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Joe the Plumber Isn't Licensed, His Name Is Sam, and He Owes Taxes

His real name is Sam.

He has a State of Ohio tax lien from not paying his taxes (gee, and here we were supposed to believe that he was against Obama's tax plan - this guy may be against ANY tax, PERIOD).

He stated earlier today that he wasn't licensed but also stated that he didn't need to be licensed because his employer was licensed. Those are lies...

it wasn't long before the Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Service Mechanics revealed that Wurzelbacher was not a licensed member of their trade.

"That means that he has not completed the training program necessary for him to sit for a license test," said Tony Herrera, market recovery specialist for Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 50 in Toledo, Ohio.

"It's a shame that this guy has ended up in this situation because it seems like he's misrepresented himself -- and for that matter the plumbing and pipefitting industry."

Without a license, Wurzelbacher cannot practice in the city of Toledo but can work for someone with a master's license or in outlying areas that do not require a license, Herrera said.

Wurzelbacher, 34, listed in the phone directory as Samuel, did not answer his phone and his voicemail box appeared to be full. Reporters at his home said he had driven away.

It's a shame that John McCain and the right wing wackosphere decided to make this guy their poster child. They've sure torn up his life.

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Comments (12)


It's a shame that John McCain and the right wing wackosphere decided to make this guy their poster child. They've sure torn up his life.

From here it looks more like the left has torn up his life as punishment for the crime of embarrasing Obama.

I also notice that Obama seems a little slow to repudiate this type of behavior.


When the GOP plants someone, then without really vetting them (like the pig in lipstick), what the hell do you think is going to happen?

Wake up and quit drinking the kool-aid, and maybe you will realize this country has some big problems, and people like Joe/Sam isn't the frigging answer.


Whether it's Joe or Moe, the situation is still the same you morons! Obama will raise taxes - that is the point. Who cares whether Joe is a plumber or not. You libs need to get a life! You're all worried about whether Joe is a plumber or not but not about Obama's assocation with Acorn and Ayers. You really have your heads up your asses!!!!


You children go to bed now. It's way past your bedtime.

Kevin P.:

The funny thing is, Joe the Plumber was playing football in his own front yard when Obama walked into his neighborhood.



Mr. Wurzelbacher was playing football in his front yard with his son, Joey, on Sunday afternoon when Mr. Obama made an unscheduled stop to go door to door greeting voters and asking for their support.

But that will not prevent people from claiming that this is some kind of McCain operation. Insane Andrew Sullivan is already on the case.

And since he isn't a licensed plumber, the City of Toledo Plumbing Board of Control may consider a punishment for Wurzelbacher. That should teach him about speaking up to his betters:


The plumber asked candidate Obama a legitimate question about his economic plan and it was Obama who put his foot in his mouth and revealed that he wanted to Spread. The. Wealth. I think this is what has stuck a needle deep into the lefty psyche. The lefties are going bananas over this guy. On other blogs, folks have pulled up his divorce records and found that he was - gasp! divorced. They found a "connection" (probably bogus) to the infamous Charles Keating based upon a common last name. They've found that he owes some back taxes on his property tax. They've found speeding tickets dating back to 1993. They've posted his home address and mortgage. This is all from the party of the "little people".

The press has dug deeper into his background in hours than they have into Obama's background in months. This guy is going to regret ever opening his mouth and asking Obama a legitimate question.

Paul H.:

All of this right-wing frothing at the mouth about ACORN and Ayers would be amusing if it wasn't so pathetic.

I would put the right-wing's preference for DIEBOLD black box, paperless voting up against the ACORN affair any day. Any childish ACORN registration abuses are statistically very minor compared to the millions of voters that could be disenfranchised by a Republican-leaning company producing rigged voting machines with no paper record. That is the issue the right-wing is pushing off the front pages with all of this ACORN drum-beating. Besides, if some bent ACORN workers fiddled a few registrations, what SOBER precinct worker would allow a "D.Duck", "M.Mouse", or "A.Hitler" to actually vote, UNCHALLENGED, on election day?

Want more? In those states where Republican administrations control the voting process (like Florida 2000) a lot more damage can be done by putting broken down voting machines (or too few voting machines) in opposition precincts to stretch out the waiting lines and thus suppress the vote. How much time off will Republican bosses give to working-class (likely Democrat) wage earners to vote?

Sean C:

We would all like to think that income in America is a nice bell curve, and that if you work hard, and do right, you will get ahead.

The simple fact is that economics don't work on bell curves. It use to be that the top %2 is as much more wealthy than the rest of the top %20, as the top %20 is of the bottom %80. But this isn't the case any more. And even when it was, it isn't a bell curve.

The likelihood of this guy Joe being able to work his way up and afford to buy the company he currently works for, is about the same as him winning the lottery. Sure it happens, but it is more likely that Joe will send his kid off to College on student loans that he will be paying off until Joe is retirement age. Joe Jr. will probably like to buy a home, but he will probably be a renter his whole life. If he does buy a home, like Joe, he won't really ever own it, the bank always will.

Let's get real, what if? What if Joe was that guy after all. What if he made $249,999.99 and he just happened to make $0.01 more. It's scaled you know, so this isn't the actual value, but what if it was? He would pay an extra $7500.00 in taxes. That is up from the $90,000.00 he would pay under McCain-Palin. Can you imagine netting $152,500.00 in Toledo, Ohio? That extra $7500.00 would be nothing. It could make the difference between going to the Alps for that big Christmas ski trip and just heading up to whistler.

What's my point? That if you give this upper middle crust that extra 7k they aren''t going to spend it here anyway. Top down economics just don't work. It's better to spread the wealth around by giving the tax breaks to people who really will use it to buy real things in America. Then it's good for the economy.

Spread the wealth isn't about taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor. That's for heros like Robin Hood to do. Spread the wealth is about bottom up economics. It makes good sense.

Paul H.:

As for the Obama "connection" to Ayers, this is yet another example of Republicans exploiting 911. The word "terrorist" got a big emotive boost in the US from the 911 attacks.

Sarah Palin's line about Obama "paling around with terrorists" was designed to tap into this vast well of popular resentment over the 911 attacks and, once again, exposed Republican strategists' contempt for the intelligence of the right-wing "sheeple".

What about the Republicans' alliance with the right-wing Christian fellowship? Don't they preach redemption through Jesus Christ? What happened to that forgiving, redemptive spirit toward Bill Ayers? As it is with all hypocrites, I guess all that "Christianity" went out the window when the "Christian" right needed a SWIFTBOAT-style attack to direct at Barack Obama. The Bill Ayers of 40 years ago no longer exists. The fact that there a lot of REDEEMED ex-convict preachers out there pushing right-wing "values" from the pulpit isn't enough to keep the ditto-heads from grasping at straws to tie Obama to "terrorist".

God help us if somebody finds a picture of Barack Obama playing with firecrackers when he was only 8 years old and Bill Ayers was a real domestic terrorist.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Try reading the comment you're posting on, Jo. Sam the Unlicensed Plumber doesn't work for a licensed plumbing firm after all. That was just another lie.

The right wing wackospshere wants to ignore reality as usual, and just use Sam the Unlicensed Plumber as a metaphor for downtrodden American workers.

The reality is that Sam the Unlicensed Plumber will receive a tax break under Obama that will actually help him reach the American Dream of buying a business.

The reality is that there are not MILLIONS (McCain said there were,but that's another lie) of small business people who will be adversely effected by the change in tax rate from 36% to 39% as Obama proposes for $250,000+ earners. It's a fraction of that, and many of those are single practitioners like lawyers and CPAs who make lots more than $250K.

And the reality is that McCain lied during the debate when he said Sam the Unlicensed Plumber would have to pay a penalty if he owned a plumbing business and didn't provide health care for his employer. Small businesses are exempted from the fines -- only large corporations would be fined.

Reality bites, don't it Republicans?


God help us if somebody finds a picture of Barack Obama playing with firecrackers when he was only 8 years old and Bill Ayers was a real domestic terrorist.
Paul H

Here comes the clue bat Paul.
Bill Ayers was a REAL domestic terrorist. Its not a matter of opinion. Its a fact.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Chicago Universities hire domestic terrorists?

I'll call bullshit on that.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Yes, Lee, Chicago Universities do hire domestic terrorists. That surprises you?"

Yes, it does, because here I thought the American justice system had dealt with Ayers and he was not a criminal.

If you're not standing behind and in support of the American justice system, who's justice system do you stand behind, Tyree?

"Working with Ayers for 20 years reveals a lot about Obama that is very negative, except to people like you, Lee."

The fact is that Obama hasn't worked with Ayers for 20 years and everybody knows that -- don't facts mean anything anymore to the right wing noise machine?

But hey, look at the funny pictures of McCain.

Yeah, look at the anger in McCain's face. And look at your own anger, Tyree.

Anger because rich people will have to pay 3% more in taxes.

Anger because Exxon's billions in profits might be taxed more.

Anger because America is tired of angry people like you and John McCain and Sarah Palin, and want a change.

Anger because American voters are making a choice that doesn't agree with yours...


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