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Fox News Sets the Record Straight with McCain on Joe the Plumber Smears

Just two days ago, and no doubt more recently as well, John McCain lied to the American people by claiming that Barack Obama smeared "Joe the Plumber" and in the process made poor Joe's life a living hell.

It was a lie when McCain first said it, it's a lie now, and Chris Wallace of Fox News called McCain on that lie this morning.

Here's the transcript of the the Chris Wallace, John McCain interview this morning on "Fox News Sunday" (emphasis mine):

MCCAIN: And Joe the Plumber -- of course, Joe the Plumber is the average citizen, and Joe the Plumber is now speaking for me and small business people all over America. And they're becoming aware that spreading -- that we need to spread the wealth around -- it's not what small business people want.

And before we go into this business of, "Well, they wouldn't be taxed," et cetera, 50 percent of small business income would be taxed under Senator Obama's plan. That's 16 million small business jobs in America. And that's what Joe the Plumber's figured out.

And finally, could I just say, where are we in America, where a candidate for president comes to a person's driveway, he asks him a question, doesn't like the answer, and all of a sudden he's savaged by the candidate's people -- I mean, savaged by them?

I mean, here's a guy who's a private citizen. What's that all about?

WALLACE: Well, Senator, I mean, I wasn't even going to get into that.

MCCAIN: Yeah. Sure.

WALLACE: But the fact is you brought up Joe the Plumber 21 times in the debate.


WALLACE: Is it the candidate? I don't know that Obama has savaged him. It really has been the media...

MCCAIN: Of course they have.

WALLACE: ... that looked into...

MCCAIN: Of course it's...

WALLACE: ... that looked into Joe the Plumber's history.

MCCAIN: Joe -- Senator Joe Biden attacked him the next day.

WALLACE: Well, he just said, "Give me a break, a plumber who makes..."

MCCAIN: No, no, he attacked...

WALLACE: "... more than $50,000..."

MCCAIN: No, no, he attacked him the next day. We'll -- we could -- you could probably run the clips. You could probably run the clips.

You know what? American citizens ought to be able today to ask a president -- candidate in their driveway a question and not have their whole life and everything...

WALLACE: I think the media did that.

Anyway, I want to ask you about something else.

Damn right it was the media -- and it was only after John McCain mentioned Joe the Plumber 21 times in the debate the media looked into Joe the Plumber and uncovered quite a lot of information about him. The media camped out in Joe the Plumber's front yard within hours of the end of the debate.

John McCain himself thrust Joe the Plumber into the spotlight, and wants to blame Obama for smearing Joe, when it was McCain's emphasis on Joe the Plumber's plight that caused the media to investigate further.

John McCain is not only so obviously ethically challenged that he cannot take responsibility for his own mistake, he goes on Fox News and lies in an attempt to smear his opponent with that mistake instead.

It's time to chase these liars out of Washington. John McCain is a partisan liar, and his claim of being a maverick who can cross party lines is blown to shreds as he sits there on national television making false accusations and claims about his Democratic opponent.

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Comments (6)


>Damn right it was the media
Joe Biden mentioned not knowing any plumbers making 250K well GUESS WHAT HE didnt say he was making 250K he said he wanted to make 250K by running his own business.

And you bright ones if you have 5 plumbers working for you, you have to bring in WAY more than 250K. About 80K per plumber plus benefits
and you should get a few bucks for your own salary.

Does this class warfare work for you guys?
Take from the rich right? Well whose rich?
If you after scraping saving sacrificing
for years and are finally able to make more than 250k would it be surprising that you want to KEEP it?

WHEN did redistribution of wealth become a GOOD idea?
First there is no such thing as equal. LOOK around the entire planet.
How could you all be such fools to think there is. The US of A just gives you the chance if you work long and hard enough to move up.
NO other country has the the opportunity for growth like America.
Why is it we want to go back to the great society?
THAT was a COMPLETE failure!
AND that is where Harry Reid, Pelosi and
Obama will take us.

Shame on all of you for being such fools.

95% of the folks don't pay federal income taxes. Obama has been lieing to you from the start.

They pay FICA which
is a fund for medicare and social security.
DO YOU WANT to take from MEDICARE and Social Secturity? Aren't those funds already under funded?

Obama is such a good student of Karl Marx.
Communists used to come into villages and promise a Chicken in every pot. What they didnt say is you wont have a POT when they are done.

Sending this LEFT WING Socialist JUNIOR into the White IS INSANITY and we will pay the price for the stupidity and class envy of the American sheeple for generations to come.

MARK my words DOUBLE DIGIT unemployment is coming along with a crash in the markets since
people will take their money out because of
higher capitol gains taxes. It just wont be profitable enough.
Excuses you will hear them all from the smooth
used car salesman Obama. When your taxed again and again and your money goes out to be fair you will get more and more excuses.

You can use me as an example. I have a very small business that I work on part time.

Next year I was going to try and go forward
after years of working on this business and
take the risk of going full time.
If Obama wins I am folding. Whats the point?

If I win I still loose. Why should I bust my
hump to redistribute my wealth? Makes no sense.

Instead of trying to hire someone to work with me I will go work for the most corrupt company
I can find, since in Chicago a completely democratic State where corruption is accepted and where does Obama came from.
Here KING Daley rules. He is the Son of Richard the first who ruled before his cronies could make Richard Daley the new King.

In the end I work very hard and will do fine. I know how to GREASE the wheels and work inside a totally corrupt government.
Hell the communist country my parents came from was totally corrupt and had huge black market.
So no problems with me.
Hope you know how to avoid the soup lines..
Good luck with that. The United Socialist States of America. Got a good ring to it.
Such sheeple you have no idea how good you have it.


ChicagoBob, please explain how you figure 80K+benefits per plumber? Do you have a link to where plumbers make that kind of money?

The fact is, a lot of small business gross a hell of a lot more than 250K. The adjusted gross income from such business is way less than 250K.

McCain wants to tax my health insurance. I worked over 50 years so I could retire with a nice pension that includes medical insurance. Yes, I pay a small part of my retirement for that insurance, but McCain IS GOING TO TAX ME FOR THAT!

And the way you sound, sorry to say, you must be Joe the Plumber's cousin, Jim-Bob the part time business owner. Are you related to the Keating family also? Joe was planning on buying a company, and your planning to expand your part time company?

And over the last 7 1/2 years, President Bush has spread the wealth from the middle class to the upper 3% wealthy people in this country. And you are OK with that?

Many people who are still working haven't had a payraise in years, but the CEO's keep getting more and more. When is the greed of the GOP going to stop?

And please link to the fact that 95% of the people don't pay income taxes. I just can't believe there is that many poor people in this country, CAN YOU? I make more in retirement than the poverty level, and thanks to your trickle down President Ronnie, I am taxed for 85% of any social security money I receive. WHY?

And we already have double digit unemployment right now, and the markets won't crash. Right now, the same as 2002, the stock market is correcting itself. Aside from that, did you KNOW that while Freddy Mac & Frannie doesn't give out loans (they don't handle money or mortgages), Freddy Mac hired a REPUBLICAN lobbyist (who now works for McCain) to squash a bill for oversight.

And please explain all the oversight we had from 2000 to 2006, and who has been obstructing any oversight this congress has been trying to do for the last 2 years.


Sorry to say, I just don't buy the fake indignation. If you make over $250K/year you are a) basically rich for starters and b) not going to feel a 3% incremental tax hike on the money over $250K you earn. How do I know? I've been there. The idea that this represents middle America or the average American is disingenuous.

Forget Joe for a moment, the issue is just BS. Do you think all the GM and Chrysler workers about to be laid off are going to care about the incremental tax rate on those making $250K? I don't think so. This whole issue has nothing to do with the American worker in reality. The average household income in the US is $50K. This is merely a last gasp attempt by one campaign to steer attention away from the economic disaster on the horizon and the almost decade long pillaging of the US treasury by cronies of those in power.

Now back to Joe, my comment is simply this: "If you're going to play with the big boys prepare to get hit." This guy stepped out on the national stage after the debate and opened his mouth in the middle of the most divisive election in American history. Guess what, he got hit. His story didn't add up -- something he had to know from day 1. It turns out he's better off under the Obama plan. The business he works for doesn't make enough money (only $100K) for his question to even be an issue. It's just BS and that's what the media is calling him on.

What a surprise...

John McCain didn't give the voters one good reason to vote for him on FOX NEWS SUNDAY. Once again, he came across as angry, petty and a very small man. It's too bad that John McCain is closing out the final years of his political career, not just this presidential campaign with such a terrible effort that really lacks both honor and dignity.

Chris Wallace is a decent man who asked McCain some very good questions and forced some honest answers from McCain.

Joe The Plumber was too flawed of a man who suffered so much personal damage from McCain's exploitation of him. Anyone who is operating outside of local licensing laws or other laws or standards certainly didn't need press scrutiny.

Certainly both Obama and McCain would like the votes from any working person around the country. However anyone like Joe The Plumber illegally working outside of the law only has many new problems due to John McCain now.

Steve Crickmore:

MCcCain`s supposed new indignation (like most of the commenters) about the relatively small rescinding of the Bush tax cuts, on the rich when he talks about a retrun to the welfare society etc ring quite false in light of his cticism he has made himself in the past which make Obama comments seem very tame by comparison..Here is just one comment of several from McCain (not Obama):

"I always thought that class warfare was to take away from the rich. I always believed that that was what class warfare was all about. As I said, there are tax breaks and money for the richest in America and the very rich, but I think that it's clear that there's a growing gap between rich and poor in America, the haves and the have-nots."

(or another time)...

"But when you look at the percentage of the tax cuts that--as the previous tax cuts--that go to the wealthiest Americans, you will find that the bulk of it, again, goes to wealthiest Americans. ... A lot of Americans now are paying a very large a--low and middle-income Americans are paying a significantly larger amount of their income in taxes. I'd like to see them get the bulk of the relief."

little otik:

Yeah, it's unfair for a politician to be associated with media that just so happens to promote their agenda.

For example, Julius Streicher started publishing the weekly Der Stürmer (literally, "The Stormer;" more accurately, "The Attacker") way back in 1923.

More on the media "Attacker," courtesy of Wikipedia, today's Democratic Source for Information on the Web:

Unlike the Völkischer Beobachter, the official party paper which gave itself an outwardly serious appearance, the tabloid-style Der Stürmer often ran obscene materials such as anti-Semitic caricatures and propaganda like accusations of blood libel.

It also featured anti-Catholic, anti-capitalist and [of course] anti-"reactionary" propaganda too, in order to appeal to a larger public of readers, especially among the lower class.

The media "Attacker" offended the aesthetics of some members of the Party's cultural elite, despite its expediency. For example, Hermann Göring forbade the Stürmer in all of his departments.

Baldur von Schirach banned it as a means of education in the Hitlerjugend (HJ)-hostels and other HJ-education facilities [perhaps the latter did so because of the magazine's pornographic images of...women, ha!]

For his part, Hitler considered Streicher's 'primitive methods' to be effective in influencing the man on the street, as a senior Nazi politician in the mid 1930s recalled:

"Anti-Semitism ... was beyond question the most important weapon in his propagandist arsenal, and almost everywhere it was of deadly efficiency.

That was why he had allowed Streicher, for example, a free hand."

After the war, Streicher was tried at the Nuremberg trials for crimes against humanity for his role in inciting Germans to exterminate Jews. His publishing activities were a major part of the evidence presented against him.

Streicher was found guilty and was hanged.


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