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Palin is Out of her League and Should be Dropped

So says Judith Viorst:

It's time for the distinguished members of the Republican Party to publicly put their country over their politics. (That's you, Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger and James Baker III.) It's time (Arlen Specter, Sandra Day O'Connor and Olympia Snowe) to say aloud what you no doubt whisper in privacy: that the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain's vice-presidential nominee is a dangerous and unacceptable choice.

Don't be fooled by how unexpectedly well Palin did in the vice-presidential debate. She remains the limited woman she was before being exhaustively prepped for this final exam. No matter how quick a study she is, she simply doesn't possess the informed broad perspective or grasp of details she would need if--worst-case scenario--she became president. John McCain should be urged by his fellow Republicans to remove her as soon as possible from his ticket.

Students of history often ask how it happens again and again, that good men and good women keep silent when they should have spoken. The answer is sometimes ignorance, fear or personal ambition and sometimes simply yay-team loyalty. But surely (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christine Todd Whitman, Chuck Hagel) you are smart enough, safe enough and successful enough to declare for the world to hear that McCain needs to divest himself of a choice that's beyond the pale and beyond Palin.

Perhaps you could start by conceding (Richard Thornburgh, Richard Lugar, John Warner) that Palin is energetic, attractive and personable, plus competent enough--and this does take competence--to be governor of a small state while raising five kids. She also shows great flair when she delivers a speech prepared by the best in the business, full of shrewd zingers and noble sentiments. In her debate with Joe Biden she revealed an impressive capacity to memorize her talking points and then--with poise and confidence--to repeat them. What wasn't revealed, because the format didn't accommodate probing follow-up questions, was the depth of her knowledge--or the lack thereof.

Palin's confused and often incoherent one-on-ones with Katie Couric have already demonstrated her distressing limitations when she tries to wrestle, unscripted, with serious matters.

John McCain put his own election above the country's need for qualified GOP candidate for Vice-President. The GOP's only chance for a win in November, judging from the polls, is to replace Palin with someone more qualified.

It will demonstrate the McCain does have the nation's interests in mind. There are lots of face-saving excuses that could be used -- she's decided to stay closer to home and family, etc.

Update: There are signs that Palin is costing McCain Jewish Votes in Florida.

Like many Jews in south Florida, Todd and Jamie Ehrenreich are registered Democrats who have faithfully cast ballots for their party's presidential nominees as long as they can remember. But this year, they'd decided to back Sen. John McCain, the Republican candidate. "We are over the $250,000 tax bracket, and we didn't want to lose our money," Jamie says. "We wanted to benefit from our own American dream."

Then McCain selected Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate--and "lost us in one fell swoop," says Jamie, who lives with her husband and two kids in Miami. She finds so much about Palin objectionable that she almost doesn't know where to begin. There's the abortion issue, for one. Palin "wouldn't want anyone to have an abortion even for rape or incest," says Jamie. "Who is she to judge by telling me how to live my life and overturning the things women have worked so hard for?" Equally disconcerting is Palin's seeming shallowness on some of the most pressing matters facing the country. "She doesn't know what she is talking about and makes it up as she goes along," says Jamie. "The fact that she had to be coached for two weeks [to prepare for the vice presidential debate] tells me she doesn't know anything. She just talks in circles."

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Comments (8)


Why are you guys so worried about Palin? Your polls say the Messiah is "up 10". And when have you worried about how the republicans can win this november? It appears to me that you think the repubs have a good chance at beating your boy (whoops, sorry, that was "Racist"). If you weren't worried, you would take your up 10 and "Run to THE ONE". (Forgive the messianic references, but since that great centrist LOUIS FARRAKAN has called BHO "THE MESSIAH", who am I to argue) I await November 5!!!!


Huh????Palin is the worst pick McCain could have made and you say she should be cut loose? I think your thought process is not what you think it is. Wishful thinking perhaps...


And your candidate is out of his league, dangerous for the country, and ought to be dropped... and your candidate is running for President... don't you have a moral obligation to put your country first? Oh wait, I forgot you guys have no morals to do anything for your country.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thank you for bringing up "thought processes" as a criteria for judgment.

After I read the quoted article, and before committing this post to publication, I looked up Viorst's bio. I was impressed:

In the latter part of the 1970s, after two decades of writing for children and adults, Viorst turned to the study of Freudian psychology. In 1981, and after six years of study at Washington Psychoanalytic Institute, she became a research graduate affiliated with said institute.

I think Virost is very well qualified to judge Sarah Palin's "thought process" and she's come to the conclusion that Palin is unfit for office. So of course I posted this piece!

Viorst doesn't just disagree with Palin's politics, she honestly feels Palin is unfit.


Re: Judith Viorst

I have to respectfully disagree with you, Lee, on Ms. Viorst's qualifications to pschoanalyze Sarah Palin and determine her to have "distressing limitations". I'm sure she means well, but her bias does come through loud and clear.
She is a "pschoanalsis researcher", after six years of study. That doesn't mean "practicing pschoanalyst", does it? That doesn't mean "licensed psychologist", does it? She basically "reviewed" Sarah Palin the way a book reviewer reviews a new novel, and reviewers are notorious for "working off the bias", so to speak. they are like movie critics. So while I am glad that Ms. Viorst echoes your views on Sarah Palin, I am sorry to say that she, Ms. Viorst, is the one "out of her league".


Well, I guess if the McCain-Palin ticket wins, Viorst will have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. She might even move to Australia.


Sarah palin did not have to be coached for 2 weeks,that was our news media creating that perception as well as all the perceptions the news media has worked overtime to create about Ms.Palin , and we all know sometimes perceptions can outweigh reality.

we are so worried about Ms.Plain Foreign Policy Experience , but yet our Democratic Front Runner has little foreign Policy Experience as well.

and for all your experts,the woman who was (Roe) In the case Roe V. Wade now speaks out against Abortion.

I am and have been supporting Senator Obama , but I cannot stand Mean spiritness and hypocrites,this woman (ms.palin) can do no right,just like they tried to put out there for Joe Biden to go easy on her,she did not need that,she can survive with the best of them,and all the candidates are coached for debates,do you think senator biden was not coached.

this media has been so obviously biased towards Ms.Palin,I give her credit for hanging In there, I don't think Senator Obamba and Biden could not take that scrutiny from the media, I remember when he got a few hardball questions at one of the last debates Senator Obamba had with Senator Clinton , He was all upset,she has strength,no 1 has given her 1 break,and Senator Biden has said statements that If Ms.Palin said them , the news media would be all over her.

I could say so much more,but I will save that for another post.....

Doubting Thomas:

"I don't think Senator Obamba and Biden could not take that scrutiny from the media,"

Which is why the media has been very, very careful about the fragile facades that have been built up around those two. After all - it's not about REALITY, is it? Just about appearances.


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