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The Bad News on the Economy is....

The worst possible news about the economy is... President Bush is working on the problem.

The market conditions have put the White House into crisis mode. But Bush has behaved very differently than in previous crises -- for instance around the start of the Iraq war, or after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 or last month's invasion by Russia of tiny neighbor Georgia. In those cases, Bush would talk nearly every day on the issue. This week, he has been notably silent.

His remarks Thursday were his first since Monday. And he has spurned every attempt by reporters to ask questions about the developments, including again on Thursday. As he finished his very brief statement and turned to walk back into the Oval Office, a reporter asked if he believed the economy was still sound. The president kept walking.

Did he waddle like a lame duck?

And we don't need President Bush to tell us the fundamentals of the economy are sound -- we've got John McCain to blunder and lie his way through that question. If Bush says the same thing as McCain it'd be on the air in an Obama TV ad within hours. So Bush waddles off into the sunset saying nothing.

That's Republican leadership at it's finest!

If only we could vote on whether we want Bush to continue to "work" on problems like this - or just keep the frack out of the way and let nature run its course until the Obama administration takes over.

It's hard to imagine that natural forces and sheer luck would leave us any worse off then when George W. Bush is running things... but then there's always Sarah Palin. She broke ground on a hockey rink on land the city of Wasilla didn't own. Now that's Republican-style "Hockey Mom" leadership! Maybe she could organize a bake-sale to raise money to bail out Wall Street.


There's a crew standing by to make some nice, homemade signs leading the way to the sale!

Those homemade convention signs that look like a kid's art project? GOP operatives made them

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Maybe Bush will get something done while Congress goes on vacation -- again.

By the way, last night on the Charlie Rose show on PBS, Barney Frank was asked about foreign interests buying out US financial institutions in order to keep them afloat. Here's part of what he said:

Even with volatility this is still a place people want to put their money. This is a very stable democracy with a fundamental economy which has been damaged now but which we expect to come back.

Barney Frank must have been too busy packing for his vacation to read the DNC talking points memos! He actually believes that America is "stable" and that our economy will "come back."

NO! NO! NO! NO! We are on the brink of DESTRUCTION! It's all BUSH's FAULT! There is NO STABILITY!!! Geeez, read the damn talking points next time, Barney!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yes, the economy will come back. I predict July, 2009. You'll see a stock market boom that begins 3-4 months earlier in March, and that'll be a leading indicator.

You do understand the concept of "coming back," don't you Mike.

As in "make a recovery," or "come out of a recession", right? Understand?

And yes, I'll be putting money into the American stock market between now and then, especially as it scrapes bottom before beginning the recovery. Buy low, Mike... buy low. Good time to buy a house too - we're getting closer to that bottom also.

Know why? So many families have lost their homes, Mike, while the foxes were guarding the hen house.

Time for some smarter foxes!

Thanks for explaining this exciting bit of Barney news to us, Mike.

Nice foil hat too!


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