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Dump McCain? Bring Back Huckabee?

That's seems to be the suggestion of one Republican:

If I vote in this presidential race, I'll vote for John McCain, but in my considered opinion, he lost the election last night. Look, anything can happen between now and Election Day, but it became obvious to me at the conclusion of last night's dull event that this Obama McCain race is now a replay of Clinton-Dole. McCain is the crotchety old war hero and lion of the Senate who can't get any traction against the slick and appealing young Democrat. I don't know how any GOP candidate could fight against this crumbling economy, which is going to trigger an Obama landslide. But McCain's damnsure not doing any good.

Maybe the GOP should have gone with Huckabee after all.

I have to admit that back during the primaries, back when several websites had set up "compatibility testing" where you answered a series of questions and were then informed which of the candidates was the closest match to your own philosophy on Iraq, Taxes, Healthcare, etc., Huckabee was my closest match among the Republicans.

That doesn't suggest he would be doing better than McCain now, but Huckabee may well have siphoned off more votes from the left than McCain has.

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Well, Actually there is a new poll out that suggests that When it comes to Dream Tickets, The Dream tickets for the president. Huckabee/Palin comes out 5 to 1 over McCain/Palin. Perhaps the RNC should switch out McCain for Huckabee, they might have a better chance at the white house this year cause I just can't see Obama loosing at this point. The problem is news stations are already calling the race for Obama.....switch it up and have a chance, or should we all stay home and just let Obama take the white house? see poll at http://www.mccanes.com/watchdebatevp.html


McCain lost the election when he chose Caribou Barbie to appease The Republican Base. Conservative failed to realize that while The Base may like Sarah Simpleton, Independents are not going to be impressed.

The Huckster would be too hick to win. The one Republican who I feared was Fred Thompson (hey, actors can do well in politics), but the guy was too lazy in competing.


Any hope we had of the honorable John Syndey McCain of winning the Whitehouse died the minute he chose his dimbulb racist running mate and the more she opens her hate filled mouth and calls others criminals and worse, terrorists, the worse she makes Senator McCain look and the GOP with it. The woman has got to go and we have any chance of winning anything.

Sarah Palin is dangerous for the GOP.

Lee Ward:

I totally agree regarding Palin. It was a dumb move to pick someone so grossly unqualified.

Can you imagine another 9/11 scenario - and the President is away from the White House as Bush was on 9/11 so Cheney took charge...

Can you imagine Sarah Palin in charge with our nation under attack? Good frickking grief, what a scary thought.

Now imagine Joe Biden in charge instead.

That alone should elect Obama - the scary thought of Palin in the Oval office, even if temporarily.

Steve Crickmore:

C'mon Huckabee and Palin on the same ticket. There would be a quarter inch of foreign policy experience between them both and almost as little knowedge. Huckabee said that he knew how to combat 'islamofascism' because he was the only Republican leadership candidate to have a theology degree... from Southwesterm Baptist Theolgical Seminary in 70`s.(not much mention of 21 st century Islamic jihads on that syllabus I believe). These two right wing evangelicals- Huckabee and Palin would be the change of direction 80%of Americans desperately crave for after the anti-intellectualism of Bush. I don`t think so.


"Can you imagine another 9/11 scenario - and the President is away from the White House as Bush was on 9/11 so Cheney took charge..."

"Can you imagine Sarah Palin in charge with our nation under attack? Good frickking grief, what a scary thought." -- Lee

To be honest with you, Lee, I'm not really sure what's scarier.

Yes, Sarah P. wouldn't know what to do.

Darth, on the other hand, would know precisely what he wants to do with the Dauphin Pretender now out of the way. I can just hear him saying (a la Montgomery Burns), "Excellent!"

Alas for Cheney, in reality Bush wasn't away nearly long enough on 9/11.


Huckabee would have been able to out-debate Obama and is not tied to either the Republican or Democratic establishment. He could have pointed to the fact that he was right about the economy when all the other Republicans were saying it was strong. He could have pointed to the fact that he is fiscally responsible and even frugal, having run a Presidential campaign on $16 million. America would have been lucky to have him in the Oval Office.


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