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Is John McCain Still in Charge of His Campaign?

Signs are pointing towards "No"...

Reports are surfacing that although John McCain has made repeated public statements that he is opposed to using Reverend Wright as an issue, Sarah Palin and other arch-conservatives are pushing for it.

The result? This ad and other similar attack ads, will be running a lot between now and election day:

We probably won't see the Wright card played in tonight's debate, but John McCain will be standing by silently as Palin and the puppeteers behind the scenes proceed to attack Obama using the Wright card extensively in television and radio advertisements between now and November 4.

John McCain is at odds with many of his top advisers over launching a renewed attack on Barack Obama's ties to his long-time pastor and mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, according to campaign sources.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and several top campaign officials see a sharp attack on Wright as the best -- and perhaps last -- chance to rattle Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill. ) and force voters to rethink their support of him. But McCain continues to overrule them, fearing a Wright attack would smack of desperation and racism, the officials said.

With McCain unlikely to budge, GOP officials are hoping groups outside of the campaign will finance an ad attack on Obama-Wright ties. It is unclear if any conservative group has the cash to bankroll a serious effort, however.

"Wright is off the table," said one top campaign official. "It's all McCain. He won't go there. His advisers would have gone there."

Judging from the end result -- the ad is right there and it will be airing -- it appears that John McCain is no longer making the important decisions in his campaign, but Palin and other un-named "advisers" have taken over and are making the decisions instead.

Did John McCain approve this ad? No. A right wing PAC is running this ad, it's not an official McCain campaign ad.

Is John McCain going to stand by silently while others make the decision to run this ad? You betcha. The real decision-makers have decided this represents the best chance for a GOP win.

John McCain has done such a poor job of running his campaign that the arch-conservatives are taking him out of the picture. Palin is ideologically aligned with the far-right conservatives, and they'd rather see her in the Oval Office instead of McCain.

They've been unhappy with McCain from the start - his views on immigration reform and campaign reform were sticking points in particular - - but they thought that McCain's image as a "maverick"would help win independents over the GOP side.

Now that the polls show this is not going to happen, they've taken matters into their own hands.

It appears to me that John McCain is being muscled out of the decision-making process, and Sarah Palin is the candidate of choice for those advisers who are behind the scenes making the decision to run these hateful attack adds.

So a vote for John McCain is really a vote for... unknown parties behind the scenes who are making important decisions such as running this ad - against John McCain's wishes.

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