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Sara Palin - Unqualified at any Speed

Another view which touches on a number of aspects regarding Sarah Palin's qualifications for the job of Vice-President:

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Xavier L Garcia:

If the GOP is bold enough to steal another election & we do nothing about it, then we get what we deserve!


Wow, that is rich Xavier. Here we have Obama openly stealing the election with the help of ACORN and you dare to talk about the GOP trying to steal another [sic] election.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:


"And Lee, remember that every time you bring up the "unqualified" issue you are just making clear how thin Obama's resume is of any actual accomplishments."


"One of the most "unqualified" Presidents we ever had was Abraham Lincoln (R), and we all know how well that turned out."


I'm happy to compare airhead Palin to Obama, and if the winner of that comparison is, in your mind, Abraham Lincoln's equal then I'm very, very pleased.


Devastating. Utterly Devastating. Incredibly, Chimpy might actually be more intelligent than this lady. That clip of Palin with Katie Couric just about makes me shiver: what is it that Republicans have against there being intelligence in an elected official, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD??? I really don't like McCain that much, but if through some miracle of miracles he's elected, I would really worry about McCAIN LIVING THROUGH HIS PRESIDENCY!

I strongly feel like apologizing for the last eight years to that British narrator, and telling him he need not worry: Change is on the way.


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