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Newsweek Poll: Palin Unqualified as President

Newsweek Poll (page 13):

14. Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to step in as President if she had to?

October 8-9, 2008
Yes - 39%
No - 55%

September 10-11, 2008
Yes - 45%
No - 46%

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If all people would realize, that no matter that you was a state governor, cabinet member, etc that the office of president is a learning experience while you occupy that office.

No person is really experience to occupy that office based on previous experience. It's a whole new ball game, so to speak. The person who does end up there is only as good as the people he picks to run the different cabinets, etc.

We have seen the last 7 1/2 years of inexperience occupying the White House. Good old Newt Gingrich, the man who divorced his hospital bedridden wife (while she just came out of surgery) made this so called "contract with America. Also spouted about "family values". Ask the GOP what their family values are, they can't answer it.

Don Schumacher:

Partisanship is so boring and childish; especially when a topic such as this is posed.

How can anyone justify questioning Palin's qualifications while so many would readily support an unprecedentedly inept candidate such as Obama? I wouldn't even buy a used car from him.

A person with the ability of rational thought would say,"God help us, they all suck."

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"God help us, they all suck." "

That's a matter of opinion, and when it comes to McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden many more people have the opinion that Sarah Palin sucks.


Interesting that they didnt ask the same question about Biden or Obama.


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