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McCain Pals Around with Racists and Anti-Semites

Update and bumped: The Obama campaign is weighing in on the McCain/Palin 'guilt by association' game, providing starting linkage between John McCain and his "anti-semite pals" with the introduction of the following regarding U.S. Council for World Freedom founder John Singlaub.

The Obama camp today is sending around reports on Singlaub, founder of the US Council for World Freedom, which was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal during the mid-1980s and was criticized for supposed links to Nazi collaborators and right-wing death squads in Central America.

Singlaub told Congress that he helped funnel arms to anti-communist forces in Nicaragua, in violation of a congressional ban. McCain joined the group's advisory board for a time as he was launching his political career in Arizona in the early 1980s.

My, my - what striking similarities between Obama's early political career, with Obama crossing paths with William Ayers, and McCain's similar early political career experience that connects him (by association - which the McCain campaign seems to think is fair game) with Nazis and right wing death squads.

No doubt the release of this information today, just hours before the debate, puts McCain on notice that the subject of Singlaub will come up tonight. It'll be in interesting to see McCain bob and weave his way through this 'mine field of his own making'....

The plot thickens...

The timing of McCain's resignation - specifically, its proximity to the Iran-Contra scandal in 1986 - could become particularly pertinent. McCain has said he quit the group in 1984, and spokesman Brian Rogers told Politico.com that the Republican nominee resigned "when questions were raised about its activities".[...]

McCain's name remained on CWF letterhead as late as 1986, however, according to several reports today.

--- original post begins here---
published Sunday, October 5, 2008

McCain Pals Around with Racists and Anti-Semites

Paul Begala, appearing this morning on NBC's "Meet the Press," revealed that back in the 1980s John McCain sat on the board of the extremist "U.S. Council for World Freedom" an ultra-conservative right wing organization which was affiliated with the "World Anti-communist League" which the Anti-Defamation League said "has increasingly become a gathering place, a forum, a point of contact for extremists, racists and anti-semites"

So playing the childish Sarah Palin "guilt by association" game, McCain was palling around with racists and anti-semites back in the 1980s.

McCain and Palin hope that their desperate efforts to distract Americans from the real issues will stem the increasing surge of support for Obama and Biden, and that voters will lose track of issues like the 750,000 jobs lost under the McCain-Bush economic program.

They hope middle-class Americans will forget that rich Americans get tax cuts, Wall Street gets bailouts, and Main Street America gets smears and false issues like William Ayers as the Republicans do their "gosh-darndest" to get four more years of control of Washington.

It's Time for a Change.

Update: I'll have a post up in a day or two which outlines the fact that John McCain celebrated a recent birthday with a filthy-rich self-confessed con man.

Much more evidence that "two can play this game" will be presented in the weeks ahead, stay tuned.

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Comments (27)


What's your problem with raising associations of the people running for high office (Either side's associations)?
Does "hanging around" with Rezko show good judgement (I didn't know he was a slum lord destroying my people's neighborhoods)? Does "hanging around" with a minister that preaches vile hatred of the USA show good judgement (The minister that even Ophra left because of this)? Does "hanging around" with Ayers show good judgement (who is quoted RECENTLY as saying he wished he had "done more" in his bombing and destruction of American Institutions)? Back to the minister: Recall that the minister's church magazine praised that great American patriot, Louis Farrakan. Does using the Saul Alinsky playbook show good jucgement?
Lee, I consider these associations major problems, and a foretelling of his thought processes. If he DID realize what these associations represent, then he is dangerous (IMHO) because he agrees with them. If he did NOT realize what these associations represent, then he is MORE dangerous because he is "as dumb as a rock"
Note these are CURRENT associations. I am sure you will find current McCain/Palin associations to counter mine, but just one more question to you: Do these Obama associations bother you, at least a small bit?
(This time I'm trying to be civil. It is difficult, but I am trying)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I don't have any problem with playing these games CKG - didn't you see the update at the bottom of my post? or Paul's post on the anti-Obama racists?

Lock and load, baby. My best game is playing in the mud.

Game on!



Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've looked into all of those associations in depth, and once you see what's behind the allegations and smears it's easy to see that there is nothing there.

But John McCain wasn't 8 years old when he boarded that boat in the second video clip above -- that was August 28, 2006. Look at the people John McCain pals around with on his 70th birthday. A con man!

- Conspiracy to commit wire fraud

- 8 counts of wire fraud

- 5 counts of money laundering

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis is the McCain connection to this sleezy slimeball.

Much more ahead, codekey - stay tuned, and stay civil!

Dumpser Diver:

Didn't we know that McCain is a racist? Who has use the term "Gook", a term which demeams all Asians, and is akin to the "N" word. How many times did vote againist MLK day in AZ (He started at the age of 50). Also who didn't show before a PBS debate which was largely a African-American audience.


That "8 years old" excuse is so lame. How does that make the association any cleaner? If it happened when he was 8 years old,he has had plenty of time to know exactly who Ayers is and why he should avoid him. Apparently he found reasons to do the opposite for many years.
I don't know as the Italian boy is a good comparison. It was two years ago that McCain met him and just recently this year that Raph was found guilty of anything. So as far as anyone knows McCain had no idea the guy was anything but what he said he was. The video refers to a party so maybe there was more people there than just the four of them. He met him once.
Rezko and Obama met back in 1990 and have been buddies ever since. Thats a long association with someone who turned out to be a crook. Specially since the deals that went between them.
I tried checking out this USCWF,but other than the Iran/contra stuff didn't see much. Maybe you have some links to it. I couldn't find a whole lot.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"That "8 years old" excuse is so lame. How does that make the association any cleaner?"

At the time Ayers was a breaking the law Obama was 8 years old.

To associate Barack Obama with the criminal acts of William Ayers you have to establish the proximity between the two.

The fact that Ayers endorsed Obama's career doesn't establish an association - it's just an endorsement.

The entire time Obama has known him Ayers has been an upright, law abiding citizen.

"Rezko and Obama met back in 1990 and have been buddies ever since."

Total right wing bullshit. That's a flat-out bald-faced life and you know it/ "buddies ever since" - bullshit. Total Republican talking out of your ass bullshit.

It's a cheap political smear that's meaningless - except to the extent it points out John McCain's desperate panic. 30 days to go and John McCain is swinging wildly from one tactic to another.

Drop everything, suspend his campaign, etc. etc... this guy is full of drama, but lacks viable solutions for everyday Americans.

NO SOLUTION to the ground war in Iraq but to do more of the same as George Bush.

NO SOLUTION to the economic crisis except to parrot George Bush's position.

NO SOLUTION to the health care question except to tax the hell out of everyday Americans and expect them to make up the difference.

NO SOLUTION to the fact that 20 million fewer Americans would have health insurance under John McCain.

"I tried checking out this USCWF..."

Learn to use Google or check back for later posts.

This dude that Obama was associated was acquitted. It's not a one of you here posting that would want your name mentioned in "anything" if you have been found not guilty. Palin's point at this time of economic crisis is baseless and pointless. Obama, McCain, Palin, & Biden are all imperfect (including you and I as well) What about now? Who can help America NOW?

I met a woman today raving about Obama raising taxes. I asked her where had she heard him say that? She said that McCain said it. I smiled. Then I went on to have as warm of a conversation as I could with her. She went on about the war in Iraq, health care, and various other ills of this country. Then she asked me about what I thought. I told her that when I was very young my parents told me that if you make a mistake, admit it, and correct the problem. I told her that we found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We should have packed up right then and left; no questions asked. She said "But we have to win there!" What does that mean? What does a "win" in Iraq look like? The Iraqi people may not want Democracy. That may not want "our" laws. They may not want anything to do with Americans or our Ideals period. Why force them? Isn't taken one country enough? I just want to know how much is "enough"? Greed has gotten us into a real bind right now. Again, some people are out of touch and do not get it. For eight years. Most of the poor have not paid taxes. The very rich paid very little, and everyone else in the middle class footed the bill. It's time. If you have not previously paid your fair share, here's your chance to do your patriotic and American duties. Pay what everyone else has. It's just that simple. Put your greed aside. Let's leave Iraq. There is no good reason to be there. It's not ours.

We got on the subject of illegal immigration. Her last name is Swartz. I reminded her that she too is an Immigrant, and explained the process that has allowed her to be her and whom made those laws. No one ask the millions pouring through Ellis Island to be here; not even today. They came here with the idea to have a better life. Not that "they" are here, "they" don't think that anyone else should have the same rights. Greed.

Then we got into the fact that McCain has served his country patriotically. He has. He also voted against a recent VA Bill that would help veterans returning from the current wars education benefits; but willing to continue the 10 Billion Dollar MONTHLY cost of Iraq. I am a disabled veteran denied education benefits twice. I am a student at Guilford College, Greensboro, NC.

Then - she went on and on about everything. I soon realized that she was dead set on McCain being her savior in this election. I respect that. I also understand that most of her problem started about 25 years ago, and could have been corrected a long time ago. N I am considerably younger than she, but my problems began long before that.

If you do not get anything out of this election season, know that well all need to get along and respect "each other". Whining, complaining and name calling want fix Wall Street, Our Health Care Systems, hatred, and other social ills. It's time to grow up. Seriously.

no i'm not impressed:

We went into Iraq for one reason, and oen reason only, OIL, The US made the rest of the world dependant on oil wen they first used it to replace their monetary system. In the 70's they ran out. They spent the rest of it on funding wars to obtain more oil, to keep their vast economy chugging along. That was that blip you may rememeber, of long queues, wdespread panic and that economical crisis. ring a bell?

That's where the Saudi's came in, and rescued us. Hence why Bush is still very good friends with them (but that's ok-they're the good kind).

Problem is now the rest of the world i.e: Middle East, is running out of not just oil, but most things that we've used oil to dig for quicker.

Silly excuses are being thrown around in order to kill thousands, even millions of people. And still the economy is buggerered and oil costs are ridiculous. When really its a continuous war for the last drams of money/oil.

Atleast your media isn't telling you about it. As news arrives here inLondon, of how you've managed to kill another family in Palestine ...(yes, Palestine?!?!)...my friend in L.A tells me your news just said,, "oh, that's not true....oh but wait, maybe it is, i think they didn't oppose the Taliban?...yes that sounds logical" People in a country miles and miles away were killed because of their indifference to someone your political leaders tell you to dislike?

When you ask yourself why people like McCain, Palin, Bush & Cheney suceed. it's purely because your nation has officially been the laughing stock of the world for quite some time now, and they make appropiate representatives.



Ayers is twisted. Someone who has idea it is okay to go blow up innocent people and government buildings. No one is trying to say Obama had anything to do with it. That would be coming down to your level. What people are worried about with the association is that Obama felt that in his judgement that it was okay. Ayers should be in jail,but got off on a technicality.He should at least be shunned by everyone as a known domestic terrorist. It is absolutely tragic that he is allowed to teach anything.
When you say Ayers has been "an upright,law abiding citizen" you should really be saying "an upright,law abiding,unrepentant domestic terrorist". In the future,I doubt people would be happy with a presidential candidate who had an association with Osama Bin Laden just because 9/11 happened when they were 8yrs old and Osama had been a good boy ever since then.

Obama and Rezko have been friends since 1990, and Obama said the Wilmette businessman raised as much as $60,000 for him during his political career. After Rezko's indictment, Obama donated $11,500 to charity--a total that represents what Rezko contributed to the senator's federal campaign fund. - from the Sun Times Chicago 2006

I have probably had lunch with Rezko once or twice a year and our spouses may have gotten together on two to four occasions in the time that I have known him. I last spoke with Tony Rezko more than six months ago.- Sun Times Chicago 2006

What little I have found on USCWF is their involvement with the Iran/Contra affair. Everything else seems to be blamed on WACL.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"No one is trying to say Obama had anything to do with it. That would be coming down to your level. What people are worried about with the association is that Obama felt that in his judgement that it was okay."

Obama felt it was OK to kill people?

And you talk about coming down to my level - lol!

You're full of shit. It's just that simple.



I'm going to make this as simple as possible, and I want you to try to let go of the CNN, Larry King, Angry Left for just a few short seconds.

When Barack Obama says ON HIS OWN that he regrets associating with William Ayers
that he will NOT consider William Ayers for any federal appointed position
then I will let this "association" go.

Until then, he was raised and trained by a home-grown terrorist. And he STILL likely accepts advice from time to time from this HOME-GROWN TERRORIST.

Have you people not even looked at Bill Ayers' website? He's disturbed. You wouldn't see the end of it if McCain had his first campaign party in Ted Kaczynski's living room.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ayers is a professor at a major university. Of course he's a home grown terrorist bent on the destruction of our country -- all of those university types are determined to destroy our country... every red-blooded citizen knows that.


Reverend Wright NEVER preached "vile hatred of the USA". You right wingnuts have to stop lying. He talked about factual actions that the US has committed. These factual action can be independently verified. Why do right wingers have a problem facing FACT?


Robert, how can you accuse the right of having problems with facing FACT when you leftwing moonbats can never do it? I guess according to you guys, using a racial slur is much much worse than plotting terrorist acts to kill people and being PROUD of it. You guys are so full of hypocracy and shit.

Socialist Jew:

Oy vey... someone above compares William Ayers to Osama Bin Ladin. Don't you think that's a little bit out of proportion? If Ayers were anything like Bin Ladin wouldn't he have been sent to prison and left there a long time ago? You people seem to have something against the American system of justice. Your support for thugs like Reagan and the Bushes have pushed our country - my country which I love with the heart of a true patriot - to the brink. You hate paying taxes - guess you never heard the phrase 'Pay your taxes to beat the Axis'. You're scared of anyone different from yourselves. Well listen up you murderous traitors, your time is over. You've f'd with the last poor American for the last time. The majority of Americans, the ones who work hard and AREN'T afraid of 'the other', aren't scared into war by the boogie man. The majority of Americans are waking up to the long memory of the dicators and terrorists that you people have supported in our names over the decades. You will have to learn to accept that the names of your idols, the Reagans and the Bushes of history, will be forever tainted and scorned like your predecesors Nixon and Hoover. Seriously, ya'll have no right to call yourselves Americans more or less patriots.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ayers was tried and acquitted. Justice has been served.

This whole kerfluffle is just more namby-pamby frightened conservatives wetting their BVDs about nothing.



You know I was talking about Obama's association with Ayers. Do I have to rephrase the sentence so your mind can comprehend it..

Ayers got off on a technicality after hiding out for years and then turning himself in to the authorities. The technicality was something about illegal wiretaps or something. On being released he acclaimed he was "guilty as hell". Of course you have heard about his saying that he is unrepentant and wished they had done more.

Socialist Jew...I compared him with Osama as they seem to have come to the same frame of mind where killing innocents is a good political move.
As for the rest of your rant...get over yourself. You do not speak for any majority. Specially as you name yourself a socialist.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Justice was served and Ayers was a free and upright citizen long before Obama met him, Rich. In fact Ayers was a professor at a jajor university when he and Obama met.

And Obama was 8 years old when Ayers broke the law -- and yet you tie the two men and that breaking of the law together as if they happened in the same place and time.

So Palin's rant is just that - and to have the VP candidate spewing such nonsense is ridiculous.

Spencer LaFong:

Yes, I looked at Bill Ayers' website. Very suspicious stuff about being a teacher. About making schools better. Wow! Scary.

Maybe you should look at the website, and calm down!

I think you are "disturbed".


Justice served and Ayers free,yet he tells everyone he is guilty afterward. You have a twisted view of justice Lee. The fact that he is professor today is further perversion of justice.

I do not tie the men together with his crimes. I point out the association Obama has with a domestic terrorist. Too bad your have your head so far up the liberal rectum to notice.

In mufti, General Singlaub became a missionary for the gospel of the right: "The Soviets are not born-again Christians. They are in fact born-again Bolsheviks." He revived the American chapter of an outfit called the World Anti-Communist League and announced he was going to keep out the racists, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis and other kooks who he admits infested the organization in the past.-from NYT's 1991 Persico

Seems the US chapter was a bit cleaner of racism and anti-semites,and neo-nazis than you would have us believe.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

No, Rich, you haven't "shown" anything.

"I point out the association Obama has with a domestic terrorist."

Nope. You state "Obama and Rezko have been friends since 1990" - but provide nothing to back that up. You aren't "pointing out an association" -- you're displaying your low IQ and inability to reason.

It's time you realized that you're nothing more than a braying jackass, who proves nothing, makes no sense, and just repeats the moronic talking points you pick up from other morons at right wing blogs.

"I point out the association Obama has with a domestic terrorist. Too bad your have your head so far up the liberal rectum to notice."

You've convinced no one of anything, rich,except that you're stupid enough to insult your host, and get your sorry ass banned as a result.


McCain says talk soft walk with a big stick...well he didn't. Anyway, it just shows that McCain is a cowrd in the face of adversity. When he knew he couldn't win in Michigan, he left. He didn't know what else to say at the 10/7/08 PRESIDENTIAL debate and points out his opponent as "that one" out of frustration. Seriously, being able to manintain your composure in critical moments is paramount. McCain just proved he is a do anything guy to get your vote.

Regina Osei:

Between Sarah Palin palling around with anti-American radicals (http://www.salon.com and
http://www.jedreport.com/2008/10/sarah-palin-palling-around-wit.html) and John McCain palling around with racists and anti-semites... wow... I pick Obama 08!


Guilty by associiation. Domestic terrorist. Can't be trusted. We don't know what he will do. He's a Marxist, a socialist. We just don't know him.

This is someone that for the past 11 years has taught Constitution Law. Why haven't we heard from anyone of his students. At a liberal university you would expect he would rip the constitution to shreads. But you don't,because he beleives in the document and that it is meant for every american and that prosperity doesn't come at the expense of stepping on other americans to achieve it.

Obama is an american that believes even those he may not agree with have a right to be heard and that he will not turn a deaf ear to them but their words do not dictate his beleif in this country.


The Republicans are such a bunch of Xenophobes! All this alarmist name calling and wild speculation reminds me of how little children run away in horror and scream "he's got COOTIES" when confronted with someone who doesn't look like they do or who has brushed up against something they deem to be dirty or distasteful.


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