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Obama Draws 100,000 to Rally in Saint Louis

The Obama campaign says they've been told by the St. Louis
Police Department that about 100,000 people gathered to hear
Obama's rally in St. Louis earlier Saturday.

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Update: 175,000 Americans attended Obama rallies today - 100,000 in St. Louis and 75,000 later in the day in Kansas City, Missouri:

The day's first crowd in St Louis numbered at least 100,000 -- Obama's biggest yet in the United States. An evening rally in Kansas City, Missouri's other big metropolis, attracted more than 75,000 supporters.

The 47-year-old candidate bidding to be the nation's first black president said the enormous turnouts were proof "the winds are blowing for change across America," as he bids to flip red states into Democratic "blue."

"They're blowing in Kansas, they're blowing in Missouri, they're blowing in North Carolina, they're blowing in Virginia, they're blowing in Ohio," Obama said, reeling off a list of states that all backed Bush in 2004 and 2000.

The Illinois senator was ahead of McCain by 50 percent to 42 percent in Saturday's Gallup national tracking poll. In the Rasmussen tracking poll, the Democrat was up 50 percent to 45.

"A New Low in American Politics"

ST LOUIS - Senator Claire McCaskill warmed up the estimated 100,000 on hand for Obama's Show Me State mega rally, using the venue to hammer the GOP ticket.

"One campaign has been stumbling, erratic, all over the map - changed positions like Missouri changes the weather. The other campaign is slow, steady, thoughtful, constructive - the kind of leadership America needs in a crisis," she said. "As America has taken the measure of these men, they have looked at their judgment from the campaign trail. One picked one of the strongest candidates for vice president he could have picked in the United States. Well, the other didn't."

McCaskill never said Sarah Palin's name, but referred to the Alaska Governor again when she noted the GOPer's description of "pro-America" North Carolina just days ago. "It doesn't matter whether you live in a small town in Missouri or whether you're right here in St. Louis - show America right now how we all are proud Americans," the Missouri Senator said.

The crowd responded with chants of "U.S.A."

McCaskill waited and added, "We have reached a new low in American politics when someone dares to say that one part of America is more pro America than another part of America."

Missouri is considered a bellwether state in presidential politics, voting with the nation in every election since 1904, with only one exception in the 1950s. Obama narrowly won the state's primary and leads John McCain in the latest Rasmussen poll out Friday.

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Comments (4)

Reader from the beginning:

Off topic, Polipundit endorses Bob Barr not John McCain;

When I became a US citizen, I assumed that I'd pretty much vote a straight Republican ticket as long as I lived. Instead, I voted for Libertarian candidate Bob Barr for president this year. I couldn't bring myself to fill in the box for McCain.


This would make a terrific diary. You could call it principled conservatives.


This is unbelievable!!!!

There is no way McCain can turn this tide in any significant way. He should sit down with Joe the six pack and watch the election unfold on the television. There is no need for him to run around.....not now. McFailin can go back to Alaska and turn up the heat on the Alaskans, like she normally does. Watch out troopers she is coming back.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks, Reader. Welcome back.


Ever stop to think that, just maybe, McCain really isn't in this election to win? McCain carries grudges, and the way the GOP treated him in the 2000 election, he is paying the GOP back. What a payback, the destruction of the party that scorned him 8 years ago. And taking a "so-called up and coming GOP" female down with the rest of the party.

Then he can retire and spend the millions his wife is making. What a guy!

And Obama just raised around 150 million dollars last month? I suppose the GOP talking points on that will be all the bailed out companies gave him the money. Truth is, it came from the youth and retired people, but it will be fun to see the spin.


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