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McCain/Palin Post-Convention Bounce is Over

Updated and Bumped again: It's official - Obama has taken a commanding four-point lead - 48%-44% - link. Hooyah! The reversal came in at 10 days, within the range I predicted.


Updated and bumped September 17, 2008: Obama has moved into the lead in the Gallup Daily 3 day tracking poll 47% Obama versus 45% for McCain, an early indicator that Obama is overtaking McCain for the lead, erasing the McCain/Palin post-convention bounce.


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published September 16, 2008


The bounce John McCain received in national opinion polls following his party's convention and the selection of Sarah Palin to the GOP presidential ticket appears to have evaporated, a new CNN poll of polls suggests.

In the latest CNN survey of several recent national polls, Obama and McCain are locked in a dead heat at 45 percent each with 10 percent who remain undecided with 50 days remaining until Election Day.

One week ago I predicted the McCain/Palin surge would last 7-10 days, and then swing in Obama's favor. After 7 days they've pulled even, and in the next three days, if my prediction was correct, will have Obama taking the lead again.

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Comments (2)

Any interest in Palin as some new figure to shake things up is fading next to concerns of banks failing, jobs lost, and the baggage Palin brings to the McCain Campaign.

The McCain Campaign has three big liabilities: George Bush. Sarah Palin. And of course, John McCain.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

And right now Palin is still running and hiding from the press - refusing to answer any questions that haven't been pre-digested and pre-answered for her by her handlers.

Why is Sarah Palin so afraid to talk to answer questions form the press?


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