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Saturday Night Live September 27, 2008 - McCain Obama Debate

Tired of the partisan spin coming out of Friday night's debate? Try this SNL parody video instead....

From the same episode: A parody of the CBS Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin, linked here.

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Parody is best when it actually presents the real views or shortcomings of persons in a satirical manner. But this missed the mark by merely impersonating the personalities, but missing the real mark on any parody of the issues. It was nowhere as masterful as the Sarah Palin parody which was far better at capturing her serious shortcomings as well as personality. Like SNL as a whole, the show is uneven in writing quality, sometimes masterful and sometimes falling far short of a target.

As an aside here, I sure enjoyed watching British musical sensation Duffy perform. She manages to hint at great 1960's musical legends such as Dusty Springfield or some old 60's pop or soul acts in a partially successful style that sometimes is very fulfilling, other times not as good, but with a little stronger song writing material still really needed. With some much stronger songwriting, this performer has a real opportunity to really open up a bigger career as a major musical star instead of just some small flash in the pan act.

Past major UK musical acts that were highly successful like Dusty Springfield had some great songwriting to rely on to help to showcase her excellent vocal skills. Other major UK personalities such as Marc Bolan could easily pen good material. The Beatles and Rolling Stones were at their best when they stopped relying so much on Chuck Berry, blues or soul classics, and began to write classics on their own. Duffy needs better material to succeed as an act. Her current material only allows a hint to her powerful vocal skills and certainly hampers her future.

I was certainly glad that I felt well enough to actually stay awake and watch the entire SNL program last night. It is rare that I have the strength to stay awake this late without having to watch SNL on the recorder that I set up.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

McCain's propensity for campaign "stunts" over substance was underscored nicely, in my view, by the "suspension of the campaign to hold a series of pie-eating contests."


Wow. They actually mentioned Rezko. The SNL writers must really favor Senator Clinton.


Spoil what? Waste what? Steal what?

Barack Obama we do not doubt your intelligence. To be an effective leader one must also display honesty, compassion, & guts. Stand with Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, & Cynthia McKinney. NOT John McCain. Your choice - your move.


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