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Cafferty on Palin's Bungling Over Bailout

I don't always agree with Jack Cafferty. In fact he and I have exchanged comments over previous point-of-view disagreements.

But I agree with Cafferty about this:

This pit bull with lipstick doesn't have a clue.

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Comments (5)

Certainly Jack is very opinionated. But I feel very sorry for him that his wife suddenly died very recently. For coming from such a dysfunctional family background, Jack Cafferty has done very well to come this far. Sometimes I agree with his views, sometimes not.

Tincan sailor[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well I'm a Democrat also and as I look at what my party has put forth it makes me sick as a dog!!! Obama run by beggars , crooks and thieves'
Smart as they come, polished and totally lacking common sense, in that
area stupid as they come!! As for Joe Biden, you just can't fix stupid!!


America wake up!
I agree with Jack Cafferty.


If Tincan sailor is a democrat, I'm a republican. For the first time in my adult life as an AMERICAN CITIZEN, I am ecstatic to have someone I want to vote FOR versus voting against the other candidate. I think Obama is a breath of fresh air and has more common sense than McCain + Palin x 4.

Plus Obama is NOT a CHRONIC liar. Do you really want your president to be a liar? McCain doesn't know how to tell the truth even when it would be better than a lie. I support our veterans? NOT!

Jack always says it like it is. I think you watch too much "FoxNews." It destroys the brain and all common sense. Watch more Cafferty, Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.


Based on this "missing link" interview, Palin, in my opinion, has revealed herself to be a female Forrest Gump. Could **anyone** of sound mind vote for her as an immediate potential holder of the office of President of the Unied States? Forget McCain. Forget Obama and Biden. Vote to prevent Palin from becoming our (gag) leader.


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