" he wants to make... o besides all the taxes he'd like to increase. (including the inheritence tax which sounds a bit like double dipping by the government considering the fact that taxes were paid on that money in the first place) The only reason people are mad at McCain and Palin is because they don't agree with them on every level. At least they say what they believe and stand up for it. Unlike Obama who has just promoted the ideas of "change" and "hope" and of course his tax increases. But who doesn't want to believe in change and hope? There's nothing to disagree with when he doesn't tell you want he stands for. And please... saying Sarah isn't qualified to be VP... you're right a community organizer or Senator who can't decide whether to vote YES or NO (or even present as he once voted)... now that is qualified to me. I would love to have a President who can't decide on anything in the Senate let alone as President. Who would be more qualified and experienced in what real Americans are going through than a pair that between the two you have a Veteran, POW, Senator, Governor, children in the military, adopted children, child with special needs, an unwed expecting daughter, and the list goes on. At least John and Sarah know what they believe and stand up for it. If you told Obama the sky was green he would nod and vote "present."


Question One: obama's reform...reform the community??? did a good job since it was safer in Iraq this summer than in south chicago...
Question Two: the trooper in question had been sanctioned for drinking in his squad car and tazing a 10 year old.
Question Three: obama and the misses made over 4 million dollars last year...donated 2% to charity...hell Chaney donates 70% yearly. mama obama wants to share the economic pie? i did not make 4 million last year...Dear Mrs. Obama...please give me your share...i will take a check.


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