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Meet John McCain's Friends

John McCain is getting by with a little help from his friends:

More on the list (h/t Desert Beacon)

AIG - Wayne Berman, National Finance Committee Co-Chair

Merrill Lynch - Charlie Black, McCain Campaign Senior Adviser

Merrill Lynch - Judy Black, Women for McCain Steering Committee

Merrill Lynch - Daniel Crippen, Senior Policy Adviser

Merrill Lynch - James Hyland, Virginia Steering Committee

Merrill Lynch - Peter Madigan, fundraiser

Merrill Lynch - Steve Phillips, fundraiser

Lehman Brothers - Charlie Black, McCain Campaign Senior Adviser

Lehman Brothers - Vicki Hart, Women for McCain Steering Committee

Bank of America - David Crane, Senior Policy Adviser

Fannie Mae - Kirsten Chadwick, fundraiser, Women for McCain Steering Committee

Fannie Mae - Arthur Culvahouse, head of McCain V-P search

Fannie Mae - Alison H. McSlarrow, Women for McCain Steering Committee

Fannie Mae - Aquiles Suarez, Economic Adviser

Freddie Mac - Juleanna Glover Weiss, Women for McCain Steering Committee

Electing John McCain as President is nothing more than letting the fox into the hen house...

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Comments (11)

Great great feature, Lee. Five stars all the way!

Phony economic "reformer" McCain also wants voters to forget that he was one of the worst of the "Keating Five" in the huge Lincoln Savings & Loan collapse scandal. Electing McCain to rescue the economy would be like sending Nero in as a fireman to fight a fire.

Ray H.:

I just know you won't trust anything from Fox News, but it seems that Obama isn't insulated from having Fannie Mae connections either. From having 2 former Fannie Mae CEO's on his team to being the 2nd highest receiver of donations from that organization


Both sides seem to have a lot of "blood" on their hands from this financial mess.

A little research shows nothing is as clear cut as you two seem to make it seem.

Needless to say, if these risky loans weren't made, we would have a bunch of poor people without houses to start with. Now they have houses they are losing.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, feel free to start practicing that "research" thing, Ray H, because the story you linked to - as near as I can tell - does not have a single word about Obama "having 2 former Fannie Mae CEO's on his team".

But Fox News may have wanted you to believe that - and I'm sure there are right wing blogs are telling that same lie - but you certainly have not provided any link whatsoever between two former Fannie Mae CEOs and Barack Oabama -with that Fox News story.

It does mention that Jim Johnson was on Barack's VP search committee - but that's one, not two... and the llist above of McCain's 'friends" lists 4 Fannie Mae and one Freddie Mac connection. Obama doesn't come close to the influence McCain's pals have.

But keep digging though all of that horseshit you Republicans call "facts" and maybe you'll actually find something that rings true, for once.

Ray H.:

I'll believe the right wing horseshit just as much as you believe the left wing horse shit you pass off as facts. I don't have a link to the 2nd ceo, but will try to find it, but in the meantime, the donations from Fannie are still a little dubious.

My point, which you ignorned in my post as well as failed to mention in your article is that the left isn't completely innonect in this either. Maybe one side can be blamed more than the other, but they both have blood on their hands.


There are dozens of references to disgraced former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines being one of Barack Obama's senior economic policy advisors. All it takes to find them, Lee, is just a few moments with the Obama-blinders off.

Obama also recieved over $126,000 in Fannie/Freddie campaign contributions in just under three years (his entire time in the Senate), placing him second on the list of Congresspersons who have received campaign donations from Fannie/Freddie. What's incredible is that Obama managed to collect more in three years than the #3 person, John Kerry, collected since 1989 (the starting point for data compilation). Of course the number one name on the list is Christopher "Friend of Angelo" Dodd.

Obama's links to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac seem to illustrate that he is far from being the agent of "change" that he claims to be.

One more thing -- when will the Democrats 'fess up and admit that they worked dilligently to defeat Republican-sponsored mortgage reform in 2003 and 2005? I know it must be embarrassing now, but don't the Democrats believe in principal? Don't they still care about the poor? Democrats defeated those reform attempts because they believed 1) that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac weren't really in financial trouble, and 2) that increased oversight would mean less affordable housing dollars for the poor. Now the Democrats are demanding as much oversight and reform as they can muster. Won't all this new regulation make what's left of available mortgage funds even more difficult for poor people to obtain? Again I ask, don't the Democrats still care about affordable housing for the poor?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Worked diligently to defeat it? In 2003 and 2005 Republicans ruled the roost - nothing that George Bush wanted went down to defeat before (and only to lesser degree after) Democrats took control of Congress in January, 2007.

The Republican reign of terror and the Bush administration's laissez faire "hands off the free markets" attitude (coupled with the usual Republican slobbering over oil companies which lead to a dismal energy policy) sunk the American economy - just slammed it right into the ground. The excesses of the "favor the rich" reign of Republican terror on the American economy created the house of cards we now see collapsing.

Everyone, even conservative icon Ben Stein says it's Bush's fault and McCain hasn't a clue as to how to fix it.

And suddenly John McCain finds regulatory religion -- he's seen the light -- and he's not like George Bush, he'll change everything.

Just more Bullshit. Franklin Raines ran the Office of Management and Budget for the Clinton administration during the period when Democrats brought sanity back to the White House. Raines negotiated the first balanced budget in 30 years (no wonder Republicans hate him).

He's a bipartisan team player, and Obama is fortunate to have him on the team.


I'll have to give you credit, Lee, for perfecting the art of "replying" to a comment without addressing a single argument or refuting a single fact within that comment. If you are not already an attorney, you'd make a damn good one.


I also think that you guys keep missing the joke here. As an evil, greedy, blood-sucking, war-mongering dirty filthy rotten conservative Republican bastard SOB, John McCain is supposed to have ties to every type of evil known to man.

But Barack Obama, the Lightworker, the Chosen One, the Messiah is supposed to be pure as the wind-driven snow. He is innocent as a dove, and knows only how to do good. So when links to corruption keep turning up in Obama's history, yes - we absolutely should take notice. After all, we wouldn't Barack Obama to turn out to be something he's not supposed to be, would we?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"So when links to corruption keep turning up in Obama's history, yes - we absolutely should take notice."

Well, first off - if you're pretending that you've linked Obama to any "corruption" in the comments you've posted here you are obviously a drinking man who believes in getting an early start to your day.

And with rhetoric like that you're only preaching to the Obama-hating choir, Mike -- the right wing haters looking for more reasons to despise the black man eat stuff like that up.

We Democrats know Obama is mortal. Yes, there are fringes who thinks he's a savior, but that's a tiny fraction that's been overblown and magnified by the right wing blogosphere. In terms of numbers, it's tiny --

and "outing" Obama's mortality is not going to change the minds of the Obama-believing fringes anyway -- like I said, you're preaching to the choir -- preaching to Obama-haters. The trolls on Wizbang will get off masturbating to that tune, but nobody else is paying attention to 'exposes' about William Ayers, or flailing attempts to link Obama to Fannie Mae, etc...

Mainstream media reports pointing out the lies in McCain's campaign ads? Now that's going to have an impact. Right wing bloggers whining about Obama-mania -- not so much.


Since you haven't been civil with me since day one I'll preface this by saying I'll be a hypocrite here. Wow, you really like to perpetuate the racism meme don't you? What a real progressive you are thinking that everyone who dislikes Obama is a racist, black-man hating pig. Grow up, some people might not like him because of his stances and empty suit-like actions. So much for a party of change if you are part of it.

As for masturbatory images, I'm sure if Obama coated himself in ice cream and asked you to be the cherry on top you'd probably die a happy, fat balding man that you probably are.

Wow, it really is easy to insult people when you hide behind a computer- I should do this more often but I'm not petty like some people. Have a nice life- or not.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I never said everybody who dislikes Obama is racist. Where the f8ck did you come up with that?

Certainly there are a percentage of Americans who will not vote for Obama on the basis of his race. You'll find some of them mixed in with the voters who supported Hillary but are now switching to McCain.

Not all of those are switching because of Obama's race, but some are.

And then there are some good old boys in Alabama and elsewhere, who would never vote for a black man, period.

Racism still exists, Mike. That's a reality.

As to the rest of your screed, - get a grip. And as I told you in response to your email, Mike - if you don't like what you read here you're welcome to go find something else to read. Be civil or move on.


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