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McCain and Palin's John Birch Society Connections. Palin Quotes From Extremist Who Encouraged The RFK Assassination.

Both John McCain and Sarah Palin have clear ties to the far right John Birch Society organization. McCain used to attend John Birch Society meetings in the Phoenix, Arizona area and is well known to local John Birch Society members in that area's chapter. And Sarah Palin has been featured in the John Birch Society publication, THE NEW AMERICAN Magazine before. Both McCain and Palin may even be full fledged dues paying members of the John Birch Society as well.

It is little wonder that both John McCain and Sarah Palin have also run a far right campaign that makes up absurd conspiracy theory smears such as the nutty Bill Ayers/terrorism conspiracy story simply because both Barack Obama and Ayers once served on the same school board.

What this half-baked conspiracy tale fails to mention is that others such as the very conservative editor of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, a newspaper that hasn't endorsed a Democrat in 150 years also served on the same same school board with Obama and Ayers at the time. That Chicago school board comprised a cross section of both conservatives and progressives, and was hardly any haven for radicals as the absurd McCain/Palin conspiracy lies falsely continue to claim.

However, like any true John Bircher, both McCain and Palin deal in half truth conspiracy theories while the Obama Campaign deals with real issues like the serious economic problems hitting the American economy. With their common connections to the John Birch Society, both John McCain and Sarah Palin are exactly the same extremist mindset of this organization which has a history of making up such misleading conspiracy attacks on many moderate political figures ever since it was started by political extremist founder Robert Welch in the 1950's at the height of "Red" scare paranoia.

John McCain's vote against the Martin Luther King Holiday was exactly from what you'd expect from anyone connected to an organization that that has always falsely claimed that King was a Communist for decades. And McCain's votes against civil rights legislation are exactly in line with Birch Society doctrines as well.

Palin was also once connected to the extremist separatist Alaska Independence Party and extremist founder Mark Chyrson. During her Republican Convention Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech, no one in the popular media bothered to research the fact that Palin made a quote from racist and fascist leaning political extremist, Westbrook Pegler, about American small towns. The quote, which was, "We grow good people people in small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity" seemed harmless enough. But what Palin didn't quote was the more typical remarks of Pegler which often compared Jews to "geese" or his 1965 quote which encouraged the assassination of Robert Kennedy, when he proclaimed that, "some White patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in public premises before the snow flies".

Quoting such an extremist tells anyone volumes about the sort of reading material that Palin enjoys. Little doubt THE TURNER DIARIES and other right wing extremist works find residence in the Palin family library. Palin is no, "aw schucks" mainstream small town politician by any means. She's as extremist as they come.

One common place for many John Birch Society chapters to recruit new members is at gun shows. Their radical anti-government political philosophy has a real appeal to right wing political extremists who frequent gun shows and sometimes hoard guns or build bombs preparing for claimed future antigovernment wars, race wars, domestic terrorism or other crazed reasons.

And the McCain family background has no doubt primed McCain to be sympathetic to such right wing guns and bombs political extremism. John McCain's family roots go back to a Caroll County Mississippi, where McCain's great grandfather, William Alexander McCain owned 52 slaves and died fighting for the confederate Army against the United States Government Army. For many generations, far right politics, racism, and military service has been in the bloodline of McCain family. But John McCain masks this record for the most part, only playing up the military service portion, quieting down the slave ownership and centuries of racism and right wing political extremism.

A new poll from ABC News finds that many Americans now view McCain as a risky choice for president. Certainly he is. Our nation cannot afford a president and vice president both closely tied to a far right organization like the John Birch Society or in other ways connected with other anti-government extremists or even those who advocated for the assassination of RFK or other lawless acts of violence. Both McCain and Palin are political extremists, closely connected to political extremists and organizations, give political extremist speeches, and attract political extremist audiences. These are not the sort of people who should lead America now or ever.

Both McCain and Palin deserve to lose the election for the common good of America.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (14)

Ray H.:

Congratulations, 10 out of the past 12 articles written on wizbang blue have been negative bashes against mccain/palin, while only 2 (which by the way, you didn't really write anyting about only posted a video link) were positive articles written about Obama.

Goes to show, any idiot can sling mud, but it's much harder to write a positive article about your own candidate. Which obviously you two can't unless it's about a scooter.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sorry, Ray, it's just too much fun pointing out the foibles of the right.

And your pals on Wizbang are a fun group too, that's why they write post after post slamming Obama.

But you're just another right wing hypocrite, too dishonest to acknowledge that.

What a putz.

Ray H.:

Nice, call me names. Seems you're always the first to call someone an ass, putz or whatever. Mature. And then when they do the same back, you ban them. What are you 12?

I know there are many other places I can look in order to gain information so I can make an informed decision about the candidates, and that's all I'm asking is that you help. But you continue to refuse to do so by only pointing out the negatives of the other candidate.

You're a very little man.

My last piece was about Obama's devotion to more opportunity for handicapped Americans, Ray, before I had a series of computer problems which took me off line for a few days.

Well, you know that the McCain Campaign has been making a big deal out of the nonsense that since Bill Ayers was a domestic terrorist when Obama was just an eight year boy, and because Bill Ayers mellowed out in later years and sat on the same school board with a number of others including Obama and the conservative editor of the Chicago Tribune, then Obama's a terrorist rant. It's absurd.

But it begs attention on McCain and Palin. And then, there it is, proof that the two accusers are closely associated with right wing radicals and domestic terrorists themselves. The darn hypocrites.

Certainly I prefer positive pieces myself. But the gutter politics of McCain and Palin beg a strong response. They've trashed up the political environment while Obama centers on real issues like economics. Even conservative Bill Kristol is disgusted with the pathetic McCain-Palin Campaign. But then again what can you expect from two flawed candidates like these two. You Republicans had plenty of candidates to choose from and you pick McCain, with all his flaws and vulnerabilities.

McCain is so old that last week he actually addressed an audience with "My fellow prisoners". There you go. That sums it up how out of touch this old guy is. And some of the cranks who attend the McCain rallies are nearly as goofy. The sad thing is that he's flushing down the toilet any good image he had during his 26 years in Washington. That part is sort of sad in my view. He's not going out with grace, but going out with disgrace.

In fact that's the problem. McCain isn't running on any achievements in his 26 years in Washington or his POW hero reputation, but instead on garbage issues like Bill Ayers. And you wonder why this guy is losing big time?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"My fellow prisoners?" - lol - that's priceless.

Sorry, Ray - your trolling isn't going to bother me today. Obama continues to kick conservative ass up one street and down the next, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Ray H.:

Thanks Paul, I agree, McCain's campaign is in a bad place and appears totally directionaless.

Screw you Lee. I've seen this so many times. You call people names and dismiss their thoughts because you are to simple minded to think about anything that doesn't meet with your preconcieved notion of life.

I ask that you write articles to show positive things about your candidate and I get called a troll. I've been reading and commenting on this for months now which if that makes me a troll, so be it, but it doesn't cover up that apparentely your immaturity knows no bounds. Dismissing others opinions and calling names is a fantastic way to go along in your life.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"I ask that you write articles to show positive things about your candidate and I get called a troll."

I don't do "requests" Ray... And there's a very simple solution if you don't like what I post - go someplace else.

Ray H.:

But if i went somewhere else, who would continue to point out that you're an ass?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Our links to Whizbang produces a never-ending stream of trolls like you, Ray. I'm sure another one will be along shortly.


McCain and Palin far right conservatives? What are you smoking over there?

McCain is so far left as a conservative he is almost a liberal. Palin is a bit of balance, but she isn't extreme right.

Not like your pal Obama, whom you consider a "cnetrist". He is so far left he has about the most left leaning voting record of anyone in the senate.

At least if you are going to sling mud, try getting some real mud to sling.

And Ayers is more then on the same school board with Obama. And I do define as a terrorist anyone that actually KILLS someone by bombing them in a public place, while not at war. Ayers qualifies on that score.

Mycroft, the facts are that Barack Obama merely served on the same education reform organization as did Professor Bill Ayers. This organization was funded with a $50 million dollar donation from the Annenberg Foundation.

Walter and Lenore Annenberg are well known GOP donors who gave $4000 to George Bush, $5000 to Mitt Romney, $1000 to Strom Thurmond,$500 to Fred Thompson, $3000 to Rick Santorium.

According to your reasoning, Mycroft if these reliable Republican donors have give thousands to Republican candidates but $50 million to an education organization with Bill Ayers, then they're backing terrorists? Your argument here is absurd.

Ayers certainly did some bad things as a young man, but turned more moderate in later years when became a professor.


Paul -

Once again you prove that if your writing and the truth intersect, the occurrence is both rare and and purely a matter of chance.

Ts, no one forced John McCain or Sarah Palin to pal around in far right circles or attend Birch Society meetings. They both made their choices and I only report those facts according to my sources which include a former Phoenix, Arizona area John Birch Society member.

Hi there,

This post really helped me in writing some thoughts about John McCain and his self awareness. The piece was about leadership and McCain's own style. I tried to do a pingback, but I'm not sure it worked, so I thought I'd say hello the old fashioned way!

btw, the piece is online at http://www.fourgroups.com/blog/archives/19/john-mccain-and-self-awareness/


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