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Sell This Moron a Clue

Yet another reason people are moving away from John McCain.

Not shaking the hand of your fellow candidate for President makes you look like a total jackass, Senator McCain.

McCain has the balls to talk about honor and leadership, and he acts like a school-aged chump.

And these are the idiots McCain attracts.

And forget about the economy and the stock market, Iraq, health care -- there are much more important matters at hand.

Airheads attract airhead defenders. Birds of a feather...

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Comments (6)

The video, unfortunately, is not all that surprising. The one lady is obviously playing it up for the camera, but not realizing that she's all along making the interviewer's point. And the bloodline and name comments are disturbing, but again, not really surprising. Fear can be a powerful thing, and when you can use it a political weapon, you can accomplish much. Look at Hitler. http://straighttalkonmccain.blogspot.com/


The GOP may think it's being smart by trying to scare people, but in reality it's turning people away from McCain.

The more they bitch about Ayers, just proves a point. They don't want you to remember who McCain hangs around with. G. Gordon Libby, a ex-con. And don't forget who got McCain his start in Congress. His rich trophy wife's father, who was also a ex-con.

And don't forget about trooper-gate. The report is out today, and we all know the GOP will say the Demo's are lying about it.

All the hate filled scenes from the GOP rallies are turning away the undecided, swing voters, etc. Gotta love the way they are imploding.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Clearly the racists in the GOP are coming out into the open more - they are angry and frustrated that a black man is this close to the White House.

Texas Tom:

McCain has some "scary" qualities about him, sure. But ThatOne is a commie aggitator and Chicago polititian in all the wrong ways. Do make some effort to think for yourselves and not to let the government and "Ms." Axelrod tell you what is ok to believe. Side by side comparison shows that Mack is his own flawed man and ThatOne has a hand up his backside animating the puppet. Who owns that hand? I don't know do you? Willing to take the chance on this spin of the wheel?

Sheryl in Colorado:

I'll "sell this moron a clue" when you sell Obama some honesty. Read if you dare: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=ZjRjYzE0YmQxNzU4MDJjYWE5MjIzMTMxMmNhZWaQ1MTA=


I think senator McCain cannot raise his hand due to a war injury he substained while being a prisoner of war.....


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