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"Showboat McCain": Sadly Disappointing

mccain_New_York.jpg Yesterday was such a dismal day. Heartbreaking... "Showboat McCain" went to Washington and accomplished nothing -- absolutely nothing. John McCain failed to accomplish anything at yesterday's meetings, and couldn't even get the Republicans in the House to follow his lead.

McCain went to Washington promising to make things better. He spoke last in the Bush meeting and contributed nothing. Obama was active... challenging. McCain appeared to be sulking in the corner. He accomplished nothing -- nothing more then setting up an excuse to allow him to back out of the Friday night debate.

John McCain -- afraid to debate. I never thought I'd see the day.

It's a 2.5 hour non-stop flight from Washington, D.C. to Memphis, Tennessee - the major airport closest to the Oxford, Mississippi debate site. McCain's plane may in fact be able to fly into an airport even closer, but even if McCain had to fly into Memphis and then spend an hour in a motorcade driving to the debate site he could -- thanks to the one hour time zone difference -- leave the Capitol meetings at 4:15pm and drive to the airport, and fly and drive to the debate site, and he'd still get to the debate site by 8pm local time - a full hour before the debate which starts at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

And yesterday we saw the John McCain who promises to fix Washington? Members of his own party won't get behind the guy - how is he going to bridge the divide? There are few left who respects the guy after his dismal performance the last few weeks. He's nothing more than a political opportunist who showboats and postures for attention like a preening political peacock.

To put it bluntly, yesterday clearly demonstrated that John McCain's presence is not needed in Washington at this time. He's not contributing to the process, and this showboating of his needs to stop.

And then there's "Caribou Barbie".....

John McCain's age, history of cancerous melanomas, and two prior suicide attempts puts Palin dangerously close to assuming the powers of the office of the President of the United States. If the Palin that's been revealed through the short series of interviews that have taken place (despite the McCain campaign's concerted and deliberate effort to keep Palin away from the press) hasn't shown you that the McCain/Palin ticket is absolutely the wrong answer for the United States -- you have no pride in your country. It's just that simple.

The world is a far more dangerous, and far more expensive place for us now as a result of Republican leadership, but John McCain is no different, and sadly -- no better. As a progressive I placed more hope in John McCain than any of the other Republican candidates, and he's disappointed me greatly. The pick of Sarah Palin as Veep was the straw that broke it for me and John McCain. It was such a cynical, calculated, Karl-Rove'ish stunt.

McCain placed himself and his election above the welfare of the nation in the selection of Sarah Palin. He's now demonstrated an inability to fix anything in Washington -- and he's resorted to lame political showboating over the last 48 hours as he, by all appearances so far, manufactured an excuse to avoid tonight's debate.

"Showboat McCain." How sadly disappointing.

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"As a progressive I placed more hope in John McCain than any of the other Republican candidates..."
You actually placed some hope in John McCain changing anything? Wow, that's depressing. I was kind of hoping he'd pull out with this financial mess and let Palin run in his place- she actually changed a little something in her home state with ousting fellow Republicans. Too much to hope for I guess.

Ray H.:

Lee, No matter what you say, you're no progressive. I've seen zero tolerance from you for anything Republican in nature. Every single article you write competely bashes anyone Republican without one mention of Democratic wrong doing. Don't make yourself out to be something you obviously aren't. Otherwise this would be a much more objective blog and would cover issues that reflect badly on both sides instead of ignoring anything that reflects badly on the Democrats and your chosen candidate.


I don't think tolerance is in the vocabulary of the authors on this blog but I enjoy reading it anyways just to see what more wacky stuff they can say.


Looks like the debate is back on. Guess McCain isn't scared after all.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Oh he's afraid - or he wouldn't have pulled this stunt- he's just not stupid.

It was lunacy and pure showboating "grandstanding" to pretend he wasn't going to make it to he debate because he had such important work to do in DC.

What a pompous ass McCain is for playing this charade.

But as I said - he's not stupid. Obama is forcing him to attend, and he will be there.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"I've seen zero tolerance from you for anything Republican in nature."

No tolerance? Me?

Why just the other day Chad commented that his "dream ticket" was Mike Huckabee and for VP Chuck Norris -- and I didn't not make fun or mock Chad's moronic, idiotic choice of some rough-and-tumble actor who makes his living pretending to be a tough guy for Veep.

Now that's tolerance.... I could have pointed out the even Caribou Barbie was more qualified than Chuck Norris, and the suggestion that Norris should be in the White House shows just how low Republican standards are when it comes to selecting their choices for Washington.... but I didn't. My friends, that's tolerance.


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