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Watch McCain's Tucker Bounds Squirm and Deceive on CNN

Update: Laura Bush says Sarah Palin "lacks sufficient foreign policy experience" -- guess she hasn't talked to ol' Tucker Bounds.

Can't say I'd blame her, - you can't get a straight answer out of Tucker anyway!

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I happen to have been watching CNN when this interview came up back on September 1.

Watch as McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds first spins the question on Palin's foreign policy qualifications around to John McCain, and when CNN's Campbell Brown calls him on it, Bounds then spins around and starts talking about Barack Obama instead of answering the question about Palin.

The McCain people have been doing this for months - avoiding direct questions and just spinning instead - manipulating the media constantly - all the while complaining about unfair coverage.

Campbell Brown has the cajones to stay after Bounds on the question -- most media types just give up and let Bounds spout his lies and talking points.

Answer the question, putz....

These days the McCain people are keeping the press far, far away from Sarah Palin. She won't answer questions, and as we can see from this interview, her spokespeople won't answer questions either.

Palin has yet to hold a single press conference or take questions from any group of reporters.

McCain has talked to local reporters on his bus, but has not held a press conference with national media since August 13th.

And they wonder why the press is all over their butts. They are hiding from the press in an attempt to win this campaign through speeches and lying TV ads. They are afraid to take questions and have to answer off the cuff -- and when you put them on prime time CNN they lie and squirm and dodge and spin and avoid...

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Comments (3)

bryan bosler:

I must say that bush has made me ashamed to be a american. That his beliefs has harmed every aspect of american life except the weathly 2%. He's a spoiled rich boy and it comes out in his
beliefs. Even at his present age I see him as a spoiled little boy.


Tucker Bounds is a dimwit.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

He's perfect Republican "Presidential Press Spokesperson" material. He can stand up there and not answer questions like nobody else...


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