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Saturday Night Live October 18, 2008 - Sarah Palin Press Conference/Backstage

SNL last night featured an appearance by Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin:

Tina Fey on Letterman talks about impersonating Palin:

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Comments (9)

Sarah Palin always looked bad in Tina Fay's impersonations. But some viewers had opportunities to think that real Sarah Palin is much smarter and more sophisticated. Not anymore. On Oct.18 Sarah Palin appeared on SNL to confirm in person that Tina Fay was absolutely correct in portraying her as a political bimbo and "stupid girl" (Pink). Now Palin's fans must admit that they were simply delusional. Mikhail Oshman

Well said, Mikhail. About all that can be said is that Sarah Palin showed up on SNL.

Independent Moderate:

Palin may not be ready to be president, but she is an amazingly intelligent, personable woman who did a great job. Can always count on both left and right wingers to have nothing nice to say about anyone on the other side no matter what, which is why I dismiss pretty much anything and everything either group has to say about everything and anything.


Independent Moderate. I admire your respect for both candidates, but how do u honestly know, I mean really know, that Ms. Palin is "amazingly intelligent" or even somewhat intelligent. She hasn't done anything to earn her any respect, beside winning a beauty pageant years ago. Please respond.

Obama '08



Where in the heck have you been? "She hasn't done anything to earn her any respect, besides winning a beauty pageant years ago." You and your whole party of "Bros before Hoes" coconspirators are sexist anti-women bigots.

To compensate for your in-depth ignorance Sarah has been in the PTA, then in the City Council, then Mayer of that City, then Governor. All over a span of 16 years of accomplishment. Try to compare that to "The One".

What used to be a party of hope has dissolved into an ignorant thug organization to quiet opposition, a massive greed money machine, anti-women bigot socialists. What happened to you all?

Just to show you what you are a part of:


I expected Sarah to turn to Mr. Baldwin and say "I thought you moved to Canada?"



Excellent use of satire, a la Swift's classic "Modest Proposal." your presentation of the ludicrously low bar set for Gov. Palin by the RNC and various McPalin supporters comes off so deadpan and straight as to be mistaken for actual support! PTA *and* City Council! As anyone who understands how non-challenging these organizations are to join (and how little "actual intelligence" is needed) knows, the praise could not be any more faint.

Bravo/Brava on your stellar post, "Mayer" and all!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"I thought you moved to Canada?"

That would have been funny...


It should be pointed out that SNL WRITES sketches for Tina Fey and others who portray political candidates. Chevy Chase let the cat out of the bag when he let slip that SNL had NOTHING written for Sarah Palin. So, what else could she have done to "prove" her intelligence in such a short window of time? For those who only get their political info from shows like SNL and the Daly Show...you all are the idiots the world should fear.


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