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McCain Supporters Want to Kill Obama, McCain Smiles

Watch the video. A McCain supporter yells out the suggestion that Barack Obama should be assassinated, and McCain smirks in response.

At 10 seconds into the clip McCain says "In short, who is the real Barack Obama?"

The response from a McCain supporter: "Kill Him!"

McCain smirks and after a pause to allow the audience a chance to laugh and clap, continues on.

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Comments (6)


What do you expect from McCain. Same as during the primary when some women made the statement about Hilary. He just smiled and continued on.

The American people have woke up to the GOP/Rove BS, and aren't buying into in anymore. The trickle down BS they spout has left our economy in real good shape today, hasn't it?

And lets remember, Obama & Ayers connection. Ayers is not a ex-con. But don't forget McCain & G. Gordon Libby. Libby is a ex-con. Maybe both Obama & McCain should explain to the American people their connections to each person.

Bet that won't happen as McCain would lose. And what is really scary is the voting machines, and the GOP push to disfranchise voters. That should be mentioned more!

Texas Tom:

Sorry girls. HopeyChangeThatOne will have to take a number for his demise. There are a couple of generations of Baseball umpires ahead of him.

Oh, my! You take it all so literal. Kill is a theatrical term to slay, knock 'em dead, kill 'em. You know, wow, knock their socks off, entertain with gusto.

You guys are such crybabies. Shoot y'all say the same things at ThatOne's ralley just your media lap dogs don't hear the pitch of that whistle. Grow up. It will do you a world of good.

Really Texas Tom? Really? Are you seriously going to defend that "KILL HIM!" is a misconception and a simple connotation of "knock 'em dead?"

This is a presidential election sir. Nothing like a game of baseball where it is UNDERSTOOD that "kill the umpire" is a terminology designed for that sport.


Give me a break, I could barely hear that let alone McCain hearing it at his age over the screaming crowd. Do you really not have enough to whine about than to make up assassination plots. Wait until hes elected, then worry about that.

Green (again):

C'mon now Red. You couldn't hear "kill him" being yelled out loud in the crowd? No one is making assassination plots? Two guys in Colorado were caught plotting Obama's assassination and you really feel as if these threats being yelled out in the crowd are to be taken lightly and the fact that we are concerned about it makes us "not having something to whine about." Check your facts again sir. Death threats are not to be taken lightly, especially during a time of great tension like this election.


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