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McCain Supporters Hang Obama Effigy From Tree To Racially Intimidate Minorities

In an ugly act of racial and political intimidation, four supporters sympathetic to John McCain who are students at the the small Christian George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, confessed to hanging a life-sized Obama effigy from a tree at the entrance of the college with the words, "Act 6 Reject" scrawled on the figure. The Act 6 program is a minority scholarship program.

The goal of those that hung the life-sized cardboard figure of Barack Obama in effigy seemed pretty clearly aimed at both intimidating any supporters of Barack Obama and also making any minority students feel unwelcome and unsafe at the college. It was like posting a death threat to any Obama supporters or to any minorities that they are not welcome at the Christian college and should leave for their safety. It is closely related to terrorism in attempting to incite fear to control others.

Administrators were outraged at this disgusting display of racial and political intimidation and held an event at the school's chapel to address this outrageous hate act. And the FBI is actively investigating the act of racial prejudice and may file federal charges against the four students who are currently under suspension from the school.

So far the McCain-Palin Campaign has been silent on this hate crime act. But both McCain and Palin are on record as opposing hate crimes laws at both state and federal levels. Both have a clear of record of weakness when it comes to support for prosecuting those who use racial intimidation or death threats against minorities. It seems highly unlikely that anyone from the McCain Campaign will offer any statement condemning this hate crime.

The John McCain record is so poor on minority issues that only a mere 36 African American delegates were at the Republican National Convention this year. One of the lowest numbers in years. Many minorities recognize that John McCain is no friend to their shared values of justice, equality or law enforcement against hate crimes. John McCain's right wing economics continue to keep many minorities in economic slavery as well and have diminished their standard of living.

John McCain has continued to compare himself to Barry Goldwater over the years. However, during the 1964 campaign it was Barry Goldwater's vice presidential candidate, Arthur Miller who accepted the support of the Ku Klux Klan during the campaign, creating an embarrassing situation for Goldwater that year which was just another factor in his landslide loss that year.

With his opposition to the Martin Luther King Holiday, civil rights legislation and hate crimes laws, John McCain has one of the worst records of any GOP candidate for president in many years on combating racism in America. It is hard to imagine that such a candidate is running in the party of Abraham Lincoln who was so devoted to racial justice for all Americans. And the racist incident at George Fox university is just an ugly reminder of the shallow reason that a few supporters are drawn to John McCain.

But one major Oregon Republican seems to have stepped up to make a strong statement perhaps inspired by this hate crime. Republican Senator Gordon Smith has begun airing new ads last week that show his bipartisan support with Senator Edward Kennedy for supporting increased penalties for hate crimes. Senator Smith represents the broad number of decent Republicans who reject hate crimes, racial violence or using racist effigy figures to intimidate minorities or Obama supporters.

While some supporters of John McCain such as the racists who hung the Obama effigy may want to make this election a referendum on race, the Obama Campaign has always taken the high road in this campaign, making this election about the economy, character and issues. That's where most Americans are and will be on election day as well.

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Comments (12)


Where in the world are you getting that idea that you wrote such a nasty screed about. I live here and none of our papers or local people have reported that. Did you just pull it up out of you fevered brain. Sheesh!! Post your source please...


I read about it in the Colombian, and also watched the story on the Channel 2 news out of Portland OR.

I would say Gene, maybe you should read and watch the news once in awhile, you might learn something besides the GOP BS.


Gene, evidently you are as educated as Sarah Palin. Is YOUR response also going to be to Allen's post that you read ALL material placed in front of you? Hmmmm... let me guess.. you voted for Bush? Thanks...

Along with many citizens, I am deeply disappointed in either campaign that uses
racial, ethnic or religious slurs or accusations to try to boost their ratings. It is a desparate act to raise the judgment others
make of them. How disappointing that the Governor of Alaska would engage in this practice. Similarly, it underscores the stature of John McCain to assign this task to his vp. Similarly, their attempts to use "guilt by association" as a strategy for
casting themselves in a stronger light is certainly not consistent with democratic values as they are embedded in the U. S. Constitution and the laws that embrace them Such strategies do not sit well with many voters and are not effective. In fact, those who have used used them, have distroyed their
credibility. Since you have these demeaning practices, you have lost my repect for you as a
strong personality.
Here's to decency, respectability and responsibility in the campaign. Clean up your act.
Anna Ochoa-Becker
[email protected]


Anna Ochoa- Becker...... Well said!


I atteneded the community meeting in Portland on Friday night at the Vancouver Baptist Church. The President of George Fox Unv and several administrators were in attendance and spoke to the community regarding this recent event. What baffles me about this situation is how the media, including the FBI has totally turned this into an issue about OBAMA, and many have missed the issue of the 17 kids in the ACT 6 program that this is impacting. What we lack is a sense of understanding about racial diversity. The city of Newberg has not had this many black or students of color on its campus, let alone living in the city in over 100 years...
Until we continue to educate this generation and previous generations about the effects of racism, hate, injustice and bigotry.. We will never move ahead!
Those kids are hurting, and the eyes of the world are on them now..
Lets be a part of the solution as a community to help bring healing and understanding


This is a "Christian" University?

The Curvy Nervy Girl:

This is yet another tragic event being used to distract us from the real issues at hand. I am not amazed at this type of racially ignorant behavior for it has been happening right in front of our faces for years. In addition, I am not amazed that this is happening at a Christian University for evil has used "in the name of God" as their basis for doing what they think is right because of their skin color, for years. I pray that we as voters force McCain & Palin to stay on task and deal with the issues instead of desperate grasping at straw efforts to twart an Obama White House and that we as Americans will force each other to deal with the issues instead of using race and hatred to try to keep people from having the rights afforded us all in the Constitution but most importantly, in the Bible!

Renatus, Dickson:

Am not American man but I have eye by eye with what going on in 2008 American election, in this I want to learn something,i want to know wheather American people can tell the world how they are far away from racial.it look like but now It has come in my mind ,, with the Alaska GOP VP nominee speech! "Association" it imply those people are not for American Values as well as World values. American be care. God created various of color, including black and white, are all the same.
Racist man should not stay in America,and more than ever he,she should not allow him/her to lead you, you will destroy.

Renatus from Tz

Brian Moverly:

I REALLY need to know, based on the actions of these McCain supporters... When will you Mr McCain admit that YOU in fact "palled around" with all sorts of characters in the early 1980s as a board member of the US Council for World Freedom, which was part of an international organisation linked to former Nazi collaborators and ultra-Right-wing death squads in Central America??? According to the Daily Telegraph of London, a newspaper I'd trust over many here in the U.S.:

"The council's founder, retired Gen John Singlaub, said Mr McCain became associated with the organization as he was launching his political career in Arizona. Gen Singlaub said Mr McCain was a supporter but not an active member in the group, but contradicted a claim by Mr McCain that the senator resigned from the group in 1984.

"That's a surprise to me," Singlaub told the Associated Press. "This is the first time I've ever heard that. There may have been someone in his office communicating with our office."

So in summation as I view the McCain Palin ticket, I see an old man with "verifiable" links to Nazis, anti-semites and death squads, who as a mediocre pilot crashed 4 planes in his career and is alive today ONLY because his father was an Admiral, who chose a running mate based on sex to try and win over disenfranchised Hillary supporters, even though her views are diametrically opposed to Hillary's and who herself would rather be President of Alaska after "palling around" with domestic terrorist Joe Vogler for so long, but will take the job of Vice President of America if offered?

I am appalled that Palin stands in front of hundreds of "Country First" signs at rallies when I'm really not sure after becoming aware of her and her husband's (husband was a member for years) associations with The Alaskan Independence Party, WHICH country she's referring to. Joe Vogler, a domestic terrorist, who formed this political party to rip a star from Old Glory was himself killed trying to buy plastic explosives... (talk about domestic terrorists) and just a year later, Palin with husband in tow attends their annual conference. NOW I find out she also recorded a video welcome message for this political party's 2008 (YUP that's this year... an "American" election year) convention, a party that wants to create a country of Alaska, and finished by telling them to keep up the good work?

So the wannabe Vice President of the United States "palled around" and as late as THIS YEAR told party members to keep up the good work of a party whose founder, Vogler, the founder of AIP, in an interview before his "explosive demise declared: "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government, and I won't be buried under their damn flag. I'll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home." The Alaska Independence Party is easy to find on the web, as is Palin's rah rah speech to the members from 2008's convention, on their site and on you tube.

Well if it's a choice for risking giving the presidency to a really well educated and level headed person of color vs. these two and their supporters... I've just gotten awful colorblind!



"the left"? Do please inform us of the constant hanging in effigy that apparently goes on in your world...

Read a freakin' book once in a while and you might know a little about the gross racism at play here.

I understand that it happened again today in Ohio. Obama's image hung in effigy on somebody's tree. I'm still seeking out confirmation of the story...

peace, Villager


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