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McCain Lies Again About Joe the Plumber, Blames Obama

Not only did John McCain introduce "Joe the Plumber" to America in this week's Presidential debate, and proceed to lie to America about Obama's tax platform using "Joe the Plumber" as an example -- John McCain is now lying again, telling America that the resulting press attention paid to the guy that John McCain himself shoved into the spotlight is all Barack Obama's fault.

First, the facts...

FACT: John McCain first brought up "Joe the Plumber" during the debate, not Barack Obama.

FACT: During the debate John McCain mentioned "Joe the Plumber" 21 times, fueling a media frenzy to find out more about this guy. When discrepancies turned up, they dug deeper, exposing more information about Joe.

Obama had nothing to do with it, and yet John McCain continues to lie saying he did.

The strange tale of Joe the Plumber unfolded a bit more on the campaign trail Friday when Senator John McCain used a rally here to defend the Ohio man he made a national star of by focusing on him in Wednesday night's presidential debate.

The man, Joe Wurzelbacher, gained fame after he met Senator Barack Obama recently and expressed concerns that Mr. Obama's tax plans would hurt him if he ever became wealthy enough to buy his own plumbing business. Mr. McCain seized on the encounter at the debate to highlight the fact that Mr. Obama's tax plan -- which would cut taxes on 95 percent of Americans -- would raise the taxes on small businesses. The Obama campaign countered that Mr. Wurzelbacher in fact stood to get a bigger cut under their plan.

But under the glare of the ensuing media spotlight, reporters found that Mr. Wurzelbacher did not actually have a plumbing license, and that he actually owed some back taxes. Mr. McCain leapt to his defense here Friday in a rally at Florida International University -- and made another leap by suggesting that the Obama campaign was somehow maligning the plumber whose vote Mr. Obama has sought at a campaign stop in Ohio.

"The response from Senator Obama and his campaign yesterday was to attack Joe," Mr. McCain said. "People are digging through his personal life, and he has TV crews camped out in front of his house. He didn't ask for Senator Obama to come to his house. He wasn't recruited or prompted by our campaign. He just asked a question. And Americans ought to be able to ask Senator Obama tough questions without being smeared and targeted with political attacks."

It's the kind of lies the right wing blogsphere tells on a daily basis, but you'd expect more from someone who wants to be President -- wouldn't you?

Not if it's the desperate, erratic John McCain, who is now seeing his latest effort blowing up in his face, just as the campaign stunt "suspending his campaign" blew up in his face as well.

The press knows John McCain is just flat out lying to the American people on a regular basis (and so is Sarah Palin as a matter of fact) so naturally when John McCain uses a specific person as an example of someone who'd be hurt by Obama's tax plans, the press follows up and fact checks what McCain said.

Well, turns out ol' Joe the Plumber misrepresented himself, and John McCain misrepresented Joe and is wrong again. As a result there have been numerous press reports detailing the misinformation that was revealed by McCain's spotlight on ol' Joe the Plumber.

It must be time to blame Obama!

John McCain has turned into a pathetic figure, someone who lies, then blames others when his lies blow up on the front pages and national TV news programs.

It's bad enough that he's making bad choices, such as using Joe the Plumber as an example without checking for accuracy first, but to blame Obama for the fallout which resulted from John McCain trying to turn Joe the Plumber into an American hero is just plain disgusting.

McCain and Palin have literally thrown away their integrity, and are now lurching from one desperate, pathetic attempt to grab attention to the next.

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Comments (23)

McCain has certainly caused Joe The Plumber many problems because of all the publicity since the debate which has gone from funny to destructive of a guy with more than a few problems. McCain now owes this guy the right to be left alone and deal with this damage and not be exploited any longer for his own political advantage.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

lol - No kidding - Having John McCain "come to your rescue" has made this guy's life a living nightmare....

I wonder if the presidential candidates would have mentioned that man so much during the debate if he wasn't Joe the plumber, but was Randy the prostate examiner. If nothing else, they definitely would have avoided statements like "I was touched by Randy" and "I want to help Randy reach for success".


o0o0o0 it's john mccains fault that barack obama knocked on "joe the plumbers "door and asked a president canidate a question? o0o0o0 noo,EVERYBODY IF BARACK OBAMA KNOCKS ON YOUR DOOR ....DONT ANSWER!!


AMEN!! I love to see that others can see through the facade that is John McCain. Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.


These lies and low behavior by McCain and Palin only scare the wits out of me as I ponder the reality that they could become America's next leaders. Imagine dumb and dumber governing US domestic and foreign policy. I know Obama is ahead in the polls, but I was looking at the polls in the traditionally racist states and fear that many Americans may still harbor this fear of the "black" man. I see the corporate media making the statement that McCain should have made it clear he was not Bush from the start instead of focusing on the issues that really effect most Americans and it's cringing. When will this madness stop? More Americans need to educate themselves about the American political system and their role as citizens to bring about change for the common good.

Jim P.:

McCain didn't cause "Joe the plumber" problems, the Obama campaign did. They tell the American people they "advocate" and will fight for the middle class, and here they are putting this man on the spotlight about his taxes SHAME ON YOU Senator Obama for doing this to an hard working American man. "Joe the plumber" doesn't have a license, big deal! my dad is a farmer in Iowa and doesn't have a license does that mean he is not a farmer? get my point? the man owes the government taxes? well welcome to "mainstreet" Senator Obama, thousands of people owe the government taxes, and you promised you would fight for the middle class? well "Joe the plumber" is one of those middle class hard working Americans you talk about but you chose to destroy his reputation because he wouldn't benefit your cause, SHAME ON YOU!!!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"McCain didn't cause "Joe the plumber" problems, the Obama campaign did. "

America had never heard of "Joe the Plumber" until John McCain mentioned his name 21 times during the debate.

At that point, and only at that point, did the media go looking to find out more about Joe.

Why is it that Republicans never accept responsibility for their actions. For 8 years we've had a Republican administration that to this day still lies to the American people rather than come clean and admit their mistakes.

John McCain clearly represents four more years of the same. John McCain thrust Joe the Plumber into the spotlight, and now he cannot admit to the American public that it was his doing -- and he blames Obama instead.

McCain mentioned him twenty one times... that's what made Joe the Plumber a star.

James G.:

You Know we are the laughing stock of the world right now because of the way we have handle Binlaudin. These election campaigns have only been another reason for muddled laughter around the globe.

It is just like the way we fight a war these days. We use to fight a war to win. Now we are either a peace keeping mission or a country where we leave it up to the politicians to how long we stay. War should be fought to win. Go in and destroy and come home. There has been to much money made by this war. Vice President Cheney and the Halliburton Company are making billions of dollars while rebuilding Iraq. Cheney has also made billions of Dollars with the McKee Security Company that is supplying security for the workers of Halliburton that are rebuilding Iraq.

There is no reason for our Government officials to make decisions on whether to send our kids to die so they can make money off of their deaths. Why isn't anyone talking about this? Because they are afraid of the retaliation from our President and Vice President. Bush is not smart enough to think a plan like this through. Cheney is the brains behind the white house decisions to stay in Iraq.

McCain is a war mongrel just like Cheney and Bush. This will be the end of our freedom. The middle class will no longer exist. There will be rich and poor. Why worry about JOE THE PLUMBER! He is just a guy getting money from the republican party to stir the sewage. (pun intended) The real problem is when do the lies stop and realism begin.

As Americans we should be angry at our government for what they have done to our lifestyle and living standards. But instead we are supporting socialism and communism right here in our own country and watching our children die for reasons unknown.

Obama says; "I will hunt down and kill Binlaudin ! We know he is in Pakistan and we will get him with or without the Pakistani Governments help!

McMain says; The war is in Iraq and WE WILL STAY THERE UNTIL WE WIN.

This administration has had 5 or 6 years to find and kill Binlaudin. They have not. They have only looked for him in Iraq. But even the TV stations know he is in Pakistan. They have filmed his camps and filmed him talking to his men!
Why do the American people believe that things will change with John McCain in office?
We need peace in the world to make the economy rebound for the middle to low income families in America. So before you vote. Get you head out of the sewer and get it back in the game. Stop worrying about the small items and start caring about our children's futures
Thank you,

Diane DiLorenzo:

It's not about Joe. The Obamaites have had to focus on him to distract from Obama's response of REDISTRIBITING THE WEALTH otherwise known as Socialism.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Mentioning "Joe the Plumber" 21 times in the debate Wednesday night brough Joe into the spotlight.

The spotlight revealed that Joe the Plumber will in fact benefit from the tax cuts Obama has proposed, and will have a better chance of buying that business if Barack Obama is elected.

The right wingers are desperate to change the subject, again -- just as John McCain was desperate to change the subject off the economy two weeks ago.

But it was John McCain who raised the plight of Joe the Plumber to the top of the news stories -- not Barack Obama.


Lee, you have to realize that Obama told the truth, he plans to share the wealth with all Americans. President Bush shared the wealth with the top 3%. But no one really wants to talk about that.

And Joe the Plumber, who McCain picked to be the GOP poster boy, like lipstick Sara, was never vetted close enough. And it sounds like McCain, on Sunday will admit the fact that Sara wasn't vetted real close.

How will she handle that when she hears about it? Start telling lies about McCain? It seems like that's all the GOP can do now. And that's a shame, because a long time ago, the GOP really had some good people in it, now it seems like they have dug up all the "trailer trash" people they can find.

Good example is the GOP rep from MN. Thinks everyone that has a D after their name should be investigated for being a commie.

And good old Sara says she just visits the pro American areas. Well Sara, our fathers, mothers, aunts,uncles, sons and daughters, from every state has died protecting this country.

Now which GOPer is going to explain what Sara really meant, as if we don't know.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Why? What is happening on Sunday, Allen?

I'd love for McCain to admit that Palin was a mistake, because without admitting he's made a mistake in choosing her he's in effect admitting that he doesn't recognize his own mistakes -- and that's even scarier than his pick of Palin...

Wait -- not it isn't -- nothing is scarier than the thought of McCain winning then dying while in office, and having Sarah Palin as President.


Oh my goodness!!!!!
Joe the Plumber is a true American hero. He is a better hero than Joe sixpack, a drunken womanizing, adulterous, Joe who would cheat on his wife even if she were in the hospital in critical condition. The whole country doesn't chug pack a sixpack of beer at the end of the day.
Of course Obama is to b lame for all this. He should not have been out answering questions from real americans.
And think of the problems that Mr Joe the Plumber now has because of Obama invadding his neighborhood. The poor man just wanted to set Obama up after supplying a false scenerio. God bless the United States and the Great MCain and the wonderful patriotess and brilliant and even handed Governor Palin


shiela said: o0o0o0 it's john mccains fault that barack obama knocked on "joe the plumbers "door and asked a president canidate a question?

Please, get your facts straight at least. Obama did not knock on Sam the not plumber's door. Sam Wurzelbacher sought him out at an Obama campaign stop to ask him a question which he admitted openly that he asked "to trap Obama".

The fact is that the REAL Joe the Plumbers would be immensely helped under Obama's plan - and never be able to reach his American Dream under McCain's because he'd be competing with national chains that have all that extra cash they get from those tax cuts, never get paid a fair wage again, and never HAVE the money to save up for that business he wants to buy.

Joe in GA.:

WOW. I continue to be amazed at you Liberal Democrats and how good you are at skirting the real issue at hand in regards to this "Joe the Plumber" topic. Talk about hypocracy... through-out this entire presidential campaign it has been the Democrats who have committed the most of everything that you are so quick and so relentless on charging the Republicans of doing. However, I must give you credit because for you it works. Of course it does NOT hurt that you have 90% of the Liberal Media on your side, doing all the dirty work for you and then using you to resonate their dirt for them... You all have achieved a great tag-team transgression!

Now, regarding "Joe the Plumber" - you are so eager to jump on this "middle-class" (since I know how much you all just love to use that phrase when it works to your favor) individual, when in fact he "IS" just a normal American who most likely works 50 to 60 hours a week to make a living. In fact, he is simply just one of you, a "middle-class" American who is pursuing an American dream of owning his own small business.

BUT, because he asked Obama, who I might remind you was the one who was walking through "Joe's" (or before any of you jump on it, his first name is Samuel, his middle name is Joe) neighborhood, a question regarding a "WHAT IF" circumstance regarding the Obama taxation system "IF" he was to have a small business that makes over $250,000.00. The problem arose when Obama, in one of his most obvious "faux pas" of his presidential campaign, let the truth slip out and said; "I would just like to spread the wealth..." It is the use of these words (which tends to lead many believe that Obama is speaking about socialism), where this whole issue began.

This did not begin when McCain mentioned "Joe the Plumber" in the debate. This was in the media - at least on Fox News (since it is only Fox News that provides fair and equal reporting) - well before the debate. From that point forward, what has unjustly happened to the private life of "Joe the Plumber" has been on the shoulders of the Liberal Media and Liberal Democrats. Facts are Facts and it is you the Liberal Democrats who are the ones who can NOT own up to your mistakes - even the ones your Congressional Senator Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank made regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac two years ago, as well as the fact that this "spread homeownership to all Americans" - regardless of whether or not they could afford the home they were purchasing, all the way back to the Clinton Administration.

Bottom-line, this recent economy problem does NOT fall all on the shoulders of the Republican Party it spreads pretty evenly onto the shoulders of the Democrats as well. BUT yet, you Democrats have put your blinders on and seem to be only able to focus to place the blame of this eco problem on the Republicans. Maybe IF you would put as much energy into doing your research into this issue - using the internet for a just purpose - as you are able to trash "Joe the Plumber" and the Republican candidates, then maybe you would learn some unedited / non-bias facts. After all, it is quite apparent you are able to use a computer and thus must be able to do some research on the internet, or are you all just cronies of the Democratic Party and NOT able to think and do for yourselves UNLESS you receive your words and your orders handed down from your Democratic leaders? Good luck.

I hope you all are aware of the following facts:

> The upper 5% are the ones who hire the millions of middle-class workers
> Thus when they add the 20% tax to the upper 5%, then the upper 5% will layoff their employees to compensate for that tax increase. So who really is suffering from this tax increase? It is the middle-class workers who will be laid off because of this.
> Then the "super rich" are going to send their money to off-shore accounts. There is 13 Trillion Dollars in off-shore accounts, so now they will boost that up to 20 or 30 Trillion Dollars in off-shore accounts.
> Some of the "super rich" have said that they would be glad to pay higher taxes IF they were going to use that money in a more productive way. What they are doing now is very, very unproductive. You know that we currently have a 2.9 trillion dollar federal budget, and it has been said that they waste 1 Trillion of that 2.9 Trillion Dollars. The more money they get the more they waste, so they are really NOT helping the people of America. So the thing is that we have to control it...

Remember the words of the great American, President Abraham Lincoln, which are very applicable to today's election;

* You cannot help the poor, by destroying the rich.
* You cannot strengthen the weak, by weakening the strong.
* You cannot bring about prosperity, by discouraging thrift.
* You cannot lift the wage earner up, by pulling the wage payer down.
* You cannot further the brotherhood of man, by inciting class hatred.
* You cannot build character and courage, by taking away men's initiative and independence.
* You cannot help men permanently, by doing for them what they could and should, do for themselves.

I could go on and on about the great differences in the correct (right) policies of the Republican candidates McCain/Palin and the Liberal (left / losing / wrong) policies of the very Liberal Democratic candidates Obama/Biden.

You all are aware (which I am quite sure that most of you "informed/knowledgeable" Liberal Democrats are) that IF Obama should win the Presidency, he would then have a Democratic majority Congress that could also overcome any type of "filibuster" within the Congress. That presents a "free-for-all" government that does not provide any of the Americans with any type of "check" from the opposing party. Bottom-line, the Democrats can then pass any type of massive spending bill they want and appoint any Supreme Court Justices they want, all without the possibility of the providing any possibility of a opposition from the Republican or Independent Parties and the American constituents they represent. We all will be facing a much larger government, a much larger national debt and a much larger taxation structure than most of us have ever seen before. I believe I heard this morning that this would be the first one-sided government we would have see since the early 1960's. WOW - how scary are all of these possibilities? Too scary.

I see a lot of words being written by many of you Obama/Biden supporters in this blog and many others, but I see very little substance to many, if any. In fact, many of you look pretty immature in your words when you have to resort to the use of derogatory, disgraceful, disparaging name calling. It is such a shame on you to have to fall back onto the use of these elementary tactics, but maybe that is all you are capable of doing, and yet you have the God given Constitutional right to vote. Again thanks to the many sacrifices that our current and past armed services personnel have fought and died for to protect. I think many of you forget these facts, so to justify your own beliefs. My dad fought and was injured in WWII and he was a very proud man and a prouder American! I stand firm: Country First! McCain/Palin 2008!

One last comment: Now you are saying that any common "middle-class" American must be vetted by the McCain camp before they can reference them in any of their speeches? How silly does that sound and look? But of course, I am sure this is what the Obama camp does because heaven forbid that anyone be candid. And of course, we can see what would happen to any common "middle-class" American should they disagree with any of Obama's policies - just look at poor "Joe the Plumber"... Man, you self-righteous Liberal Democrats do not need any help to make yourselves look silly, because you are able to do that yourself.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Now you are saying that any common "middle-class" American must be vetted by the McCain camp before they can reference them in any of their speeches?"

A reasonable thinking person would make sure that a real person - Joe Wurzelbacher - would really be hurt by Obama's tax proposal, before claiming in a debate that was a fact.

It isn't a fact - it's a lie.

But that's about all John McCain has left - lies...


Hey Joe in GA, You are so hell bent on making democrats look stupid as if all democrats resort to name calling to appear better than the republicans, however I beleive McCain is the one who is putting false information out there and clearly using more name calling tactics than Obama. The only thing I agree with you on is the point about Lincoln. When has Obama ever outwardly supported Socialism and why do you think that higher taxes on people who make more than 250,000 would result in this? Who should receive higher taxes in your view? I think you sound just as angry as McCain, I can see why you support him.


Ref #13. Lee, I made a mistake, forget McCain saying anything important Sunday. I misread/misunderstood something, sorry.


At last some of us now realize what a liar Mccain is, we can not be fooled anymore, if Mccain will use the same tactis bush used in 2000 to edge him out, a tactis he claimed to hate but now that he is desperate and running out of time he has decided to use the same tactis, What kind of president do you think john McCain will be. sara is another story all together i wish Americans will pay close attention to her greed for power


go ahead and vote for obama. then see how much you pay in taxes!!!!!!! also just read an e-mail i received about him and how he feels about the FLAG.....and the fact that he and his wife had attended numerous flag burnings. Let themgo to africa where they belong if they feel that way about AMERICA. the e-mail was about an interview he did on Meet The Press on sunday september 7,2008 at 11:48am est. if you can find it read it. NO WAY WOULD I EVER VOTE FOR ANYONE THAT SAID WHAT HE SAID!!! also i heard on the radio that an attorney was filing a suit to make him prove if he was born in this country.. i for 1 would be interested to know the facts about that. funny none of this is ever reported on fox,cnn,cnbc,etc. wonder why?


by the way SARA PALIN has a higher secret clearance than obama or mccain!!!!

Joe = Dumber & Dumber:

Hey Joe in GA; If Obama takes us back to tax rates of the Clinton era.... so what! Somebodies gotta' help pay for the OVER-SPENDING the REPUGS just stuck us with. Bush & Cheney are thugs and thieves. McCain has openly and proudly admitted he was for GWB policies 90% of the time. Joe the plumber does not get it... and I highly doubt he has too worry about paying 3% more in taxes.


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