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McCain's Straight Talk Express Running on Empty

Out of ideas on how to fix the economy, and no doubt stinging from his continued decline in the polls and the stunning rise and meteoric fall of Sarah "Don't ask me any hard questions like what newspapers do I read!" Palin, a stumbling and bumbling John McCain continues to lash out in anger and despair, reducing his campaign to nothing more than one attack ad after another.

No longer able to run a campaign based on the issues that matter to Americans, John McCain hopes to turn the election his way by screwing he American taxpayer.

Maybe he fired off his mouth during last Tuesday night's debate without even thinking the whole idea through. That's what seems to have happened because it took a full day for his campaign staff to gather up and release up the details of this "proposal".

No surprise here... McCain's proposal is to screw the pooch. That's me and you, the taxpayers of this nation, and McCain would screw us in favor of the rich Wall Street bankers.

Another John McCain campaign stunt falls flat on its face. John McCain flails and fails again, bouncing from attack ad, to bad idea, and then on to more attack ads.

What a pathetic sight, but who can turn away from a train wreck like this? Sarah Palin's numbers are falling further and further every day -- as people learn more about her they are turning away in droves, recognizing that Sarah Palin is just plain not qualified for the office of Vice-President.

Sadly, neither is John McCain. He's turned erratic and unstable, and he's lost track of his principles and his ability to run a relevant campaign.

Maybe McCain and Palin can score a few points in the polls with their incessant, childish negative campaign approach, but in the end it won't be enough anyway. Since "going negative" less than a week ago the polls show a continuing deterioration for McCain Palin. Americans are seeing right through John McCain failures.

Running on empty, and the wheels falling off one by one, John McCain's campaign is failing, and he's set and determined to insult as many Americans as possible on his way out the door.

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