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The GOP "Lie About Everything" Game Plan

Alan Wolfe at Salon sums it up this way:

Like George W. Bush, McCain and Palin have to lie. Because if they told the truth about their policies, they'd lose the election.

I like this guy... here's more:

Eight years after the travesty of the 2000 election, in which the media were prone to emphasize Al Gore's exaggerations while letting George W. Bush off the hook, Republican politicians finally are being called out on their dishonesty. "The biggest liar in modern political history," writes Michael Tomasky, the editor of the Guardian America, about John McCain. There are indeed so many lies associated with the Republican campaign that one can pick and choose at random. My favorites are the efforts by the McCain campaign to portray Obama as being in favor of teaching sex education to 5-year-olds and the Spanish language ad accusing him of opposing immigration reform. Your favorites might include McCain's claim that Obama will raise taxes on the middle class or his statement to the women of "The View" that Sarah Palin never requested earmarks.

McCain's propensity to lie has become what political junkies call a meme, an idea or behavior that runs, seemingly unstoppably, from one media outlet to another. Some bloggers offer daily counts of how many falsehoods McCain tells while others wonder why the Democrats do not respond in turn. Even the mainstream press has gotten into the act. One of the pleasures of the 2008 campaign -- I admit they have been few and far between -- is watching all those who once admired John McCain for his truthfulness realize the true depths of his moral depravity. When McCain is linked to Palin, moreover, as he so frequently wants to be, lying experiences something of a multiplier effect. These candidates lie so much that they have taken to lying about their own lies.

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Comments (8)


You are kidding aren't you?

I listen the Obama ads and then check the facts and find him lying right and left. Biden, I haven't even listened to yet, so I make no comment on his truthfullness or not. Then I check the facts and find McCain and Palin are basically honest.

Of course, what can you expect from Salon.com? The odd thing is when someone on Salon tells the truth.....

And finally, I find Obama in favor of Universal Health Care - a stupid idea that the facts tell me would have been responsible for my DEATH, not once, but twice, if it was in place.

We can't afford Obama as president, and I might not survive such a president.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Gee, "Obama's Health Plan would have killed me" is a pretty strong statement, Mycroft.

Care to back it up with some facts?

Or are you just exaggerating for dramatic effect?


Not exagerating at all.

When I was born, my father was in the Air Force - a similar thing to Universal Health Care. Those doctors couldn't handle the case (my mother was a type I diabetic - it was a BIG thing then) so the Air Force PAID to send her to the local maternity hospital. Without the escape valve of non "Universal Health Care" I would not have survived, nor possibly would she.

In 1994, I spent 60 days of intense medical testing to determine that I had cancer. The symptomology was all wrong. I was diagnosed on Nov 10th and told later that I would have been dead by Christmas without treatment. Under "Universal Health Care" I would not have gotten all those tests within the 60 days, nor by Christmas.

So, Lee Ward take that. Obama's (Or any other Liberal's) Universal Health Care is a death sentence to many people in this country.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"When I was born, my father was in the Air Force - a similar thing to Universal Health Care"

You're woefully uniformed. Universal health care is not a government-run government-as-provider health care system.

You've been reading right wing blogs for too long, and now you can't even discuss the issues of the day without spewing their bull.

You haven't a clue.


Mycroft, I can understand your fears of military doctors. The military, no matter which branch has some of the WORST doctors in the US. But that is because on average, they are C students, who couldn't pass the state exams. Most of them cannot get a job in the medical field in the civilian world, despite that they graduated with a medical degree. They are last chance doctors. They are bitter and that is why they don't care

Now I am not saying ALL of them feel that way or were poor students, most are though.

So yes, a prevalent number of people in the military are scared to go to military doctors. Most have horrifying stories. I even have some of my own. Your fears and your story is not unique.

Despite this

The government run military hospitals and universal health care are not similar in that respect. The quality of care is not sacrificed because the service, to be cared for, is suddenly affordable.

You really need to research it. Research England, Canada, France and their medical system. Stay off of the blogs and politically fueled sites. Search for the truth.

You will probably find yourself extremely angry that this Great Country is so behind the times when it come to providing and insuring the quality of our nations health.

But then again, you might not mind paying $50 for a band-aid and $200 for a bottle of aspirin. Maybe you don't mind that people are being turned away from hospitals, falling to their deaths in the hospital parking lots because they do not have, or cannot afford, insurance. Maybe you don't mind getting substandard health care service because your HMO doesn't cover necessary procedures and you are denied additional health insurance because you are sick.

Maybe you don't mind these things

But I do.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Universal Health Care is health insurance for everyone, not government-run hospitals and doctors.

It's not government-run medical facilities. That lie is being pushed around to scare people off, just like horror stories of military hospitals where someone has received poor health care -- those are just misdirection to people off.

"We now face an opportunity -- and an obligation -- to turn the page on the failed politics of yesterday's health care debates... My plan begins by covering every American. If you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change for you under this plan is the amount of money you will spend on premiums. That will be less. If you are one of the 45 million Americans who don't have health insurance, you will have it after this plan becomes law. No one will be turned away because of a preexisting condition or illness."

The lie that this would anything other than health insurance for everyone is yet another right wing smear job.


When all the insurance comes from the government, all the good doctors will go somewhere else. The fact that you can't see it is because you are blind.

Why do so many people come to this country for health care from Canada? Because they have a Universal Health Care system. Why pay the money to come here? Because it is better here where it is private practice and you have to pay to get in.

When everyone gets medical care for free, then the system will get clogged with the people that don't take care of themselves, and the hypocondriacs and so forth. This is why co-pays came about under HMOs. It is this delay that causes death, which would have killed me in 1994.

You make my case for me.

And as for Military doctors all being low grade, no, not hardly, but like anywhere else, they are paid less, so they go where the money is. I remember one Navy doctor well - a very good doctor. I also remember another that I filed charges against.

In the real world, when I find a bad doctor, I can just choose a different one (and I have). In socialized medicine (and Universal Health Care is), I am forced to take the doctor of the system's choice - and that isn't good enough.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

More bullshit from MYCROFT.

LIE = all insurance will come from the government. 100% bullshit - what? Blue Cross is going to be put out of business? It's total right wing bullshit.

"When everyone gets medical care for free, then the system will get clogged with the people that don't take care of themselves, and the hypocondriacs and so forth.

More lies and bullshit and misdirection -- what Obama is proposing IS NOT socialized medicine.

Hard to tell if Mycroft is an idiot or just a bullshitter -- he's really good at playing both.


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