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Palin Shows her Ignorance as she Lies for McCain

Every time she opens her mouth she looks dumber and dumber:

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said Wednesday that Democrats were out of bounds for criticizing John McCain when he said the fundamentals of the economy are strong.

In an interview with Fox News Channel, Palin said: "It was an unfair attack on the verbiage that Sen. McCain chose to use because the fundamentals, as he was having to explain afterwards, he means our work force, he means the ingenuity of the American people. And of course, that is strong and that is the foundation of our economy."

If he meant our work force he would have said our work force -- and if he meant American integrity, he would have said so.

But what John McCain said was this:

"Our economy I think, still, the fundamentals of our economy are strong, but these are very, very difficult times."

And when the nation laughed at him, he lied about what he was saying, and today he sent our Sarah Palin to lie about what he said as well.

Remember that the context of McCain's remarks was the Wall Street tumble that took place Monday...:

McCain rival Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats have been hammering McCain for maintaining his oft-stated position on Monday that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong" even as Wall Street spiraled downward. By that afternoon, with the markets falling amid other bad financial news, McCain was using a more dire tone. He now is calling the financial woes "one of the most severe crises in modern times."

...and "fundamentals" have a very specific meaning with respect to the financial health of a an economy, and of a corporation, business sector, etc.

Some of the indicators commonly used to assess company fundamentals include: cash flow; return on assets; conservative gearing; history of profit retention for funding future growth; and soundness of capital management for the maximizing of shareholder earnings and returns.

Now you'll have to excuse us if, having heard McCain declare that "fundamentals of our economy are strong", we thought that McCain was actually uhm.. talking about... you know, the fundamentals of the economy.

We should have known that this self-proclaimed economic know-nothing wasn't really talking about the economy, but was talking about other things instead.... and now we have Sarah Palin suggesting that she too has not got a clue about what the term "economic fundamentals" really means. Either that, or she's just lying, again.

Which brings to mind another difference between this particular hockey mom and a pig -- the pig doesn't lie nearly as much as Sarah Palin does....

Update: A New York Times September 16 editorial rips McCain a new one for his dishonesty over the "economic fundamentals" gaffe and subsequent lies...

John McCain spent Monday claiming as he had countless times before -- that the economy was fundamentally sound. Had he missed the collapse of Lehman Brothers or the sale of Merrill Lynch, which were announced the day before? Did he not notice the agonies of the American International Group? Was he unaware of the impending layoffs of tens of thousands of Wall Street employees on top of the growing numbers of unemployed workers throughout the United States?

On Tuesday, he clarified his remarks. The clarification was far more worrisome than his initial comments.


He said that by calling the economy fundamentally sound, what he really meant was that American workers are the best in the world. In the best Karl Rovian fashion, he implied that if you dispute his statement about the economy's firm foundation, you are, in effect, insulting American workers. "I believe in American workers, and someone who disagrees with that -- it's fine," he told NBC's Matt Lauer.

Let's get a few things straight. First, no one who is currently running for president does not "believe in American workers."

More to the point, the economy is stressed to the breaking point by fundamental problems -- in housing, finance, credit, employment, health care and the federal budget -- that have been at best neglected, at worst exacerbated during the Bush years. And as a result, American workers have taken a beating.

In clarifying his comments, Mr. McCain lavished praise on workers, but ignored their problems. That is the real insult.

Spot on correct. McCain has completely lost sight of the American people, and is teetering between one extreme lie to another as he desperately attempts to trick and lie his way into the White House.

John McCain hasn't a clue on the economic fundamentals of this nation.

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Comments (6)


I don't know squat about economics and from that point of view I think Mccain is right about the fundamentals.

Some of the indicators commonly used to assess company fundamentals include: cash flow; return on assets; conservative gearing; history of profit retention for funding future growth; and soundness of capital management for the maximizing of shareholder earnings and returns.

Do all of that stuff above without the american worker.

Doubting Thomas:

Think of a strong man. Tall, burley, able to take a lot of punishment and give it back if need be.

Then hit him hard in the head with a club. Not fatally - but enough to give him a concussion.

Fundamentals? Still strong. Temporarily under par - but he'll recover. It all depends on whether the jackals who hit him will cut his throat while he's down.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, kids, if you want a president who's actually smart enough to fix the economy you don't want these clowns that don't even know it's broken, or know what "economic fundamentals" are...

Doubting Thomas:

And that person's Obama.

Yah, sure, you betcha. Obama would be the sort of doctor who will look at the guy with the concussion, and schedule him as a 2-quart blood donor and take a kidney and his corneas also.

Sarah Paling:

Don't think John McCain doesn't know what is happening to the economy he has plenty of experience with failed banking institutions- Look at his involvement and his wife Cindy's involvement in the prototype of this meltdown - the Failure of Saving & Loan, the Keating Five - John McCain along with others helped Keating who was a business partner of Cindy McCain defraud customers of billions of dollars

Ha Ha Hank:

McCain has no idea of what he's talking about!

Saying "the fundamentals are strong" then dancing a jig around his comments to imply that he meant something other than what he said. Hilarious! He did mean to say that the fundamentals were strong because he just read a statement that some other idiot in his campaign wrote....I'm sure that guy is no longer there...ha ha.

The truth of the matter is that he has no idea what the fundamentals are, how to fix this credit crisis/economy, and how to retract the last eight years of supporting the Bush administration that can be blamed for this entire debaucle. Bush's utter disregard of any type of regulation of mortgage lenders practices, coupled with zero oversight of the financial markets, and the sheer greed of investment banks who tried to benefit off of the CDO's and mortgage backed securities that were once considered cash cows are the reasons why this fire is out of control.

To McCain's credit, though...at least he can read, which is more that I can say for the current Idiot of the United States. Unfortunately, he does not have the ability to rationally review the statements before he reads them because there is no way he could have read that statement prior to the press conference and truly believed that the fundamentals were strong after looking at the current state of the market and the collapse of Fortune 500 companies that have been cornerstones of the financial industry for the past century. McCain really should have realized that a cookie-cutter answer was not going to "cut it" this time and that he needed to bring more to the table than simply throwing out a vague statement that buys him a little more time to figure out what the hell is going on. Do your research first Old Man!

We have to come to expect that from Bush, but we really expect more from McCain...or at least a little more than we get from Bush. That sh** is not working right now. Everyone's just waiting for this Idiot to get out of office so that we can get someone in there to help repair this economy and McCain is not helping his case by not knowing what the hell is going on and responding to serious issues the same way that Bush would. Everyone is up in arms because they really expected more from McCain. It's almost laughable.

I work for Merrill Lynch and Merrill's greed led to their demise as well as Bear Stearns, Lehman's, AIG, and more to follow in the next few weeks.

What's really funny is now, McCain is saying that he would fire SEC Chairman Chris Cox, a fellow Republican and appointee by GOB..."Good Ole Bush" to try to distant himself from this catastrophe that occurred under Bush's watch. The Bush administration then releases a statement that they have full confidence in Chairman Cox.

Ha Ha!!...this is like campaign suicide. What is McCain doing?? Damnned if you do...damned if you don't. Wasn't that the main criticism of Kerry when he ran for office - Kerry is a "flip-flopper". Well, it now looks as if McCain doesn't know which side of the jump rope to stand on. This senile old man has no idea of what to do and he was really not prepared to deal with this crisis.

In a desperate attempt to "flip-flop", it appears as if this Old Man is putting himself on an island. I wonder if the Old Man can see Russia from that island...Ha Ha!!


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