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Johnnie and Sarah, You're Doing a Heck of a Job!

johnnie.JPGMcCain goes to Washington to go "hands-on" and get the bailout bill passed against heavy House Republican resistance...

...and we end up with a bill containing $110 $150 Billion in earmarks?

You're doing a heck of a job, Johnnie!

And look at how Governor Palin got in on the earmarks pork wagon!

Senators quietly tucked a number of earmarks into the tax package of the 451-page bill that was passed Wednesday night and is expected to be put to a vote in the House today: a $2 million tax benefit for makers of wooden arrows for children; a $100 million tax break to benefit auto racetrack owners; $192 million in rebates on excise taxes for the Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands rum industry; $148 million in tax relief for U.S. wool fabric producers; and a $49 million tax benefit for fishermen and other plaintiffs who sued over the 1989 tanker Exxon Valdez spill.

That ain't change!

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that a pet pork project of Palin's was included in the bailout pork barrel feeding frenzy that was added to get the bill past the reluctant Repubbies in the House. Palin and husband Todd were even eligible to be plaintiffs in the class-action Supreme Court case that failed to provide this benefit to the Alaskans harmed most by the Exxon Valdez spill. They decided not to join in as members of the class that sued for damages, but I wonder if they'll personally benefit now.

What Palin said at the time of the Supreme Court case decision:

After the Supreme Court ruled, Gov. Palin was critical of the outcome. "I am extremely disappointed with today's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court," she was quoted as saying. "While the decision brings some degree of closure to Alaskans suffering from 19 years of litigation and delay, the Court gutted the jury's decision on punitive damages." She also said, "It is tragic that so many Alaska fishermen and their families have had their lives put on hold waiting for this decision. My heart goes out to those affected, especially the families of the thousands of Alaskans who passed away while waiting for justice."

Unable to find justice in the Supreme Court of the United States, Palin's pals in Alaska now will get $49 million in pure Palin pork. Hooyah!

Hmm, but that ain't change, is it Sarah? You're not one of the slick politicians, are you?

Sarah Palin demonstrates her secret weapon -- Shock and.... awwww, ain't that cute!

Would you buy a used car from that woman?

And I laughed for several minutes when I saw her statement (photographed beautifully by Fox News by the way - shot from a low angle, looking up in into the sky with the wind blowing through her hair) as Sarah tells us that she reads the New York Times and the (gufaw) Economist. I"m looking forward to the next interview where a Palin is asked about economic specifics... of course, the way things are going chances are good she's only going to be interviewed by Fox News and other media who will edit out her stumbling and bumbling buffoonery.

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Comments (9)


So she was in Washington and with all the Senators while they hammered out the deal? That is pretty cool. I thought she was in another state all that time. She much more powerful than I thought. Thanks for pointing that out Lee.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sarah didn't need ot be there, Johnnie was there taking care of business... keeping those earmarks flowing, making sure the pork was spread around....

"Sarah didn't need ot (sic) be there, Johnnie was there taking care of business... keeping those earmarks flowing, making sure the pork was spread around...."

And Obama was right there with him, doing the same damn thing. Both candidates suck. The country can just perform a coin toss to see which one gets the prize, because so far, the contest to see which one is the biggest jackass is all locked up.

There's even a huge multimillion dollar subsidy to the rum industry in this bailout bill, apparently for McCain to capture the pirate vote. Ahoy, there matey.

Well, the parrot on my shoulder tells me it's time for me's to leave. Arrrrggg.

P.S. There's even a subsidy for an Oregon company that makes arrows for kids. Who knew that kids playing with bows and arrows was safe or something that government should help to subsidize?


Yah...McCain has such a huge history of earmarks. Specially for Alaska.


You're right, Rich. Amazing isn't it, that as a member of the minority party, John McCain could stuff all those earmarks into that bill, while the poor old Democrats weren't responsible for a single one of them! And Sarah Palin must really be Wonder Woman, since no other governor in America has any power whatsoever to write or amend Congressional legislation.

Lee, really, you're sinking to Oliver Willis-level stupidity. Maybe you should turn things over to Paul H. for a while and take a nice, long, restful vacation.

Ray H.:

Mike and Tom, you are so silly. As this acrticle proves, Wizbang Blue isn't an objective news source, it's the rantings and ravings of two liberal lackeys who take everything they can and spin it against the republicans. In the process, they conveniently overlook and/or ignore facts everyone else knows about that may look badly upon Democrats.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sarah Palin can't actually write the earmarks into the bills, and if you lugs could read above second-grade level you'd see that the post above never says that she did -- but instead refers to Palin's pet pork project being included by John "the Maverick" McCain working his magic on the bill. I doubt McCain got his hands dirty either, biut obviously someone inserted Palin's project.

Palin has Senators write in the earmarks she wants.


Just out of curiosity Lee,how do governors get money from the government for projects?

Also,there are senators from Alaska that have their own constituents that they are serving. I know it goes against the spin you are trying to apply,but they do not need Palins permission to apply for earmarks. Exxon was a huge thing in Alaska. Ask your parties environmentalists. Not that I expect your hysteria to change.


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